Picture of the Day: Basic Supplies

Came across the picture below and corresponding article while on Pinterest the other day. “Pinterest?” you ask? Yes – it is not just for women anymore. There are tons of pretty cool things over there related to preparedness, shooting, gardening, camping, knives, etc. Anyways, I saw the picture of the well organized supply cabinet and it got me thinking – my organization stinks.

Yeah – I admit it I am unorganized. I keep trying and trying and struggle to get where I want to be. The “slap in the face” moment happened the other morning in preparation to take my family fishing and I couldn’t find a pair of multipliers. I was so frustrated. I have 3 pairs of Gerber multipliers and could not find a single one. I thought to myself that this was not good and I should be able to just walk over at any given time and pick one up from its normal, designated area. Nope. I finally found one in my Jeep’s glovebox.

So – I need to improve. I have tote boxes with categorized items in them and most of the time I can find what is needed. I have shelves and cabinets with supplies as well. There are no excuses I just need to double step and get it done.



The picture above represents some very organized supplies. Looking at it we have various food items, extra water, extra pairs of shoes, couple towels, flashlights, radio, extra batteries, and of course toilet paper. It is well organized and very easy to find what you are looking for even with a quick glance.

Gotta get to work.

What is your system of organization?


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  1. Nice! I love how the toilet paper is higher up on the shelving than water … priorities you know 🙂 Of course I am kidding with my comment.

    I recently built a pantry in my basement to keep my extras a bit more organized. If you have the space or can think of creative ways of building storage, do it. It definitely helps.

  2. My supplies certainly aren’t well organized but I do have them. The main challenge for me is to keep them out of sight. Keep accumulating more stuff and it all has to go somewhere.

  3. I have an elaborate chart that lists our stocked items:
    1) Ammo (totals by caliber, plus type & quantity in each container).
    2) Canned/Boxed food with expiration dates.
    3) Jarred/canned food my wife pressured cooked.
    4) MREs.
    5) Bottled/jugged water.
    6) Toilet paper.
    7) Tobacco.
    8) Survival books, weapons manuals, etc.

    I even have a separate coded listing for cache items. I won’t type that out in the computer. I just keep a written record for fear the government is sneaking into my desktop. My problem is, keeping up with the listing and rotating EVERYTHING with expiration dates. There really is NO EXCUSE for me, other than wasting too much time on social media! I admire you Rourke, and all you Preppers that are still working, but find time for you TEOTWAWKI planning! We did purchase shelving to organize the canned/jarred items and alcohol (for barter). The store bought items are packed in plastic totes for ease of movement.

    GOD BLESS YOU ALL! I need to adopt your more productive habits.

  4. Nice Rourke-wow Irish 7 you are an inspiration. After my much needed three nights womans silent retreat (yes men we woman can be silent -smile !)I am refreshed and ready to get
    more organized in the home and pantry .Prayed, read a lot. Its important to schedule some down time before one needs it- I was long overdo.

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