Preparedness Video Collage: Growing Strawberries

I have been growing strawberries for the past two year. I am really hoping that this years crop will be the best.

Here are several takes on growing strawberries –








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  1. I hate to be snarky, but it’s The American Way…


  2. I have never tried strawberries because I have been under the impression that they are hard to grow. I don’t know if that is just in my part of the country or in general, but I never tried. Thanks for the videos though!

    • SGI –

      I always thought the same thing. Right now I have tons of berries on my plants that I planted last year. These things are like weeds and spread and new plants have come up. I just put up some bird netting to discourage birds and squirrels.

      Time will tell how successful they are.


  3. Cool! Thanks for the follow up. I actually planted a bunch of stuff yesterday (tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers). They had a ton of strawberry plants for sale, but I didn’t get any. Maybe I will go back and pick one up just to test it out.

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