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The Federal Government is out of control and there is no solution in sight.





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  1. Next, all we have to do is get the Federal Government to acknowledge that the Constitution still applies to them.

    Most of the last few Presidents have not followed the limits the Constitution places on them, in fact they have usurped power that isn’t even within their range of duty. And it has only worsened with each subsequent administration.

  2. Obamas prisoner swap is the latest in the thumb his nose at congress. And it just may turn out, according to men who served with him he may just be a deserter!5 High ranking Taliban prisoners for a possible traitor? Just par for the course for thjis administration!

  3. Keep all your preps up to date food, water, fuel, guns,ammo, guns, ammo, hey I said guns and ammo twice, yeah I like guns and Ammo! I don’t know about you but I think Martial Law is just around the corner, after all Obama doesn’t need Congress to do it I guess we had just be ready!

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