Part 7: To Flee or Not To Flee….That is the Question

To Flee or Not To Flee….That is the Question…PART 7

by M.B.

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      This is a good spot to briefly discuss bartering. Bartering for life saving resources is a lot different than haggling over a used car or something at a garage sale. Give it some thought. You may want to have some extra – extra supplies on hand. You never know what you have that another may need & you never know what you have that another may want or may be willing to take. So I must remind you to be cautious who you give help to & barter with.

What about your children? Do they know how to get help in an emergency? Do they know how to evacuate the house or put out a fire? How about hiding & being quiet if there’s a threat in the house? Can they use a flashlight? Do they have a bag packed? If it seems unreasonable to some to teach children such things, think about if you are absent or incapacitated? Your survival & theirs may depend on them one day. Do they know any first aid or self defense? Remember that if you are vulnerable your children are vulnerable. Teaching them the value of preparedness and survival now can give you both a great sense of confidence & may help minimize they’re vulnerability & fear. It doesn’t have to be a scary topic but they should understand the importance of it all and any associated dangers. This goes for the reluctant partner as well.

Above all, be honest with yourself and loved ones. Is everyone on the same page & in the same book? What if I can’t keep up? What if you can’t? What happens when our supplies start running low? Do we strive, survive and die together? Or is self preservation the focus? Will we join the have-nots and look for victims or the unprepared and look for help? The answer is not as easily found as it may seem.

Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance.

If You Aren’t Ready – Get Ready. If You Are Ready – Stay Ready. (Ecclesiastes 11:2)

A Tent or Tarp & Rope & a knowledge of making Wilderness Shelters = Never Homeless

A knowledge of Skinning Animals = Never Cold

A Fishing Line, a Bow & Arrow, a Knife & a knowledge of Foraging = Never Without Food

A knowledge of Butchering Animals & Foraging = Never Hungry

A knowledge of Sewing & Mending = Never Without Clothes

A way to Purify Water = Never Thirsty

A knowledge of Fire Building = Never In The Dark

A knowledge of the Stars = Never Lost

A knowledge of Self Defense = Never Scared

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