Picture of the Day: Fishing and Enjoying Nature

I have the pleasure of living near a large river that traverses through my town. Every time I visit it the beauty of nature is astounding. The power of that nature and the bountiful of life that is not only in it but that surrounds it just amazes me. I recently took my family fishing at the river and had a great time.

We did not have much luck catching fish. I caught a single Brim – my oldest son caught a few large sticks. We saw probably 30-40 people on kayaks go by in the couple hours we were there.

This is not a post about fishing skills and the ability to feed a family in times of trouble. No – its more about  “surviving our modern daily lives” and de-stressing from time to time. Standing by this massive river while millions of gallons go by and seeing nature in all its glory is absolute pure therapy.

I need to enjoy what nature offers so much more often than I do now.




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  1. I live about 5 miles from a river and enjoy camping by it and fishing it. When I’m out there’s a good chance I’ll see deer, antelope, pelicans and even some turkeys in the fall. And if I’m lucky I’ll catch some catfish or even a trout.

  2. That’s very beautiful poem I actually wrote it down while I watched the movie on another note you know as much as we need to network with each other and actually meet one another in order to survive shit hits the fan scenario it’s people like Bob that reminds me every day why I don’t use my real name on on here or other sights, it sends me a clear message that I have to be so paranoid and worry about the people they will want to connect with… I’m here with you… But yet I’m not… Divided we fall, that rings in my mind every scenario I plan on in my mind yet here we are… I’ve opened up to those I trust, they don’t disagree, but I wonder what they think sometimes, so far I’ve yet to convince anyone else to prepare in my last couple years of being (aware) ill call it, the only answer I ever seem to here when I ask ( what are you going to do when it happens) ? They always answer the same… I’m coming to you… Then as I try to plan for more people… Realizing I can’t ever afford to even contemplate the idea I realize sooner or later I’m going to have to say no.. We’re not talking about strangers, neighbors you barely know, or even a quinces… What do you do… When you are over run… Not by the enemy..but by your friends, family, and neighbors… BY GOOD PEOPLE… This is MY Pandora’s box, with knowledge comes responsibility, are YOU strong enough!

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