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It is sickening to see the number of BLATANT people with the entitlement mindset. There are people that are down on their luck and I have no problem giving them a hand, but the government needs to stay out of it. The other morning on the way to work there was a guy standing at a set of lights with a sign that said “HOMELESS VET – PLEASE HELP”. I called the guy over and gave him $20. Was he a Vet?I don’t know – really doesn’t matter. He was thankful and he was a human being. The point is that $20 was given based on MY CHOICE – not some bureaucrat’s sitting behind a desk making policy.



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  1. “You cannot legislate the poor into freedom by legislating the wealthy out of freedom. What one person receives without working for, another person must work for without receiving. The government cannot give to anybody anything that the government does not first take from somebody else. When half of the people get the idea that they do not have to work because the other half is going to take care of them, and when the other half gets the idea that it does no good to work because somebody else is going to get what they work for, that my dear friend, is about the end of any nation. You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it.” — Dr. Adrian Rogers

  2. Rourke, couldn’t agree more…while I am on unemployment, I have worked my whole life paying into it, and continue to seek a job…I am 50 yrs old, and in my field of work, they are ‘only’ hiring bachelors degrees…At my age, I can’t justify taking on the added debt…so I continue to look for someone who will value my experience instead of a degree…I am not of the entitlement mindset, but hey, I paid into this, so I don’t feel I am wrong to expect some assistance…If I have to, I will take a lower paying job to pay the bills, I am not afraid of hard work…

  3. Just a little edification…. Unemployment is funded totally by the employer. It’s a tax levied on his/her business. The employee does not directly contribute to this fund.

  4. I am for doing good to the poor, but I differ in opinion of the means. I think the best way of doing good to the poor, is not making them easy in poverty, but leading or driving them out of it. In my youth I traveled much, and I observed in different countries, that the more public provisions were made for the poor, the less they provided for themselves, and of course became poorer. And, on the contrary, the less was done for them, the more they did for themselves, and became richer.
    quoted from Benjamin Franklin

  5. Unemployment benefits for a limited period are a worthwhile and good thing. Generational unemployment and unemployment benefits fostering unhelpful behavior such as rewarding unmarried mothers for having children out of wedlock is hurtful to society and demeaning to the individual.

    I have peeled potatoes and bussed dishes, been a roustabout and worm, and eventually ‘made a hand’ as a roughneck working with hard tough men on west Texas drilling rigs. Summer work seven days a week day in and day out in the heat and wind on the rigs helped pay for college. I’ve had office jobs, and jobs on the pointy end of the stick, been a rancher, and eventually owner of west Texas drilling rigs and other businesses. In my several decades of life in the US and abroad, I’ve never lacked for work. Indeed, I have retired three times and keep finding new opportunities that put me back to work – and I’ve known adversity and defeat along with the triumph of success.

    There is some merit in arguing circumstances often provides that leg up. Circumstances certainly helped me there – I was born into a Christian family full of love. So many of the current generation know nothing about which I speak. There is no greater legacy parents can give a child than to raise them in home rich with Christian values.

    Recently, I’ve been cutting a path through the forest to build new fence. I went to the local public high school trying to hire kids for after school work. No takers. I ended up paying a young man of 13 who had never held a job before, minimum wage so that I could teach him how to build a proper barb wire fence. I recall doing the same work for less than a dollar an hour – but then there’s inflation.

    I think that there is a lot of work to be had, the kind of work that requires (or produces) calloused hands and sweaty brows. Somehow we have came to the idea that such is beneath us. We have a college degree (in psychology or education, or some such folderol), and cannot work by the sweat of our brow. I respond you should have gotten a college degree in chemistry, physics, or engineering. When I hired for responsible positions and looked at both college graduates and experienced NCOs, all the college degree told me was that someone was goal oriented enough to complete a four year regimen; when I looked at senior NCOs, I saw proven leaders of men. There is a place for both and I couldn’t very well expect the senior NCO leader to design a metered gas flow valve but then again, few new engineering graduates could do so either.

    This country has plenty of jobs, jobs that ‘are beneath’ too many of the unemployed.

    My thoughts,

  6. when talking about parasites don’t forget the military industrial complex feeding off the government
    what do you think $500 hammers and $1000 toilet seats are ?

    or how about large corporations and their constant bailouts ?

    or how about the criminals on Wall Street and the banksters who ran their companies into the ground
    and endangered the entire economy by throwing us into a depression ?
    all bailed out by the government and their crimes go unpunished
    there are parasites and then there are PARASITES

  7. Panhandle Rancher, I could not possibly agree more. Poverty is thee grim reality of our time, which should be a surprise to us all considering all that has been done and all that has been spent to solve it. The results of all this effort have only resulted in greater need and demands. Poverty is caused not by economics or income inequality but by a dysfunctional set of values, and is continually reinforced by an elite culture searching for victims. If blame is to be apportioned, it is the intellectuals who deserve most of it. They know full well that rather than reducing poverty they make it worse but prefer to avert their gaze. They consider the purity of their ideas to be more important than the actual consequences of their ideas. I know of no egotism more profound.

