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I have recently been talking with a few people about the direction of ModernSurvivalOnline. I want to reach out to as many people as possible and deliver some quality content assisting others in a variety of ways. One aspect of “reaching” others is related to politics. More than one suggested I stay away from politics (and religion I might add) as it is controversial and may push some people away. I appreciate that advice however I feel with the turbulent times we are traveling through I just can’t do it.


From my perspective politics are directly related to survival and preparedness. One of the biggest threats to our welfare and ability to live normal lives are from the actions of our government. The current political environment is horrendous with our rights being trampled on and decisions seemingly made with levels of incompetence never seen before. Actions by our President and Congress are setting the stage for serious economic problems ahead in addition to potential threats from those that would like to cause us harm.

There are those that suggest the incompetence of our government is not – rather it is calculated. Possibly at this point it doesn’t matter. The ability to obtain quality healthcare is threatened. The ability to earn a living and provide for your family is becoming more difficult. Taxes are ever increasing while our rights to live as we wish decrease. The world itself is becoming more dangerous  and what we can do AT A MINIMUM is take steps towards securing essential supplies, skills, and information by which to handle a variety of situations to gain an edge for a positive outcome.

By the way – I am not “anti-government”. I am against most of those currently in place serving in our government. I am against the corrupt and the criminal. I am against those that serve themselves rather than the people. Our FOunding Fathers created an incredible system. It is unfortunate that it is now filled with many that just do not hold the same values that the Founders possessed.

I must speak out and invite others to do so as well. From Local elections to State all the way to Presidentials WE need to vote together in such a manner to create positive change. What credentials do candidates need to have? That is for another day.

If you are anti-politics and have no interest in reading anything related to  politics that is fine – just skip those posts.

Want to voice your opinion on politics and the world today? Shoot me an email at emergencycd {at} gmail {dot}com.

Take care all –



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  1. Politics is the indispencable foundation which makes all else possible. Just look around as proof positive. I don’t see how it could ever be ignored, but should we ever choose to it would be to our own peril.

  2. While such discussions are necessary they have no point. It is like two guys arguing about which of two woman is the more beautiful, while the woman are standing in front of them. Makes everyone angry. The reality is that politicians are whores–they do the bidding of the guy with the cash. The more cash they have, the better the result.

    If you want to have a really fruitful discussion, you should focus the discussion of politics on the persons with the cash who pay the politicians. The motives of those in control do matter–greatly.

    • I disagree Truthis –

      The difference is the women is not tearing apart this country at its seams. If the populace can get motivated and informed positive changes can be made. Can they be made in time to save the country? I am not sure about that – time will tell.


  3. I used to check this website religiously, so to speak, until the posts started focusing more on religion and politics. I decided to check back today in hopes of it having changed for the better. If anything, it has gotten worse. To each their own; it’s your website and you can do what you want, it’s just not for me.

    • One Less –

      I really don’t see where you are coming from as religion has been a tiny part of MSO over the past few months and politics has been written about a small percentage as well.


  4. If you are going to talk about prepping for the future, some discussion of politics is inevitable. Making it a focus puts you in competition with hundreds of other blogs out there who already attract the political junkies. I skip over your political stuff because my time is limited and I prefer to go to the source material.
    I also skip over the religious stuff as it tends to lead to contentiousness and visceral disagreement. I have found that people who agree on 90% of their religious convictions tend to concentrate on the 10% of their disagreement leading to needless strife.
    I read your stuff for the parts that you do well. I look at it every day, But I don’t read it unless you have something interesting. If politics and religion become the focus of this site I will check it less often or ignore it completely. If you want to stir a little in now and again, I’ll just ignore those posts. Letting me know in the header what category the post falls into would save me time.

    • Thanks James –

      In no way, shape, or form am I making religion or politics the focus of MSO. In fact religion is mentioned probably an average of once or maybe twice per month – on Sundays.

      Yes – you will be able to see the header category and ignore those posts you wish to based on those categories.

      Thanks for the comment – it helps.


  5. Politics determine our freedom and our loss of it. Peoples aversion to discussion and fighting for rights and principles has lead us to this decline. I guarantee the opposing forces of your freedoms are concerned about politics.
    Fight the good fight sir. I will be checking in more often.

  6. As with our founding fathers, I can’t see life without the recognition of God (religion) or Politics which affects every one of us each day whether we recognize it or not! I say you are right on Rourke and keep doing the excellent job you are doing. And God bless you.

