Preparedness group looking for interested members

I was recently contacted by a select group of preppers that are from the York County, South Carolina area. The have a fledgling MAG (mutual assistance group) and looking for new members in the York County area (or possibly south Charlotte).

If interested please send an email to emergencycd(at) Please provide some details on your general location, how long you have been prepping, any particular skills you may have that would make you attractive to the group, and what you are looking for in a group.

I can tell you that the group has specifically told me they want NO racists, NO hate-mongers, NO conspiracy driven, tin foil hat wearing anti-governmental folks. They are looking for Patriots who believe in the US Constitution and are Conservative in nature.

No guarantees that anything will come about of it but I will pass it on to the appropriate contact and they will take it from there.

Thanks – 


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  1. How about the Jacksonville, FL area? Rourke, your site and possibly a few others are pulling like minded people together. I think, united we stand and divided we fail is a good analogy here. Keep up the good work.

  2. Looking for a group of prepping people. I’m currently in the northwest section of North Carolina in the mountains here where it’s beautiful but quite cold this time of year. Do you know others in your area who are interested in starting a group or ? I don’t want to be anywhere near the water, might not be too safe. In my opinion it’s safer over away from the water closer to the mountains. Feedback, opinions, suggestions are welcome.

    • wandakate –

      I am not aware of any groups – however no doubt they are there. I believe there are preparedness seminars and conventions in your area. Good place to meet people.


  3. John P. Met my husband in Jax. Got married there. Lived at the beach back when it was okay. The cities are nowhere to be now, too dangerous and getting worse by the day. If you can do so get away from the city while you still can. Won’t be a good place to be when the SHTF. I have read many book on this subject and every author tells the reader “Get out of the city NOW”! Just good advise. Forming a group is a great idea but not in or near any city.

  4. We are a smallish group in North Texas and are currently open to meeting more like us. We are conservative Tea Party type and have occasional open meetings in off site locations.

  5. Doomsday: you are inside of 2 hours of our retreat.
    Forward your Bono fides through John and if I like what I see I’ll contact you.
    only two slots open.
    Regards D.

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