Preparedness Expo: August 17-18, Hagerstown Maryland

If you live anywhere near Hagerstown or Boonsboro, Maryland I have some great news for you. On August 17th and 18th at the Washington County Agricultural Education Center there are going to be two days of “back to basics”: demonstrations, exhibits, and  entertainment in a family-friendly atmosphere. 



Exhibits/demonstrations will include food preparation and storage, alternate forms of energy, gardening and green-houses, beekeeping, home medical supplies, water purification, safety and security, hunting accessories, and much more.

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  • Jay Blevins, author of  Survival and Emergency Preparedness Skills (SEPS): Mental, Physical, and Spiritual Readiness in Uncertain Times,  has appeared on National Geographic Channel’s hit seriesDoomsday Preppers, Access Hollywood Live, The Steve Harvey Show, The Today Show and CNN Headline News’ Jane Velez-Mitchell Show. He will present “SEPS 101: Six Foundational Aspects of Prepping.” Jay will provide an informative and engaging discussion and answer the questions, What is prepping? Why should you and your family get prepared? What are the most important aspects of prepping? and more.


  • Joseph Alton, M.D. (aka Dr. Bones) and Amy Alton, A.R.N.P. are the co-authors of the bestseller The Survival Medicine Handbook: A Guide to Staying Healthy When Help Is NOT on the Way. Since the first edition was published last year, it has hit #1 on Amazon in the categories of Survival Skills, Safety/First Aid, and Disaster Relief.Dr. Bones will be giving a lecture called “Survival Medicine: When Help is Not on the Way.”
  • Nurse Amy will be presenting a lecture called “Survival Medical Supplies,” a comprehensive education for what every family should be storing for disasters.


  • Dr. Tom Stoner will present a session on anthrax, influenza and SARS and another on radiologic and dirty bomb. Dr. Stoner and his wife Sheila are co- owners of TSSP Inc, a medical corporation that provides medical/survival kits and medical counsel.


  • Brenda Nicholson of Go Foods will present”Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Being Prepared, but Were Afraid to Ask!”



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