Preparedness Deal of the Week: 11 Steps to Living a Strategic Life ebook

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If you have a Kindle or a Kindle app on your PC or mobile device……this deal is for you. 11 Steps to a Strategic Life “is the kind of book you can give to someone who thinks “preppers are nuts” and after reading it, most of them will understand a whole lot more about why folks like us prep.  It’s not that we’re paranoid; It’s that the world is an increasingly complex place and cascading failures is a serious problem which could crop up almost any time even now. If that were to happen…”

From the 14th through the 16th this book is 100% FREE!! 

So – go head to Amazon and check it out. Click HERE for more information.

– Rourke



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  1. Rourke, Keep up the good work with posting your great reads that you find. It is quickly filling up my Kindle library with things to read. You have become a valuable resource for me.

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