Preparedness Video – Save a lot of work in WROL situation

SouthernPrepper1 recently released this video. He talks with common sense and discusses a lifestyle that the vast majority of people today just are not prepared to live.

A couple thoughts:

– People that think there will be plenty of time to do anything or nothing in a WROL situation because there is no “work” need to think about it. Think about a garden which is providing food and nutrients for your family. A lot of time will be spent weeding, keeping pests at bay, and looking over it as it will be a critical component of survival.

– David mentions capturing water and being able to filter it. Very critical issue. Check out Berkey Water Filters. Great product.

– Methods for getting a job done may be different depending upon the level of security needed. David mentions whether or not a chainsaw might need to be used – but not being able to due to security issues with the noise. Think about having to travel to obtain water off-site. Will you go at night under the cloak of darkness or is it safe to travel during the day? Can a vehicle be driven down main roads or is it better to drive an electric UTV?

Here is the video:



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