Per Arlene’s request – Rourke’s Christmas list

xmas-e1449978744132 (1)Arlene responded to my comment about not knowing what to get my wife for Christmas – and asked for men to speak up about gift ideas. I generally tell my wife I don’t want anything as being married to her is a gift all year round.

Normal response: “Yeah. Whatever.”


It just so happens I did send her a link to something I would like to have. It was a CRKT Chogan T-Hawk. Fellow group member showed me his and I really like it.


So Arlene – here are a few things I would like and many other men probably would also:

The Complete Series of The Equalizer – original TV series

Paratus 3 Day Operator’s Pack

Streamlight TLR-1 Tactical Rail Light

Keurig K130 Brewing System

Barnett Recruit Compound Bow set

Dewalt 20V Drill Compact Drill Set

Pack of CR123 batteries

Ruger 10/22 .22LR carbine – can always use another

Magpul X-22 10/22 Stock – perfect for new project

Yaesu FT-2900R 75 watt 2 Meter Ham radio

2 giant Reese’s Peanut Butter cups

off road 2-wheel trailer to pull behind my Jeep(like this one).

Stuffed Winnie the Pooh – lost mine when I was about 7   😉

Greater patience and understanding for those who grate at my nerves and inflict their ignorance upon me. Sorry – can’t help it as it is the season of miracles!


Looking over the list most everything  is on the expensive side. I guess after all it’s a “wish list.” Could have put a new Jeep and 40 acres with a retreat on it with solar, a tank in the barn, etc. OK – back to reality.

Anyone else?









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  1. Quick tip for other men. Listen to your wife year round – I know it’s extremely difficult sometimes, but it’s a great way to get gift ideas. Whenever you hear her say, “Oh I like that!”, jot the item down (I keep a list on my phone). Every time you hear her say that again, about the same item, put a star by the item in your list – you get the idea. I know it’s a PITA, but with a little foresight planning, you can make her a very happy lady – and everyone knows, that’s the most important thing in a relationship! 🙂
    Happy Holidays – Stay Safe and Be Prepared!

  2. Rourke, great list. I really like the looks of the camper. Like everything else there are a lot of options for gun lights. I have the TLR-1 and love it. Though more a flood than a spot light, at 600 lumens it’s actually a nice balance between the two. A year ago I needed to purchase new powertools for work. I spent a couple of weeks researching, studying, comparing and agonizing over which was the best choice for the money. Hands down the winner was Ridgid. Flat out the highest quality, power and torque and longest battery life for the money.

    On my personal wish list is a couple more dogs. At least one a German Shepherd.

  3. MacDaddy-wow great idea for men and women to do !!!
    John G Oh I hope you get a German shep pup -what a great gift. If you get a few ship me one also ok-smile !!! I had a shepherd growing up!!!
    Rourke- thanks -I am smiling at the
    complete retreat package.If I win the lottery you will have one !!
    Ah those childhood pals- maybe Santa will give you a Pooh bear !!
    Merry Christmas everyone and may the Lord keep us all safe as we
    HOPE and PRAY and PREP. Arlene

  4. I am a very fortunate man in that my wife is easy to please. She likes guns, knives, and flashlights as much as I do. However, this year we I got her a rocker/glider that she has commented on many time (we are expecting our first granddaughter in April). As my wife actually introduced me to prepping several years ago (before we knew it was called prepping), there are always a multitude of options in that direction. Our problem is that we set a very strict limit on how much each can spend, so I have to make choices as to which way to go.
    Ditto on MacDaddy being a wise man.

  5. I really would love one of those Bond derringers, Snake Slayer in .45 LC/.410 GA (3 or 3.5 inch barrel, whichever shoots 3″ shot shells)! This is something I would probably NOT buy myself, as paying $500+ for a 2 shot weapon is impractical. But, hey, we all need something to daydream about! In reality, my holiday will be made or broken without material objects. I have 2 soldiers that I more or less adopted while I was their First Sergeant. I hope to hear from them on Christmas Day. I would prefer a phone call, but I’ll settle for a text or Facebook message.

  6. One year when newly married I bought the wife an old reel style push mower – as she was getting a little pudgy, I added. Think I would do such three decades later? I trow not.


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