Politics, YouTube, and opinions

What is that saying? –  “Opinions are like a__holes – everyone has one.”

Ask me anything – I will give you my opinion. That doesn’t make me right – and it doesn’t make you wrong. In the world of politics there is constant squabble between parties, lobbyists, non-profits, for-profits, associations, groups, clubs, etc. Everyone has their opinion on how to move an agenda forward that best benefits them from THEIR perspective.

Preppers are no different. On YouTube it is not uncommon for a person which produces a video relaying a preparedness-related  message of a non-benign origin only to be met with negativity. There are those on YouTube that have nothing better to do than to SPAM channels as well as provide “crap”  – just for fun. These people that purposely over-criticizes preparedness-channels are commonly known as “trolls”.

I have seen the same thing happen at different preparedness blogs – including this one. The writer gives and opinion that they feel it is a good idea to store what you eat and eat what you store – and inevitably you get emails and comment stating that if you are a “true survivalist” then you will store wheat. It’s not that opinions are not welcome and not valuable – it the way they are presented.

Another example – if a blogger writes that they believe that the AR-15 is the best weapons platform for a survival group – an opposite opinion will most surely arrive. Great – let’s learn from each other! Here’s the problem – the blogger will get an email/comment left by someone saying “I can’t believe you really think that. The AR platform? Are you serious? The AK is a proven design and is without a doubt the ideal platform. If you think any different your an idiot.”.

I am not kidding……I get messages like this.

So – why am I talking about this. Well, I feel like it. It’s good to vent once in a while. I also hope to state my position on these matters.

I like for someone to state a different opinion than I. Sometimes I see wisdom in theirs – and sometimes I don’t. Can I change my mind – certainly. The bottom line is I do not for a single minute believe that I know all and am right all the time. I will accept others opinions as long as they are communicated with respect.

Well……that is about it. In no way, shape, or form am I saying that I do not welcome others opinions here – just the opposite.

Thanks –


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  1. I appreciate the comments and differences of opinion I receive in my blog. They are great learning tools and often bring to light something that I’ve overlooked or am flat out doing wrong.

    About once a week I get an email from someone who is trying to prove how right they are by using vulgar language to put me down. I once (in the olden days) had an eighth grade teacher who said that people who swore when it wasn’t really needed as an emphasis were too stupid to know how to use real English words so they had to use a swear word to make up for their inadequacies.

  2. Brother I know the feeling. Everyone has the right to their opinion, they just need to find a tactful way of putting it across. I get them every now and then. I think that there is not one specific thing thats right or wrong it comes down to what works for you.

  3. I agree with you and I have been guilty of it as well. But not intentionally as a troll. Some ideas just seem wrong-headed (again, opinion) and cry out for a rebuttal. I have occassionally apoligized for being strident and restated my opinion in a different way. My point here is not all strong counter arguements or disagreements are trolls. Also, some people are overly sensitive and cannot accept any criticism and also see “hate” or worse in any disagreement. Also, many of us are accustomed to argueing or debating with other men and using emphatic and direct language. Understandably some people do not like that. That does not mean, however, that the person posting is intending to inflame the situation.

    My two cents…

  4. Well said, Rourke. We all know that our freedom of speech is guaranteed under the Constitution, but some people seem to feel that same guarantee absolves them of communicating in a civil and respectful manner. We are all products of our own upbringing–or lack thereof–and societal mores. I do wish, however, that more people would think before sending off their hateful and mean-spirited replies. A civil disagreement is much preferred to the alternative.

  5. Well said, Rourke. I too have received comments that included profanity as well as disparaging remarks about my the opinions I have expressed on my blog. Ultimately, this has led to follow-up posts on mindset issues, freedom of speech, respect and more.

    Alas, the folks that troll the web for targets will find that the prepper community consists of hardy souls with tough skins. The great percentage of comments I see appear to be from well meaning, inquisitive, and often extremely knowledgeable individuals that have a great deal to contribute.

    And the others? Luckily we can moderate their comments with the delete key on our keyboards.

    — Gaye

  6. I’ve always liked that saying. I run afoul of it almost everyday.
    Frankly it’s the numerous and differing opinions that keep me scanning my favorite (and other) sites. Keep it up one and all.

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