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Today’s Question: How critical will groups and community be during a WROL situation? If important, what suggestions do you have for fostering it?


My thinking on this has really changed over the past year. Trying to survive in a post-collapse world will be very difficult. Existing within a group with diverse skill sets and knowledge will lead to better being able to complete tasks and projects. More people can lead to the ability to make the best decisions – as well as accomplish more work. Everyone has heard the saying, “There is safety in numbers.” So true as more people can patrol more areas and be better able to defend against potential threats.


I can foresee small neighborhoods coming together for the benefit of all. As far as fostering others into preparedness group – good question. I personally have found it difficult. Seems to me that everyone wants to be the leader –  the decision maker. Getting everyone to come together and agree on things such as weapons, food, communications – difficult. Also – trying to find those that are serious about the group and willing to take the time and effort to foster it had proven futile for me. 


 – Rourke

 Your Turn!

OK folks – how about you? We would appreciate it if you would provide your thoughts, commnts, and maybe even answer the question yourself.


Looking forward to hearing from you.


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  1. Most authors profess that groups are going to survive versus individuals. Jury is still out to me. On one hand pooled resources and many hands make light work is a plus. But the many mouths and lips may sink the ship due to OPSEC. Groups can have people work and maintain defenses, but have a near insatiable need for resources. The small group has less voracity for supplies, has a smaller footprint and may be able to maintain a low profile and remain undetected.

  2. You seemed to have asked the next logical question in my thought processes. I hold very strongly to the grey man philosophy. But during upheaval and during recovery it is going to take a group, community to rebuild. To get through the upheaval it may take a group of close families to be safe. I do have family but I do not think they are prepared to handle when SHTF. I do not think they have supplies enough to provide for theirs to handle even a week. Then they become a liability to me and my family.

    How do I get them educated and get them to buy into the idea of preparing for an event that I hope never happens? Until a SHTF event happens those preparing are perceived as crazies. Then when SHTF you are the wise one who had the foresight to prepare. And guess who comes knocking at your door? Those family members who did not prepare and there is that liability.

    So I have added to my plan. I continue to prepare and remain in that grey man mode but prepare to assist family with food and supplies up to a limit. I hold in reserves what is necessary for mine.
    It is important to make some deliberate effort to talk with family about being prepared. During these coming months I plan to use holiday dinners, hunting outings, and other gatherings to bring up the topic. I want to see where family is on this topic. I may be surprised to find out that there are closet prepares in my own family. That would be great. I’ll plan for the worst, hope for the best.

    73, Iowa out.

  3. We don’t have a formal group in our neighborhood. I have noticed that most folks keep to themselves. We did speak with the guy living next door. He is there alone. But, he is a valuable ally in that he is a “Partial Prepper”. We have a mutual security agreement. He owns multiple guns and is an experienced hunter. He is also very active outside, working on his property. He helped us take down several large trees in our yard. He stocks some food, water and firewood. We even went together on a few bulk ammunition purchases. The people across the street are 2 retired paramedics. They would be a valuable asset in any community. We do not have an agreement with them, but we have mutual dislike and distrust of the household on the other side of my property. We believe these young lads to be drug dealers. The whole neighborhood has observed their suspicious activities. Needless to say, they are not an ally. Should we experience a SHTF/WROL crisis, these guys will have my primary focus as potential adversaries. The neighbors on the other side of the drug dealers are our closest friends in the area. But, they do not share our belief of impending disaster. If something happened tomorrow, I envision an alliance with the people mentioned. It is not an organized community. But, it is far better than my family alone.

