Picture of the Day: It’s not the “Bill of Needs”

This picture represents the Truth. No matter how someone can try to convince me that guns are evil – they are not. People may use them to do evil things – but you could look at vehicles, doctors instruments, forks, cigarettes, etc. all the same way. Our Founders had the wisdom to ensure our right to defend ourselves against all enemies – both foreign and domestic.  – Rourke



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  1. This brings to mind a question that was asked of my grandfather back before the turn of the century from 1800’s to 1900’s when he was a local sheriff and always carried a Colt 45 peacemaker. He was asked if he really needed to carry the pistol since no crimes had been committed other than larceny in many years. His response was he did not need it at the moment and if he ever did it would be nice to have it handy. He said only a fool brings a billy club to a shots fired report.

  2. yeah to many are WILLINGLY giving up there rights for the last 2 days I haven’t been able to get e mail because some pos took down my yahoo email account because he didn’t like what wrote

  3. Far too many politicians/bureaucrats/judges these days have the mind that they will determine what our rights and needs are…these progressives need to be voted out / fired from their positions of power. They’ve been working away at the fabric of our society for over a hundred years now and their thought processes has reached deep into our culture at this point. It’s going to be a long, tough fight to gain that ground back.

  4. A family anecdote:

    My great grandfather was a sheriff in Washington County, Arkansas where Judge Parker (the hanging judge) presided. At one time late in his career, my relative exchanged his Colt .45 LC for the new Browning designed semiautomatic Colt .45acp.

    When I was a wee lad, the old man would take me shooting with his old ‘reevolver,’ and he could make an old PET milk can really dance. One day I inquired about the purple spot that passed through his right palm. He casually remarked that he clubbed a bandit between the horns with the butt of one of those new fangled .45acp pistols. It went off and shot him through the palm. Never had that problem with my old reevolver, he added. Got read of that ‘biting’ gun.

    Now I imagine what we now call ‘offenders’ were plentiful in that old lawman’s day and time. I also imagine some were rather reluctant to face Judge Parker (a federal judge by the way and few of his cut of cloth exist these days). I suspect my relative really understood the art of the gunfighter. He stayed with what worked and worked well for him.

    Decades later, I carry one of those new fangled .45acp semiautomatics, the old ‘reevovler’ resides these days in my safe.

    I strongly doubt my father’s generation, or any preceding, would tolerate the rot in our current government. I suspect they would take their old ‘reevolvers’ and rifles and put things in proper order very effectively and quite suddenly.


  5. I cannot get this picture out of my mind. It would make a very great t-shirt. I would order enough for my whole family. How about it? Is it possible you could make it happen?

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