Preparedness baby steps…….

Visiting some websites you can get the feeling that if you do not live on a huge farm, off-grid , 3 years of food storage, massive garden, farm animals, and military platoon ready for action – that you are not prepared.

This might be true if Earth is being invaded by an evil alien force.

It just makes sense to have “extra stuff” on hand to help with different situations. Kid gets cut outside playing? No problem – you have a well stocked first aid kit. Money running a little tight? The vegetables you picked from your small 4’x8′ foot garden will help. Can’t make it to the store and you are in need? Just go pull some toilet paper from your extra supplies.

If you cannot afford to go buy a years supply of food at all once as well as a few AK-47’s – just take baby steps. Small purchases will add up over time.

Here are a few suggestions:

  • Every trip to the grocery store – buy a couple extra cans of “something”.
  • Every trip to your local department store – spend that .87 cents on a gallon of spring water.
  • Look on Craiglist for FREE or very inexpensive stuff like water barrels, plant pots, gardening tools, freezers, wood stoves, grills, etc. You may be able to find some really good supplies that would be useful additions to your preparedness stockpile – for FREE.
  • Check yard sales for good deals on tents and other camping supplies in good condition.
  • Learn a skill. Spend some time on YouTube and other sites learning about gardening, hunting, fishing, how to use a compass, etc.
  • Wanna stock up on some .22LR ammo? Buy a box a week.
  • Buy some bleach – which is very inexpensive – can be used for a variety of things such as disinfection and helping to make water safe to drink.

My point here is do what you can. A little at a time is MUCH better than nothing at all.



smalllogcabinFrom the Supply House: Here are a few popular survival & preparedness items available at deep discounts on Amazon. Many items are available with Free Shipping on orders over $35. 

BaoFeng GT-3 136-174/400-480 MHz Dual-Band DTMF CTCSS DCS FM Ham Two Way Radio: This radio is a slight upgrade over the popular UV-5R and is a bargain. The GT-3 comes with a very nice build, better keyboard and very nice display.

The Remaining: A highly recommended “zombie-like” book. This book is the first of the series.”Survival horror…..” 

Portable Lithium Battery Packs(2): I have several of these and they work awesome. Charge them up and take them with you for when you need extra power for your phone.

WaterBOB Emergency Water Storage System: Excellent expedient method to store a large amount (100 gallons) of water

MobileWasher Hand Operated Washing Machine: Inexpensive and durable emergency fishing kit sealed in a compact can.

AMERICA: Imagine a World Without Her – This review from Amazon says it all – great movie. “Great Movie and Great Points made. Say what you want but he puts history straight up in front of your face. Go check your facts if you need too. Brings you to tears what Bono has to say about America.”

Remember….purchases made earn this site a small commision with no additional expense to you.

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  1. I appreciate this article, reminder for keeping one on point. It truly is simple just keep the bus moving and in no time you will have more then you need. Just remember newbies “Store what you eat, Eat what you store”. Don’t get all crazy.

  2. Rourke- good advice.I just checked the lithium battery packs on Amazon and they said they are not available at this time and not sure if or when they will be-just wanted to pass this inf.along.Arlene

  3. on bleach ..
    I get why we need it.. Liquid bleach has a shelf life that is fairly short. I have read several things about using “Sodium Hypochlorite” .. Pool shock to make bleach. It’s extremely concentrated.. and a little makes a lot of bleach .. The advantage being that, if kept dry, the Crystalline powder does not have a limited shelf life. Then you can make your own bleach when needed .. Another advantage is the very small amount of storage needed for powder over the same volume of liquid bleach. I wondered if anyone here has used the methods.. and which brand you use.. The stuff yo find at Walmart has a lot of additives that I would not trust so much. Of course it goes in a pool and so do people .. and maybe it’s fine.. Maybe Not.
    Good article .. Thanks

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