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Today’s QuestionWhat are your plans for December 21, 2012?


Nothing special. Thought about taking the day off and use it as a “preparedness supplies organization day”. We’ll see. I do not buy into anything special about the 21st of December. I wonder what kind of stuff might happen based on people trying to cause trouble. I wondered the same about Y2K but never heard of anything.
Won’t I be surprised if on December 21st I get a knock at the door and there is a zombie standing there?
 – Rourke

 Your Turn!

OK folks – how about you? We would appreciate it if you would provide your thoughts, commnts, and maybe even answer the question yourself.


Looking forward to hearing from you.


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  1. I’m gonna finish cleaning the house cause everybody always shows up at mine for the holidays. Should a long dead society be right ….. then I’ll usher in the ‘third age of man’ with a house full of family. Should a long dead society be wrong then I have a lot of cooking to do for a house full of family.

  2. Making the BIG assumption that I can manage to get a more rural place to live before then (working on it, but it’s slow going), I’d like to have an “Apocalypse Party” with some trusted friends and family. Compare preps, fill the BBQ smokers with yummy pig-parts, maybe pop a few paper targets, then later,, maybe, pop a few beer can tabs, in preparation for toasting the sunrise together on the 22nd.

    If, by some outrageous chance, the zombies DO show up, at least the community is already assembled. 🙂

  3. Like you I do not buy into anything happening special on Dec.21st. The way I look at it is if something is going to happen it will be a chain of events and will happen over time wether that be days or weeks or what ever. No one day is gonna impact us with such disaster barri.g an attack of some sort which is not what we are thinking of when it comes to that day. Like you I will make that a day to survey our preparedness and enjoy the rest of it. One thing I try to do now more than ever is to enjoy everyday as much as i can and not always worry about our uncertain future and prepare for what we can and live our lives. The best thing I will have to say to everyone on that day will be Happy Winter!

  4. On Dec 21st – Winter solstice we will do what we usually do- have a prayful celebration outside and by the wood fire inside-welcoming winter and HOPING that the EOTWAWKI will be not !!! My sense is that Feb 2013 will bring some extremely severe changes. Arlene

  5. I and (most of) my family members celebrate Winter Solstice vs. other holidays, as well, arlene. (Even though I am mistaken for Santa Claus by at least 1-2 little kids every season.. : ) )

    I hope this one will be an especially deep celebration of the original meaning of the Winter holiday – a celebration of the year’s longest, darkest night – as far from the Sun as we get. Our distant ancestors prepared for this time of year, and froze or starved if they didn’t. Toasting the sunrise on the next morning is a very visible welcoming of longer days, and better times to come, as they nearly always do.

    The holiday feasting and celebration is, and should be, an affirmation that “we did it right this time, and will again, next time” and something of a “middle-finger-salute” to all of the nebulous fears that still linger out there in the cold and dark, even if just in our own heads.

  6. If nothing happens, I am e-mailing Damian Campbell and demanding that he pull the advertisement for his 2012 Survival Guide off the internet. More than likely, I will still be Christmas shopping. I never start until a week out.

  7. hang out at home, taking a day off from work. It wont hurt to be at home in case anything happens. And it wont hurt to be at home with family during the holidays if nothing goes wrong either.

  8. Good point about Y2K. When I look back on all the disaster preparations we did in the military, I am reminded of how quick humans are to jump on the “band wagon”. Although I do not believe that the Mayan calendar has any real link to pending calamity, I had initially used that date as a goal to have our preparations in place. I can see that is not going to happen now, unless I get solar installed and a fence around my property. I suppose it is still possible, if I won my case with Social Security.

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