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ModernSurvivalOnline Amazon Store

I have accumulated many survival & preparedness products all in one location – check it out below.

Below is an assortment of preparedness products from as well as other sources that I highly recommend.

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Alternative Lighting/Flashlights

flashlights, lanterns, candles, lightsticks……and more



Water Storage & Filtration


Knives & Multi-Tools

folding knives, fixed knives, survival knives, hunting knives, multi-pliers ……and more


Firearm/Defensive Items

firearm accessories, knives,  bow & arrow, crossbows……and more




FRS/GMRS hand-held radio’s, CB’s, HAM, short wave, AM/FM, weather……and more




fiction, non-fiction, reference….and more


First Aid/Medical Supplies

first aid kits, medical kits, books, individual supplies……and more


tool kits, drills, cable cutters……and more



backpacks, clothing, camping……and more


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