PICTURE OF THE DAY: Harry Reid – corrupt

This picture represents the problem with Congress – and it happens on both sides of the aisle. Harry Reid in particular is the worst of the worst representing large corporations, possibly foreign governments and companies,  and special interests above the people of Nevada whom he represents.

He – like many other of the corrupted in Congress – play games with their power and our money.

Consider your vote, and your voice – a powerful tool in the fight for your country.

~ Rourke


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  1. We need statesmen, not demos or repubs – it’s time to send them all home. But we need real men and women who care about America to step up. Get out and vote when it’s time. Take a stand. Keep your powder dry and Keep Looking UP – HE is the answer

  2. Well now, methinks there are already too many laws enacted by our Congress. Any bottleneck prohibiting even more is most welcome (and I’m no fan of HR).


  3. Sorry folks, but in my opinion, Congress especially, has outlived it’s usefulness. Its time to shut it down and rethink.

    There is a very interesting Tom Clancy novel out there for everyone to read. A Debt of Honor. After it was published, Clancy was questioned by the FBI in a lengthy interrogation. It’s a story of how his main character Jack Ryan rebuilt the entire government after a terror attack that caught everyone in a State of the Union address. Almost a blue print, which is what got the FBI involved.

  4. I must preface my comments by saying I am a HUGE fan of Tom Clancy – or was. He died on October 1st last year. If you have not read Debt of Honor, you are missing out. As Oren Player mentions, Tom did lay out what well may be the perfect blueprint for overhauling the sorry current state of affairs our leaders have gotten us in to. I hadn’t heard the FBI had raked him over the coals for what I’m sure their handlers proposed as treason. But when we get to the point of where we are now, it’ll be neigh on to impossible to correct our problems without a dramatic change in the way we are governed! READ THE BOOK AND TELL ME IF YOU DON’T AGREE!!!

  5. To quote Mark Levin- “It’s time to turn to the Constitution, to save the Constitution, if you love the Constitution, before there is no Constitution.”Might be time for Article 5 of the Constitution, which says constitutional amendments may be proposed in two ways—either by two-thirds majorities in both houses of Congress or by a convention called by two-thirds of the state legislatures. Some amendments needed are a 12-year limit on serving in Congress, returning the election of U.S. senators to state legislatures, requiring Congress to balance the budget and limiting federal spending to 17.5 percent of GDP, limiting federal taxation to 15 percent of an individual’s or a corporation’s earnings, empowering a special congressional committee to veto regulations issued by federal bureaucracies, prohibiting Congress from compelling anyone to participate in commerce (such as forcing them to buy health insurance), requiring Congress to publish the final text of any proposed legislation at least 30 days before holding a final vote on it, and requiring individuals to present a state-issued photo ID that establishes their identity and citizenship before they are allowed to register or vote.

  6. Harry Reid has become a caricature of himself, and a true to life exaggeration of what we believe most of our political masters represent; Blindly ideological, transparently stupid and disconnected from reality. A walking, talking fool teetering on the edge of senility. But then I’m reminded of the sad truth… we keep telling ourselves that the people in charge are “fools mired in their own incompetence” as they loot us, lie to us, spy on us, and get re-elected by us….. Who are the real fools in this relationship?

  7. Our government has created a special class of people. it is the dependent class to insure a voter database to insure their continuance of power. It doesn’t matter that we show these people that the ones they elect fail to do the job they were elected to do. as long as the support continues we will have the insurmountable information meeting the immovable mind. This condition will continue until we return our nation to our republic and get government out of our lives and remove the dependent class. The expansion of power has become the only job of government. The citizen has become nothing more than a slave to provide the funds for government to squander.

  8. Dear Dog! A constitution convention? Who do you think would actually be in that convention? You? Me? Barry Manilow? Nope, Harry and his ilk along with pointy headed academics, well intentioned fools and a couple of “good people” put in front of the cameras to make it look straight! Can you imagine what Harry and his crew would do if they could rewrite the constitution? Talk about nightmare scenarios!

    Regarding the Tom Clancy/FBI story, I question it unless it happened after 9/11. If it happened before I would have expected them to do anything beyond asking for signed copies. That novel was written in 1994 and was considered to be fantasy by everyone except the Secret Service (who had all flight patterns for National rerouted soon after). Also, I’m pretty sure that book ended with him being sworn in and then turning to the cameras and saying something like “let’s get to work”. Executive Orders, the next book in the series, is when I think it mentioned the governors sending replacements to Washington. And that the replacements were in many cases not much better than the originals.

    Hmmm… need to go back and do some reading this weekend. It’s been almost 20 years since I read those books.

  9. I too worry about the outcome of a Constitutional Convention. Nothing I’ve seen can convince me that our ‘statesmen’ today are the equal of the Founding Fathers.

    The answer is indeed term limits and curtail upon lobbying. Power must be decentralized in Congress, aye indeed throughout the entire executive branch and judicial branch.


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