People need to “wake up”….

This is not going to be a long rant – but there is but one TRUTH. Yes – Truth is often perceived by ones perspective but irregardless there is but one Truth related to any situation.

I have Liberal/Progressive relatives and friends that just refuse to see the Truth. They cling on to their beliefs even though evidence to the contrary is right there in front of them and is indisputable. They hide behind stubbornness and walls of denial and disregard FACTS like my kids ignore their chores.


Progressives continue to respond to intuitive, logic-based Conservative ideas with emotional rants, name-calling, accusations, and fact-less arguments. This is one of the reasons why it IS difficult to debate a Liberal – facts just don’t matter. Logic does not matter. They will lie speak untruths and make populist statements related to “saving the environment”, “working for the middle-class”, and “trying to be fair to everyone” all the while often doing the exact opposite.

When you talk about the founding principles of this country in relation to current times – they counter with “That was over 200 years ago- times change.”

Boy, do they ever! I recently heard these modern-times referred to as “Post-Constitution”. Pretty accurate I think as Liberal judges and politicians continue to change laws and rulings in such a way that basic fundamental rights now seem like privileges. Who would have thought that organisations would spend millions of dollars to keep prayer out of school and Christmas decorations out of City Hall. 

It is really a shame. This country is in a downward spiral with little chance of recovery. Trillions of dollars in debt continue to pile up with a Corporate-Representative Congress and a manufactured President. The mainstream media continues to be a key element to promoting the Progressive movement to the masses, fooling them with word-trickery and shenanigans.

People need to wake up.



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  1. Amen, Brother. Arguing with a liberal is so frustrating! I frequently say “This is not theory, conjecture or my opinion. It is historical fact, what happened and continues to happen”. Then, they give you that blank stare, as though you are the dumb one ignoring the obvious. My sister is a liberal. I cannot tell you how many holiday dinners were ruined when she opens her mouth. One Christmas, she had the gall to say “Christians slaughtered thousands of people during the Crusades”. I about jumped out of my chair. “Christians slaughtered”!?! The Crusades were the Christian RESPONSE TO 500 YEARS OF MOSLEM AGGRESSION! Anyway, before I get all wound up, I’ll just say “I know what you mean.” There is a guy that does YouTube videos in predominant Progressive areas of the United States. He stops liberals on the boardwalk, or beach and asks them to sign petitions. It is amazing how stupid people are. He will go through 10 or 15 people before the first person questions his surveys. As long as he preempts his speech with “Help President Obama support…..”, they all sign his form. Hilarious!

  2. to many are saying as long as it doesnt EFFECT ME I DO NOT CARE the sad cold hard fact is we cannot guard everything so that i guess that leaves it up to us

  3. I agree that there are MANY sheeple out there who blindly follow the masses. The Occupy Wall Street crowd who say “Take from those who have and redistribute to those who have nothing”, yeah THAT IS THEFT, and is a crime. They who like to use the term “Freedom from religion”, when what was desired was “Freedom of religion”. Liberals like to talk about having freedom and equality, but what they mean is they want to force people to give up their liberty, their beliefs, and their right to be individuals. They attack our way of life, and by that I mean the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. They don’t see the need to prepare for anything because “The government and or its agencies will be there to help the people when they need it. Why should it be the government they rely on first, why not be self reliant, and then if they need more help turn to their family, then neighbors/community? Remember that it took FEMA 5 days to get water to the Super Dome after Katrina…yet they had the public disarmed for the looters within a day. Rourke, I agree with you that they are ignorant, asleep, and will become the true life version of Zombies when their world crumbles. They still wont recognize that it has crumbled because what they believed in has failed, no they will blame it on George W Bush, or the Conservatives who have been warning them of it for years. They will be the new generation of cardboard sign holding 20-30 year olds who are asking for help “Anything Helps” because they never learned to be self sufficient, that they will reap what they sew, and that they are now enjoying the fruits of their “I Don’t Care” labors.

  4. I remember from my army time as 2nd lieutenant when a colonel told me: ” Remember that no one can give you what I can promise you”
    I tell friends and ppl I care about to get prepared. They reply joking ” I will come to you place”
    My serious responce is: ” it took me time and money to get ready. If you come empty handed then you are no different then “onther zombies” to me. I will protect my resources and supplies need for my family. Please do not come. You know how it will end” the smile and laughter goes away.