  4. I’m a very independent person and do much by myself, but Im not always able to do things just me, (Im 5ft girl) but I do amaze myself what I can do when I put my mind to it ~ but that being said ~ alone in a WROL situation is not ideal ~ I’m hoping that in that type of scenario people who know each other / care about one another will band together ~ I have a great group of friends and acquaintances (tho majority not on board about preparing) but they still are a great group of people with skills and knowledge and loyalties to those they love and cherish. Again its just a hope based on the fact that they arn’t preparing. A few tho are ~ and I started a page on FB (for So Oregon) and more and more are joining. Its where we locally can discuss things and hopefully really start a community online; and later maybe have some group meetings in person. I think banding together, preppers and non preppers (most likely you’ve got some connection to each other prior) is the best survival key to the future. And knowledge and more knowledge ~ btw I didn’t think Id have much in skills to offer (Im an Accountant by trade) but as I started sharing the knowledge I have about making food, food thats taken for granted now, from scratch …I realized I do have something to offer. Id be a gem in the cook tent 🙂 And I know how to sew (w needle and thread) …. and a little bit of herb knowledge (growing, applications and remedies) …and lots of gardening knowledge. So if ya think you don’t have a skill ….just think of your fave’ things to do , or hobbies …they may not seem like much to you at first but in a SHTF scenario …it all can help.

  5. I am NOT an overly-social person. Given an “ideal” SHTF situation, I would run to my designated BOL with all my stored stuff and a 19-year-old female porn star who just happened to be visiting next door. The chances of this happening are somewhat more remote than another K-T boundary asteroid event happening this week, on Tuesday, at 9:16:23 AM, EDT. 🙂

    The “Lone Wolf” survival scenario, attractive as it may sound, is a dead end. Think about this: It’s some random Wednesday. You need to guard the perimeter, weed the garden, butcher the deer that was raiding your garden last night, cook 3 meals,treat the infection you got in your foot because you stepped on a nail, pump water and then, stand watch all night. Think you can do it? Probably not..

    Your own family/community may not be ideal, but WTH? Teach them what you can. You cannot do it all. Be selective – some are losers. Roll the dice and take your chances on the others.

  6. A group is more likely to prevail, as a single person or couple will have trouble maintaining a round the clock sercurity. But to large a group, and the group does not survive as long, humans are humans and to large a group you will have internal strife, it will be harder to grow or obtain food for a larger group

    You need to judge carefully now how commited they are now, if the SHTF they will not suddenly change, and be proactive if they are not commited now they will not be when things get bad

    It is something I’m dealing with now, several peole long on promises, but short on delivery. My place is the retreat, and I have one building set up for storage, I even provided shelving units and all agree they will get one trip out of dodge. but are they briinging anything? no their shelving units are empty so if they aren’t bringing it now while they can how will they bring it when there is chaos in the streets? My location is pretty secure, I’m here nearly 24/7 so is it a matter of trust or lack of effort on their part, are they relying on what I have put back? so they don’t have to make an effort. If it is a matter of trust, how can there be trust when the SHTF?
    So when it comes to forming a group chose carefully, you life may depen on it.

  7. We live in a new world now, an so for me and my family we are being the lone wolf, keeping everything on the DL and maintaining OPSEC as much as possible. I’ve had the proverbial group only to see it break up due to Jobs and finance and loosing houses etc. I have 2 family member’s my mom and my brother in another town near me, but there in a severe health situation (mom is on O2 and 80% bed ridden, my brother is in a wheel chair and on dialysis due to renal failure) Grid down situation they’ll be gone in less then a month. I will add my community as events unfold but only after measuring the people. DHS has this “See Something, Say Something” and sad to say people are buying into this Gestapo tactic. Can you imagine if someone had an ax to grid?

  8. I don’t personally know of any groups planning to hang together with the exception of one that will be renting space on their ranch to those who care to join. I respect their right to rent their property, but I wonder how anyone will generate an income in a post-apocalyptic world. I have to assume that when one no longer has an income stream with which to pay rent, and then runs out of “stuff” to trade for rent, they’ll be evicted. True, a person with “skills” may be able to trade their labor/expertise for awhile, but what happens after the need for that expertise/labor is satisfied? And how many of us actually have such totally arcane, unique skills that we’ll never have to worry about making the “rent”? Going it alone might make more sense for a lot of people.

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