  7. Politics and the Bible. “The two just don’t mix” – at least that’s what we’ve been told for the past fifty years. But the Bible, the Constitution, and American history teach just the opposite. We need to rediscover the Bible’s mandate, recover forgotten teachings from American history, and learn why Biblical principles and people of faith cannot remain separate from politics if America is to enjoy limited government and a strong culture.

    Patrick Henry pointedly reminded Americans:

    Righteousness alone can exalt them [America] as a nation [Proverbs 14:34]. Reader! – whoever thou art, remember this! – and in thy sphere practice virtue thyself and encourage it in others.

    Righteousness is the only basis for God to bless America. bit if God-fearing people refused to be involved in public affairs, then righteousness will not be part of public policy.

  8. I am with ya, Brother! As previously mentioned, we hold many of the same religious and political beliefs. I would wager that those MSO readers opposed to your political and biblical input are of the opposite mindset. I am not so naive to think that Conservative leaders are perfect, or that the Republican Party is always right. I admit many failings to the Judeo/Christian morals and beliefs that I hold dear. However, I truly believe that the current Administration’s Liberal / Progressive / Globalist ideas, goals and actions, are having an all around negative impact on our National Security, economy and loss of liberty. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK IN ADDRESSING THESE FAILED POLICIES AND PROMOTING THE POSITIVE ASPECTS OF JUDEO/CHRISTIAN TEACHINGS!

  9. It’s really difficult to discuss preparing for what the future may hold without looking at the political, economic and religious arenas as all three influence events in both obvious and hidden ways. I believe that the most important thing anyone can bring to the table is objective and logical analysis of the forces at play based on facts carefully checked. You have done a great job of looking rationally at what is happening in the world without bringing in the emotional charged issues that have no real bearing on what people really need to know to be prepared, and I appreciate that. Don’t worry about the Knicker Bunchers, and Gimme-Mores. The direction you are on is spot on!

  10. ANYONE who thinks that , Life can be lived without being a part of the political or religious proses is a Moron. Life is intertwined with both and in my experience when someone says you “cant talk P.& R. its because their not intellgent enough be able to have a conversation about either one.. Americans have been brainwashed for so long , to not have to think for themselves, we just go along in life parroting what everyone else says assuming others know what their talking about.. Sad sad world

  11. Rourke, I will be here every day, as always. You cannot truly separate a preparedness mindset from religion/spirituality and politics, they are too interrelated. I don’t find that religion or politics are a major part of MSO. I think the balance is good. Keep up the good work!I, for one, appreciate it!

  12. For those that believe that religion, and politics have no place in American society, you only need to look back to the reasons the Founding Fathers came here, established this nation, and what they said about both topics. The fact that today it is no longer politically correct to point this out, says that we have Progressed in the wrong direction. Gen. Santayana noted that “those who fail to remember the past, are doomed to repeat it.” Imagine if we ignore the past. Imagine if we ignore the present, and the indicators in both politics and religion, and how society treats our fellow man. Imagine if we just put our heads under the blankets… but then, we wouldn’t be prepared.

    By the way, whatever you (the reader) is preparing for, your worst case scenario… it will involve politics, religion, and a lot more than beans, toilet paper, and ammo.

  13. Rourke,
    I feel that you absolutely MUST include politics. What happens in our government is the precursor to the upsets in our economy and our security. The decisions, even the discussions in Congress, the Fed (even though it is a separate organization controlled by who knows what), and the actions of our current president are all the signals that something is going to happen to cause ripples, waves or calamities within our economic system. If you watch our government, and then keep an eye on the reactions from the governments in Europe, the Middle East, North Africa, Asia and to some extent South America, you will get a pretty good idea of what is coming. You then prepare based on you assessment of the threat. This is the formula I’ve been using for my preparations.

    For instance, I keep an eye on the actions of the PIIGS (Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece and Spain) to watch their economy. If they take a nose dive, it impacts Europe and ultimately us. China and Japan are two to watch. Especially with the current strife in the South China Sea. Russia is reviving and could be a spoiler. With our national debt any disruption in the nations accepting the dollar as the reserve currency (China is leading a thrust to remove the dollar even as this is written) will cause havoc here in the US. The global economy is tied together very tightly. Our economy is very fragile. Every action in Washington has a result. We need to know what is happening. We need to somehow influence it. Your call to the flag with your articles on politics should continue.

  14. Rourke:
    The illustration I provided shows that the politicians (whores) represent the moral decay of America, with the money interests sucking up to them for their power. Yes, the politicians are in fact destroying our country. But we, as observers of truth, need to focus not on the circus but those who own the circus. That is where fruitful discussion will occur and patriots will be obliged to call them out into the street of daylight.

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