Picture of the Week: Whitetail Deer

Images of whitetail deer always remind me of the Fall and coming Winter. Nature is a beautiful thing and I feel no better than when I am surrounded by it. I am long overdue for a visit. I really hope to get some time in the woods with my rifle this hunting season.



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  1. Rourke-what a magnificent buck. My husband used to hunt deer now he hunts with a camera !! Being in the woods is such a gift. -especially these days of world turbulence. Enjoy !!! Autumn is upon us up north here in NYS. Leaves are changing and nights are chilly. God bless. Arlene

    PS NYS is now offering free preparedness classes and give each participant a back back with emergency items. I will be attending this weekend.

  2. Unless that’s a hybrid of some sort, that is not a Whitetail deer, it is a mule deer! You can tell by the antlers- they end in double prongs instead of single prongs.

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