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Political cartoons can provide a bit of humor at times – but this one pretty much summarizes the situation pretty well. The world is becoming more and more dangerous with each passing day.  The Middle East is as unstable as it has been in quite some time. Tensions with Russia are higher now than they have been in in years. China is now the world largest economy. We have more illegal aliens and possibly terrorists coming across the southern border now than ever before. Iran continues to talk about wiping Israel off the face of the plant. All this – and this Administration makes a ridiculous decision to actually shrink the United States Military.

The word again is…..ridiculous.

That decision to shrink the military at this time makes us all less safe.

– Rourke



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  1. January of 1950, the then current administration set the stage for the next war.

    “in a famous speech to the National Press Club on January 12,1950, Secretary of State Dean Acheson repeated the President’s views, and again excluded South Korea from the U.S. defense perimeter, though he hedged this with reservations about acting in concert with the United Nations should Korea or Formosa be attacked.”

    Stokesbury, James L. (2009-10-14). A Short History of the Korean War (Kindle Locations 362-364). HarperCollins. Kindle Edition.

    When coupled with the massive gutting of the military, as shown below, the scene was set for the Korean War.
    “In 1945 the United States had spent $50 billion on its army; in 1950 it spent $5 billion. In 1945 there were 8.25 million men on active service; in 1950 there were less than 600,000 and no one had been drafted since March 1947.”

    Stokesbury, James L. (2009-10-14). A Short History of the Korean War (Kindle Locations 459-461). HarperCollins. Kindle Edition.

    As you can see, the cartoon is a direct parallel to the events of 1950. Oh, by the way, the president and administration of the time was also Democrat. Talk about history repeating itself.

  2. I have a theory regarding this type of phenomenon. Not withstanding the occasional anomaly, the quality of the service and/or product delivered is inversely proportional to the size of the entity (Government or business) delivering said service and/or product. This is the conundrum for our president that believes more government involvement is the answer. He cannot even address most of the issues before us because to even address the issue would be to admit that the leviathan is not nimble enough solve the problem. I’ll leave it up to the community to determine the wisdom of the above referenced picture and my post may go off on a slight extrapolation but, I stand by it. Even though I may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer I still know 2+2=4 and my right hand, more often than not, knows what my left hand is doing.

  3. To continue with the analogy:

    When each hand is aware of what the other is doing you will be less likely to find yourself requiring stitches from slicing yourself with a very sharp knife.

    As a country we now find ourselves wondering just what will happen next, and just what the agenda really is moving into the future. If there is a plan, or a goal, this President is hiding his intentions not only from the people of the United States, but also from the world. He seems aimless and uninformed, acting without understanding fully what the consequences of his actions and comments will be.

  4. I believe Obama knows exactly what and why he is refusing to be pro active .I believe and have for some time thought that he is the AntiChrist and that we are in very serious times.(I am surprised that no news station has made this same statement)
    Please pray and call the White House and your reps and keep prepping.
    Rourke-on target cartoon- very sad indeed. Arlene

  5. I shared this cartoon a while back on Facebook. Although it is made to be humorous, it strikes a painful reminder for those who follow history. We broke down our Armed Forces at the conclusion of World War I, WWII, Korea, Vietnam and the first Persian Gulf conflict in 1991. Now, we are making the same mistake as we pulled out of Iraq and wind down in Afghanistan. How can our leaders be so stupid? To paraphrase the philosopher George Santayana “Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it”. For each draw down in military structure, there was a reason. People believed WWI was “The war to end all wars”. After the massive carnage of WWII, everyone was tired of war. Post Korea, folks figured the Communists knew we meant business, that we would stand up to Marxist aggression. Vietnam was largely unpopular on the home front. The Soviet Union had collapsed just before our engagement in Iraq and Kuwait in 1991, so our leaders believed we did not need all those tanks and troops. What separates today’s force reduction from the rest? I believe that Obama WANTS to weaken America. He comes from the far Left, who generally loathe the US War Machine because it is the banner of Capitalism. Obama has been whittling away at our troops’ morale since he came into office. Pay raises in the 1% range, declining benefits, forcing homosexuals out of the closet, restrictive Rules Of Engagement in combat theatres and on and on. OBAMA IS DESTROYING OUR MILITARY DELIBERATELY! He distrusts Pentagon brass will follow his unconstitutional orders, like firing on American citizens. Obama has sacked more 4 star generals than any Commander In Chief that I know of. Make no mistake, the force reductions he is proposing are way more than ineptitude and ignoring the lessons of history. I call it TREASON.

  6. I admit that for the longest time I had given up on attempting to decipher whether Obama’s intentions where truly evil or supremely misguided. Is this image of now undeniable incompetence simply the cat escaping the bag, or is it by design. Is Obama just a man child incapable of learning from his and histories mistakes, or a man so blindly committed to his ideologies that he can’t see or even acknowledge the results of his ideology on us and the world.

    In the end it may not matter for the sheep have caught sent of the slaughter house. Finally enough are realizing that a lessor America is not preferable. That there is no strength thru weakness… That you really can’t lead from behind… what a surprise.

    At this moment the Obama administration demands that Iraq have a more inclusive government. A government more responsive and respectful to all ideologies, even those out numbered in the halls of power. Meanwhile here at home Obama replays the same divide to conquer scene, and openly speaks of the opposition party with the same level of disgust deserving to child pornographers.

  7. John G-well put !!!
    John Mc- Lets be respectful here- the real John McCain did go through hell as a prisoner of war and as a returning veteran. The biggest mistake I think he has ever made was choosing Sarah P.
    I like what Dr. Ben Carson has to say and how he says it.

  8. John McCain, your comment betrays a certain (now lets be kind here) innocence…. Giving in to simple minded “slogan” propaganda is bad enough, but diving in head first!…. shame on you. The choice isn’t always between kicking everybody else’s asses, or getting ours handed to us repeatedly.

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