Picture of the Day: Inverter Device List

Inverters can be extremely handy items – especially when the power is out. Inverters can be hooked up to a 12V power source and used to run devices which normally would be plugged into household 110V outlet. Inverters can be used with a car battery – even through a cigarette lighter or power port. Connecting directly to one or more batteries(battery bank) is another method of powering the inverter.

Below is a chart that provides general guidelines as to how many watts are required by a variety of devices. Obtaining the correct inverter size for the job is important and ┬áhave always “oversized” by 10-20% to make sure it is sized sufficiently enough.

– Rourke




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3 thoughts on “Picture of the Day: Inverter Device List”

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  2. Be aware that sensitive electronics like TV’s, desktop computers, printers, etc. need “clean” power and most inexpensive inverters produce “stepped sine wave AC” or “simulated sine wave AC” and they will utterly ruin your expensive electronic devices if you try to operate them from these. Most home generators often produce similar results. Your refrigerator, lights, microwave, etc will be OK. But if you want to run computers or flat screen TVs you’ll need something like the CyberPower CP1500 Sinewave UPS. APC is another good brand, I purchased one used from craigslist for a lot less because it needed new batteries. Higher capacity costs more money but they’re cheap insurance. I know from experience.


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