Picture of the Week: Washington on “free people”




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  1. That’s just fine! With regard to the last line… does anyone have a recipe for stopping an MRAP? … seems to be the favorite vehicle to park in your driveway when they want to hand out so flyers in the neighborhood.

  2. Recipe:
    Prep Time = 5 minutes
    Serves 316 million (+)


    1 MRAP with slack jaws handing out flyers standing around it in Uniform.
    1 Printed Copy of local, State, and Federal “Oath’s” sworn when inducted.
    1 Pocket copy of The Constitution

    First separate the quisling collaborators from those who have the ability to dig down deep for a good size set of “Liberty Bells”. Discard collaborators. Then, using said “Liberty Bells”, approach the offending MRAP and trade your printed copies of the Oath’s and Constitution for their fire starting tinder (flyers). Don’t forget to ask how what they are handing out fits in with what you gave them. If the mix doesn’t have a smooth and harmonious appearance and texture then you may need to apply copious amounts of procedure’s 308, 762, 223, or 556, but hopefully things will go smooth and the finished product will be one of beauty displaying pure Patriotism, and Liberty for all.


  3. the air brake actuator under the rear axle. damage it and it locks up the breaks. Defeated, no. It’s more of a mobility kill. Everyone inside has to sit and wait for “rescue” from another vehicle. Then there are 2 real close together and a very good target for home made napalm.

  4. The actuator looks something like a small aluminum gallon beer keg, with either a red or black circular cap in the middle. on the inside of the rear right side of the axle.As for how much ammo is enough. I have a thousand rounds for every gun I have. Except for shotguns. A little less of that, but it still goes a long way!Now for my question, how much gold and silver should I be stashing?

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