Preparedness Videos of the Week: A few firearm reviews…………..

I often highlight one video for everyone to watch – this week is different. Here are a few video’s from some of my favorite “YouTubers”.

Any thoughts or comments?

Here we go –

From Hickok45 – covers the brand new Ruger SR22 .22LR pistol.

 NutnFancy covers the Springfield XD9 9mm pistol – 

I didn’t want to do two NutnFancy video’s but he does a great job with complete reviews. Here is his take on the ultra affordable Hi-Point 9mm pistol –

Here is a quick video from Larry Potterfield of Midway on the Marlin Camp 9 that is no longer manufactured. I used to own one of these and really wish Marlin would bring it back. Great 9mm carbine.

Happy shooting!!!!


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  1. Good videos. I always love Hickok’s reviews.

    In order.

    I have shot the SR22. I did so recently with a friend and was very impressed. Ruger makes fine weapons. I tend to think that they are trying to break into the Walther P22 market. That is an excellent .22 pistol as well. If I had my choice, I would go with the Walther. A little more money, but worth it. It is just a personal choice. I don’t think you could go wrong with either of these handguns. As much as I like Ruger handguns, it is their rifles that I love the most.

    Springflield makes excellent stuff. I have an XD-9 and love it. I also love my Glock’s. I know there are some Springfield haters out there because they think that they are “trying to be” like a Glock. I don’t feel that way and I think you cannot go wrong with either pistol. Give Springfield another 20 years in the semi-auto pistol world and I think you will see how well they stack up. Springfield also makes some of THE best 1911’s on the planet. Not bad in the rifle department either.

    Never ever buy a Hi-Point pistol. I like Nut’s reviews too, but if I am counting on a firearm to protect me and mine, reliability trumps all other factors. These pistols are just not reliable at all. I have heard too many horror stories about these things and have never heard anything good about them. I don’t care if the “price point” is attractive. I can find you a dozen handguns with the right “price point” if you just let me look around for you. My brother and I have actually fired the Hi-Point .45 ACP and had 3 “mishaps” while putting about 200 rounds thru it. I wouldn’t even use there products for a doorstop. I find it interesting that Nut’s review opens with “Hi Point C-9, let’s try shooting it again, supposedly it is fixed.” That should tell you all you need to know right there.

    Marlin makes fine rifles. I am not that familiar with them as I tend to be a Remingon and Ruger customer but I have a few friends that own them and they have no complaints.

    Good stuff as always Rourke.

  2. I’m a big fan of Ruger but probably won’t buy this pistol. The safety operates opposite (up is fire, down is safe) of my other pistols and since my primary use for this pistol would be inexpensive pistol reps I want the controls to be as close to the same as possible.

    Having owned Glocks and had some experience with the XD pistols I like the XD slightly better. That being said I’ve converted to S&W M&P series pistols for my EDC CCW as I like the ergonomics better and they will simply digest everything I feed them including cast SWC and shoot them accurately. Another advantage is the M&P is made in the USA.

    The Marlin Camp Carbine is a cool gun and I believe a better choice for infrequent shooters for home defense as novice shooters seem to shoot them MUCH better than they do pistols. The recoil and report is also greatly reduced too.

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