  5. I agree with all of you. I to have experienced the same and so like (Vlad), I advised my friends and assoc. that they better not show up empty handed and I hand commented back to them “I will not expect them to show up at my door, since they know so much more then me”. By brother in-law said he plans to just throw money at what ever he needs, wow the arrogance. Sad to say, sometimes I find my self exercising OPSEC with people close to me, even when they bring something to my attention like how shocked they are here somethings mention by mainstream media, and I am like, dude that’s old news, I’ve telling this for years, HELLO!! ANYONE THERE!!. It gets frustrating, but then again looking at human history, it’s the remnant of a culture, race, people that get it and do something, while the masses become a statistic.

  6. agreement with all the postings- I have stopped trying to persuade the sheeple- my concern now is solely with family and friends- friends whom are aware of the current situation. keep on keeping on, everyone!

  7. This Liberal/Conservative tug of war has been going on a long time. I think many have forgotten just how “socialist like” this country was becoming before Reagan re-energized the conservative movement, bringing many democrats into the fold as well. There have been a few times when I thought the jig was up, only to see the tide turn in our favor once enough people were forced to care. I don’t give up on things easily but it’s a different time. Indifference has seeped into the american psyche, they just don’t care. And if they were poked and prodded to act, their actions are in response to disinformation and propaganda. They still believe that the news is the news. Just look at what happened to the Tea Party, I think it’s safe to say that at least in the main stream media, pedophiles are a more well respected group than the collection of Americans that form the Tea Party, all because they believe a multi-trillion-dollar government living thirty or forty percent beyond its means might be a wee bit too plump. It’s now standard Liberal strategy to defend the indefensible, by mumbling something about the Tea Party. One would think that if anything could prompt the villagers to light their torches, grab their pitchforks and head to DC it would have been when Obama, via executive order spared the designers of Obamacare from it’s effects and created a special slush fund (unavailable to any other American) to keep their healthcare costs insulated from what THEY forced on us, but the villagers barely even noticed….

    • Mr. Gault –

      Things will have to get much worse before the pitchforks come out. Maybe when Starbucks doesn’t carry the Chocolate Cookie Crumble Frappuccino- people will finally start to mobilize.


  8. There will be no vindication until the economy collapses or the grid goes down. When that happens there will be little to celebrate for their ignorance.

  9. the article just reaffirms what we all agree on. the divisions among us run so deep, we are so polarized, there is no returning to the ‘good ol days’. libs and conservatives can agree on NOTHING. there is no way out of this, things will NOT get better. sadly, i think the end result is conflict and confrontation. not a matter of if, but when. no one wants it, but it is what it is. prepare accordingly, stay strong. God bless us all

  10. Sheeple surround us everyday in every way. I made the conscience realization years ago, 96 out of every 100 people I see everyday are going to perish if SHTF. If people say they are coming to my house as a part of their preparedness plans, I tell them if I am still at home when you get there it will be piss poor planning on my part. $0.02

  11. There are those I know that are like minded. We talk, we discuss, we compare ideas and prepare to work together if things should come to pass as it looks like it will.

    I live in a area where most people are ready for at least a few weeks without the modern conveniences. But, there are some that seem to think they will be able to become ‘freeloaders’ on the backs of those who are ready for something.

    I have, over the years, come up with that phrase that turns them beet red. When they inevitably say they will come to my house I tell them:

    “If you come here just remember, you’ve either been a contributor or you’re a contribution”.

    This implies something that would never happen, BUT it makes them rethink their position, re-evaluate their options. Pointing out to someone that their life really IS ON THE LINE if they don’t have the means to take care of themselves and their family. This is my way of waking them up to the possibility that being at the mercy of someone else, friend, foe, or gov’t is putting your life on the line. They can’t rely on others to take care of them.

    In the end, if the worst should come to pass, whether we can help someone outside of the group will depend on what they can bring to the table. What USEFUL skills do they have? Or are they only dead weight? What can they contribute to the long term survival of the group as a whole?

    If you bring people in, and they are not contributors, workers, defenders, really all of the above, then they should not be there. Give them some food and water and send them away. It could be that tough.

    As noted in some scenarios, the die-off may be as much as 90% of the population. Our goal should be to become a viable, self sufficient, community.

    I hope we never see times such as that, but, if it is possible then we need to consider how we will make it through to better times.

  12. Rourke, “I wonder….just wonder how long we have”. I’m not going to panic. As it says in the Bible, NO man knows the hour. Only God knows, but lately she has had a terrible sense of humor.

    Brad, “The government and or its agencies will be there to help the people when they need it” I to wonder where all the peoples confidence comes. Could it be fedgov’s sterling record of response to crises? Maybe it’s that fedgov handles everything they do with such competency and efficiency. I suppose the site of heavily armed storm-troopers, racing around in Hummers during a crises can be a reassuring sight for some. But like everything else connected to fedgov, it degenerates into a TSA-like scenario, with people who look like they were recruited out of God knows where (hell itself?), now in a position of authority, intimidating children and seniors, demanding complete compliance in exchange for food and shelter, eyeballing your ID with suspicion and raised eyebrows. I’ve packed a suitcase for Armageddon so I’ll take my chances right here.

