Preparedness Eye Candy

Alright folks….many of us just get weak in the knees when we see an awesome looking tactical carbine or knife. If your like me – this is for you.




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10 thoughts on “Preparedness Eye Candy”

  1. I see one of those pics was of your arsenal, at least some of it. It’s good to see you still have that Winchester, a gorgeous and historically important possession. I have been looking at a Rossi lever action 30-30 in stainless. I know, it’s low tech and old fashioned but I have always admired the mechanics, style and performance.

  2. I will take one of each please…
    I have been eyeballing a Rossi lever action from wally world for a while. Wish it had the octagonal barrel though. But seeing how they just upped my credit limit on their card, it might be in my future. Nice collection by the way.

  3. Outstanding. Again, we share the same opinions! This would make an awesome screen saver. Or, better yet, if these could be projected outside you home, potential adversaries may have second thoughts. Then again, with the Nazis is DC today, DHS would probably roll out one of their new MRAP Armored vehicles.


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