Preparedness: Things you can do right now

Many people are becoming more and more concerned with the future. At this same time they are discovering an interest in preparedness – or as many call it – “prepping”.
If you are new to prepping – or even if you are experienced – I would like to make a few suggestions to “sure up” some of your supplies now…..while there is still time.

  1. Stock up on food – Every time you go to the grocery store  – but a few extra items. If you can afford more – buy more. Shop for items on sale and use coupons to reduce prices even more. Just this morning I bought several cans of Del Monte canned fruit for .25 cents each – buying on sale and using coupons. I just place a large order through Coupon Clippers to keep maximizing my savings.
  2. Identify water sources – Water is critical for your survival and typically one of the first things to disappear in a major emergency. Diversifying your water supply is important. Stock up on bottled water – in gallon-sized jugs as well as smaller more portable 16 – 20 oz bottles. Also – invest in a good water filter system such as the Berkey-line of filtering systems. If the room is available – larger storage solutions for maintaining water supplies are available – which are carried by many of my sponsors.
  3. Meds and Prescriptions– In the event that there is a severe interruption to our normal way of life – the ability to obtain medical prescriptions could be a serious issue depending upon what the meds are used for. Make sure you keep your prescriptions up to date and filled so you have a maximum supply on hand. With the increase in popularity of preparedness – you may be able to find a like-minded doctor that would consider over-writing a script to allow stockpiling. Any medical procedures that you have been putting off – don’t wait any longer.
  4. Back up important documents– Any and all important records such as tax documents, social security numbers, copies of drivers licenses, birth certificates, insurance policies, etc. should be kept in a fire resistant box. These documents can also be scanned and resulting images placed on a thumb drive and stored in a different location then the original documents. If you do scan the documents – it is a good idea to encrypt or somehow secure the information in case it falls into the wrong hands.
  5.  Security – Being able to defend yourself from others that may take advantage of an emergency disaster situation is important. Storage of food and water can be for nothing if someone decides to take it from you – by force. You need to be able to protect yourself, your family and your supplies. Make sure you own firearms and are proficient with them. Check their function and make sure you have plenty of ammunition.

Every small step you make in the direction of preparedness is just another step in the right direction.

Take care all –


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5 thoughts on “Preparedness: Things you can do right now”

  1. A good catalog is Galls.. .com 1-800-477-7766 free shipping code is 1530 8101 They sell first aid and responders gear and supplies as well as public safety equipment, exc boots etc. Arlene

  2. Than you JR for these timely reminders, helps to keep us on point and on the path. When I was in California I drew a five mile circle on a map using my home as a the center, then recon’d all the locations that I could use for water. Doing that I found two golf courses and three parks with ponds, interesting. I have yet to recon North Texas, but with all this rain, I could perhaps walk a block or two, lol.
    – Badger

  3. I also made a defensive range card and map of my house, with ranges and angles in all directions should I have to defend from looters. noting differences between cover and concealment. To include force multipliers.


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