  13. I used to identify as a liberal, when I was younger. I couldn’t understand my parent’s political choices. But as I’ve gotten older, and hopefully wiser, my views have changed. And I now understand my parent’s views better. I’m not going to get into conspiracies, etc., but we have raised an entitlement society. There is nothing wrong with taking help and moving on…I did it, I am not ashamed to say I was on welfare at one point. But I used it to help myself and my kids, got a college degree, and returned to being a tax paying member of society. That doesn’t happen these days.

    I am glad to be somewhat in a position to face the changes that will be coming, and continue to work on being prepared for the eventualities. I don’t share much with friends/neighbors about our preparedness, but have support of DH family. I haven’t shared much w/my own family, I don’t see them often, but our next gathering intend to put out feelers.

  14. I have been taking training at a local Federal facility this last week. And to observe how the average lemming federal worker acts is both humorous and sad. We had a small private caterer for our training and a I mean very over weight secretary came in complaining that we didn’t leave enough for her and her workers at the building. Needless to say my jaw dropped and I asked her if she was participating in the training and did she pay the $695 like the rest of us did? Wow, bad attitude followed. Then yesterday I overhear 2 fat cat employees complain about the debt ceiling being tied to defunding Obamacare, and how they were all being furloughed. Again my lack of a filter kicked in and I called them a bunch of dumb-asses. They will still get paid just like every other time they were furloughed. It is this government entitlement attitude I really despise, and have to call out when it rears its head. Unfortunately, they had the deer in the head lights gaze, not a clue!

  15. While I agree with the posts here, I unfortunately have already gone past arguing with the liberals. On my e-mail, I have blocked all of their addresses so that I simply do not receive any of their e-mails anymore. I also don’t talk to them. I have reached the point of understanding, and I don’t like this, that there will be change after the collapse. Now that is a scary thought. But be serious folks, how many of you out there see a way out of the mess the country is in? The proof will be the elections in 2014. If there are any changes to be made, it will happen with the elections, assuming we can have honest returns. If you see no changes, then its time to redouble your prepping efforts and get ready to hunker down.

  16. The only solace I find in how liberals are driving this country off a cliff is the knowledge that when the S hits the fan none of them will be prepared!

  17. I lost confidence that we can vote our way on the right track last year. At first, I thought “How can so many people be so lazy, and so stupid?” As the shock faded in the beginning of 2013, I came to believe the election was a fraud. It was NOT just the video of the bus loads of Somali immigrants voting in Ohio. It was NOT the impossible figures, where Obama got more votes than registered voters. What convinced me of a stolen election was the total disappearance of momentum from the 2010 mid term elections. Republicans swept control of the House and made significant gains in the Senate and state Governors. Where did that anger and resentment for the Democrats go? The economy certainly did not improve. Worse yet, we started to hear about these scandals. The lies about Benghazi should have sealed Barry’s fate! But no, the Democrats actually picked up Senate seats. Tell me that millions of people changed their minds, for no apparent reason. Or, just as unbelievable, that millions of voters stayed home because Romney was not conservative enough. Perry Mason could not convince me that the 2012 election was legitimate. The same factors that propelled Obama into the White House in 2008 should have removed him as well.

  18. I also agree people need to wake up, but ive also made another observation over the past 4-5 years. Many people believe that being liberal equates being a good American, and because they are in fact patriotic in their own right, they think this is how everyone should be. I don’t agree with this philosophy, and feel that everything has its limits including being liberal. You can be liberal to an extent. Overdoing it is a flaw. The other thing Ive noticed is that with the death spiral this country is in, many people have lost their full time jobs and have had to take 2 or more part time jobs working more hours to bring home the same pay. I have two friends in this boat. Theyre a wonderful family of 4; two kids, mom, and dad (actually married and living together). They’ve both lost their full time jobs due to Hurricane Sandy and the economy, and are currently working a total of 5 part time jobs between them to cover the bills. As a result, they have literally ZERO free time. That includes time to stay on top of current events. Theyre family life has suffered, and theyre completely clueless about anything political, and are therefor misinformed. Theyre not sleeping. Theyre simply spending so much time trying to survive, theyre lost on everything else. This is a large portion of the American public. Obamacare is going to kill full time jobs everywhere, and put more and more households on this path to nowhere. I guess he figures if he cant fool you, Obama will make you work so much you wont have time to pay attention to what he’s doing. Legalized slavery if you will…

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