    Poverty is much different today than it was years past. Play your cards right and along with your welfare check you can get free housing & utilities, free phone, daycare for your offspring, clothing assistance, healthcare and between S.N.A.P. and T.A.N.F. you can rake in another $1200+ a month in assistance… and somehow the belief that you deserve more.

    A story from my own archive of experiences; As I headed home from work one nite this past winter I stopped for gas at a local quickie stop. I rarely do this. my wife has to get up at 4 am so she can be at her job on time and I don’t get home from my job till 7:30 pm so we barely get a half hour together before she has to hobble off to bed exhausted and I settle into watching a couple hours news.

    As I pumped gas a beautiful pearl white Cadillac Escalade pulled up to the front of the store. It was one of Cadillac’s latest examples and was gorgeous. Inside appeared to be a family, 3 or 4 kids and I guessed their parents. The no-doubt proud driver jumped out and entered the store while who I assume to be his wife sat starring at her smart phone and tapping at it’s keys.

    I finished pumping and entered the store to grab a Dew and arrived at check-out just behind the Escalade driver. His turn came-up and he dumped an arms full of snacks on the counter: a 6-pack of Redbull, a few candy bars, chips, little boxes of candy and a bag with what looked like a giant pickle floating in pickle juice. The cashier rang him up and he pulled out a SNAP card, paid for his treasure trove of goodies and exited the store. I paid for the Dew and followed suit, admiring the sexy lines and huge chrome wheels as I passed the Caddy.

    I climbed into my 1989 Escort and headed out on my long, cold ride home filled with a warming sense of satisfaction. The kind of satisfaction one can only get from doing charitable deeds, and the satisfaction from knowing that at least part of the money confiscated each week from my already meager paycheck is helping supply supplemental nutrition to that poor, underprivileged family riding around in their Cadillac Escalade…… I smiled all the way home….

  8. Satori and Capt. Turbo,

    What do I think about those overpriced trinkets? Methinks our government is too large. Bloated first by direct taxes and now by borrowed monies, seeking to become all things to all citizens, it has instead become unresponsive to our needs.

    You may have read my rants about he end of private property in the US. That is correct, we can only lease a house or a piece of land from a taxation district. Repetitive taxation for the same property or other income producing asset year after year contributes to the out of control growth of government. My ideal government would tax real estate and income producing property only when it changed hands. The concept of assessing taxes year after year on an item held by the same individual or individuals is totally wrong and in my opinion is contrary to anything intended by our founding fathers. Imagine a county government that could only tax a residence or land once in your lifetime. Now, imagine what productive uses you could put your annual taxes toward – and how small the local government would have to become.


  9. I have been a self employed residential remodeling contractor my whole working life- 43 years now. Grew up working for my father who did the same. He never gave me money. If I wanted money I had to work. I have raised my children the same way. I resolved from the start to continually learn new skills, to increase the number of opportunities available to me. It has served me well.

    I don’t mind helping those who need help, and do so daily, through efforts at church and on my own. Particularly the homeless and the hungry.

    But those who are able should work. If no paying jobs are available, volunteer! There are many elderly in nursing homes who never get a visitor. There are many widows who need help maintaining their homes or yards, or with shopping or doctor appointments. Community gardens can be planted everywhere. Houses can be made energy efficient, thus conserving energy and reducing pollution.

    It’s not that difficult.

  10. I agree with everyone here who has posted that subsidizing poverty is no way to end it. The problem is that we have a political class who have devoted themselves to serving special interests, instead of the nation’s interests. The fact that millions of foreign nationals are unlawfully working in the country is one fine example. This labor glut artificially drives down wages and stops Americans from climbing the economic ladder of success. Hard to climb a ladder when millions are clinging to one rung. Recent statistics state that half of our nation’s families are “living” on just over $27,000 per year. With trade and immigration policies that only serve the corporate masters who fund the campaigns of D.C. politicos, I don’t see change coming anytime soon.

  11. I also agree with everyone. My first job was at 15 1/2 in a packing plant with all others being adults and I was expected to keep up with them even at the times the line ran at double speed. I can not remember the pay but it was minimum wage back in 1959.

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