Possible Bug Out Location Visited

A few weeks ago I visited my brothers property in Georgia. I have been considering setting up to relocate to this property should it look like it’s about to hit the fan and staying put turns out not to be a good idea.

For shelter – I am looking at placing a medium-sized RV somewhere on the land and pre-stashing certain supplies.

Obviously I am not going to publicize the location – but I will tell you a little of what I have found out so far.

This land is “out in the boonies” and decent distance away from any moderately populated area. It is well off “the beaten path” and no where near any heavily traveled roads.  Good majority of the property is wooden and has a stream flowing through it.

blackberry bush
Blackberry bushes are extremely plentiful. Yum!

rabbit on the homestead road
Wild animals are often seen – including rabbits as you might be able to see…

pear tree

Garden soil is of high fertility. Current garden is fenced in to protect it from critters.

digging the garden

(Check out those triceps!!!! Ha!)

A stocked pond is on some nearby property – owned by very friendly neighbors.  The pond is not visible from the road whatsoever. Catfish were easily caught – Fun for the kids!


Food source:

man fishing with children

First fish caught for Junior!!

boy catches a fish update

Deer are very plentiful:

deer track close-up
deer tracks
More deer tracks – commonly seen game on the land.

game  trail
Game trail.

Honeysuckle… and although hard to see – there is a red hummingbird center-left flying by.
man firing an AR
Rourke’s brother firing the stag AR at expedient shooting range.

When considering a bug out location there are many factors, and I still have much to consider. Early indications are that the could work out well. Family is already there.

Food sources and soil for gardening. Very remote. Water source. Multiple shelters are present. With a little effort a defensive perimeter could be set up as well as an perimeter alarm system.

Another visit is coming soon. I will post more later.


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12 thoughts on “Possible Bug Out Location Visited”

  1. Rourke, That place looks awesome. It looks like it has just about everything you would need and the location seems to be great. How close to a town of any size are you? Is there a location to store any fuel there? Wow what a great place to live as well as to bug out to. It is nice to have family that has some land.

  2. Rourke,
    The place looks great! Before you commit, however, consider looking over Chittum’s book “Civil War II”. Whether you buy into all he has to say, he breaks GA down county by county and has done a great deal of research that you’d be silly to ignore.

  3. Looks good.

    Went camping this weekend with friends from church. The subject of group buying a piece of land and putting up a common building with room for our campers and storage for prepossessing of supplies. Looks like the start of a group with common interests in a “bug out” location.

  4. Beautiful location! My oldest boy lives near Gainesville, GA., and every chance I get I make the trip out to visit him. I’m always so impressed with how green everything is. Plenty of fishing, game animals, and fertile soil for gardening everywhere you look.

  5. Rourke,

    Yes, your brother’s place is much more survival friendly than your present digs in Wisconsin. You ought to
    sell out completely and move there before the summer is out…give yourself time to get settled in.

    I would suggest a 30 X 60 or 30 X 80 steel quonset building on a concrete slab, then berm up around it…put
    1 foot of soil on top and let the grass grow over it, which it will do quickly there.
    It will be proof against tornadoes, earthquakes, floods, wildfires, and small arms fire. Plenty of insulation
    to maintain 65-70 degrees inside year around. 30 X 60 quonset kit can be shipped by me from my
    farm shop for $20,000 shipping/delivery included. You supply the concrete floor and scaffolding to stand the
    first ribs up…then pull the others up and lock in place with a rope, block and tackle hoist. Set your anchor
    bolts in the concrete slab and let them set up before you start erecting the steel and putting on the sheathing.

    If everything East of the Mississippi subsides under the ocean as the US is destroyed….at least you’ll be there
    with family. Otherwise, such a bermed quonset building will be naturally camoflaged and defended.

    ol’ Lawrence

  6. Winters would be milder. Not sure about Georgia’s laws, but I suspect they are more user friendly than where you are now.

    We have talked before about the idea of a pole barn sheltering an RV, and how this would give you a good supply of water in a cistern. If groundwater is abundant and not regulated by the state, I would urge you to sink a well and set a pump. You can use the generator to pump a holding tank full and fill the RV’s tank. Then use a 12v pump to move water as needed.

  7. Rourke, I live in the NGA mountains. Not many people here are “survival” types to my knowledge, but then we keep to ourselves here. We are wrapped in deep woods but still within 6 miles of town. We are setting up our place to be as self sustaining as possible in whatever situation. Good luck with your move if you decide to come here…Georgia has a lot to offer….just do it soon.


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