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Looking ahead to the 2016 Presidential elections I am really curious to see what the Republican Party are going to offer up as a candidate. Chris Christy? Seriously? Sure – he would be better than Obama but is he going to guide this county in the right direction? I don’t think so. It is likely whomever is nominated for the Republicans will end up being the lesser of two evils….again. Hate to be negative and I hope I’m wrong but there are just too many uninformed voters out there – on both sides.

My Crossfit and dieting continue to go extremely well. I am hitting the box(Crossfit gym) at least 4 times per week. My diet is very clean Monday thru Friday with some cheating on the weekend. I am getting more agile, strength is holding, and my cardio is getting better. I am now coaching one of the Cardio HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) classes which is quite an accomplishment for me.

I just read about the X-Rated Poster that was put up in a Middle School in Kansas. Insanity. Who in the world would think that placing a poster that lists terms such as “masturbation” and “touching each others genitals” would be appropriate for 13 year olds? Just another indication of the morale decay we are going through.

A buddy in the preparedness group I am a member of has managed to purchase several 60 gallon pickle barrels of which I am going to get three. Looking forward to adding 180 gallons of water to my supplies. The situation in West Virginia is still fresh in my mind. Can’t have enough water.

I am going to be pulling for the Patriots in today’s NFL games. Though – if Denver wins not a big deal as I like Payton Manning. Either way – down with the 49’ers and the Sea-birds.

I’ll tell you – when I reflect back on the past two presidential elections it still amazes me that Obama got elected. I mean, he stood right in front of the camera’s and acknowledged what he was: 


Gee – sounds like the American way, huh?

The ammunition supply situation is getting better and better. My local gun shop has everything…..and I mean everything -even .22LR. I was scared to ask how much they wanted for a box of Federal .22LR but they did have them.


Anyone have any experience with the Ruger LCP 9mm? I am seriously looking at getting one for concealed carry.


Although I live in South Carolina and the winter weather here is nothing compared to other parts of the country I have changed the supplies I keep in my Jeep. Lately it has been pretty cold dropping down into the 20’s. Would hate to get stuck on the side of the road at night and not have a few supplies with me to stay warm until help arrived. What if I had to walk home? Yup – good there. Sounds like a future post.  😉  Something to consider – seasons will change what is in your packs and kits.

QUESTION: Have any of you purchased and are using a “shed” as a retreat? I am talking either a single story or two-story shed that has been placed on a piece of land and set up as a retreat. If so – I would really like to hear from you. Please email me at emergencycd(at)

Hope everyone has a great week!!



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  1. I got a steal from the manager’s table on some sterno’s and with the cold spells here in OH, added one of them to our emergency tote in the trunk, along with an extra lighter…That whole ‘sex ed’ thing just killed me…The whole political situation? I don’t even know what to think except we need to run ’em all outta office before it’s too late, but that won’t happen…I’m glad your training is going well and you’re getting more water storage Rourke! Our potential BOLs have existing buildings, so I can’t help on that one…

  2. I debated between the LC9 and the Shield as I have the SR40 fullsize and love that gun.
    The wife surprised me on my birthday this last summer with a Shield so that took care of that question, but I did have the opportunity to shoot a friends LC9 a few weeks prior to that. Between the two I personally like the Shield better, mainly due to the trigger. The LC9 was a looooong trigger pull and the Shield more mirrored the trigger pull of my SR40. I still like the looks and feel of the LC9 but the actual shooting was much better for me with the Shield and they are very similar in size.

  3. Haven’t purchased a shed for the retreat, but did start building one up there. Frankly, I wish I had purchased one. The lumberyard where I purchased most of the lumber for the one I am 80% done with has them that they will deliver on a big flatbed truck with a tilting bed. Like I said, I wish I had simply done that, because the time that I’ve spent building and driving back and forth could have been used doing other improvements

  4. Rourke…funny thing about sheds. My wife is cstomer srvice rep at Home Depot…long story short, we purchsed a shed with an upstair storage and by the time we had it installed etc ran us about 6K…There is a larger one that woul be an super retreat home. These can be purchased at various sizes etc…But just think, for aobut 10K you caould have a great place to hand your hat. My Team is thinking about that and STILL thinking about the container house/storage aspect. BE SAFE

  5. I like the LCP and have lusted over them at many a gun show and sporting goods store, but I’m holding off until I can get a hands-on with the new Remington R-51. Years ago, my dad packed an Ortgies Pocket Pistol in .32ACP that had a grip safety like the R-51, and it was a wonderful little pocket heater. I loved the feel of that pistol, but I want something a little punchier than a .32 Auto, so if the Remington stacks up, I’ll probably find myself buying one.

  6. Rourke,

    I purchased an LCP 9 MM in August 2013 at a gun show from a local gun shop for $340. I have an extra mag ($30) and like the finger extension on the mags for the pinky (I have medium size hands). As Gene mentions, it does have a long trigger pull which took me a little while to get used to but no big problem. Ruger makes and excellent product and I also have an LCR .38 Special +P for my wife and conceal carry the LCP in the summer and the LCR in the winter with speed loaders. I think the semi-autos are fine but the revolvers are for sure! I highly recommend the .357 magnm but was worried about the recoil for my wife. All of the reviews I read on the LCP and LCR were ery favorable. Also, the LCR +P has no problem with crimp on the rounds. I hope this helps from an old Army tank commander. BTW I started prepping about a year ago and reading your blog about 6 months ago and really do appreciate all that you do for all of us. Thank you!

  7. Before buying the LCP take a look at the Kel-tec P11.
    You may change your mind. Very light weight LOADED and customer service is some of the best in the gun biz.

  8. It seems we can not teach the History of this country, but we can teach about sexton our children. At best I perceive Christy as a moderate,but what we need is a conservative.

  9. I love my Ruger LC9. I carry every day in a Sticky IWB holster. It is very comfortable and just does not move. I bend, stand, climb ladders, lift and carry all sorts of things an it does not move. Check out Sticky and watch their video. My LC9 also has the laser and I am very pleased. Hope that this helps.

  10. Replying to grammyprepper’s comment, we get the 6 hour chafing dish warmers for just a hair over $1 each at Sams. They put out a good bit of heat and we several in each car for winter in case of getting stuck or stranded.
    As far as the political stuff, we are not going to vote our way out of this. Few politicians have the moral strength to do what would have to be done, there will never be enough votes to elect a senate and congress that won’t do business as usual until it is too late. Speaking frankly, it is a;ready too late.
    We are too closely tied to the rest of the world to avoid the collapse of the world economy even if we could somehow turn our sinking ship around. As individuals we must do what our institutions cannot or will not do to increase our chances of surviving what is inevitable.

  11. The pre-built sheds are ok, but many of them use OSB for the side walls or wood panel siding. Maintenance intensive in my mind. However, if you weigh the price of the shed against a DIY, you’ll find the shed much more economical. The cost of the material for a DIY will almost equal the price for the shed you can get delivered. Then you have to add your labor. If you go the shed route, I’d recommend yearly maintenance, get it off the ground to keep the moisture from saturating the lumber and even go as far as installing vinyl siding over the wooden siding it comes with. That should give you a long term retreat.

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