PART 2: Sourcing antibiotics for storing in case the SHTF

In Part 1 I discussed the availability of Vet Antibiotics on and also presented a recommended “shopping list”. In this segment a source for “meant for human consumption” antibiotics is considered.

I have been unable to find what I would be considered absolute factual information that leads me to believe that antibiotics meant for animal/fish use are EXACTLY the same as those prescribed for humans. With that said – I personally would not hesitate to use vet antibiotics if it was necessary. Some people would.

I had a loyal reader whose opinion I value greatly contact me and recommend the website . offers services and products related to legally obtaining antibiotics meant for humans. offers several “antibiotic survival packs” legally. How is this done?  A real doctor reviews your medical history and prescribes the antibiotics for you. The medication is shipped directly to your door along with information on dosage and when to use.

I contacted Dr. Bob at and told him that I was writing this post – and was going to be comparing the options of obtaining vet antibiotics versus human. I asked for his opinion. Dr. Bob responded quickly and stated that he believes there are some advantages to using the services which SurvivingHealthy provides – such as reliability, cost, and information. He did not really have any comments regarding whether vet antibiotics were safe to consume – however he did state that all med’s obtained through his services were FDA approved.

The “information” part of the service which offers is extremely important to me. Dr. bob stated that he “put together an entire guideline for use with our meds, with the TEOTWAWKI recommendations included for real post-world use.” To me – this is excellent as I am not a doctor or have any knowledge of what antibiotics to take for what situations and in what amounts.

Let’s take a look at a couple of the offerings available:

  • Basic – Includes complete treatment for multiple infections with complete instructions included. Antibiotics included: penicillin, amoxicillin, doxycycline, cephalexin, sulfa.
  • Deluxe  – Includes complete treatment for multiple infections with complete instructions included.  Includes basic pack PLUS amoxicillin/clavulanate (generic Augmentin), azithromycin (generic Zithromax), and levofloxacin (generic Levaquin) ONLY FOR THOSE WITH NO ANTIBIOTIC ALLERGIES! 

Regardless of one’s own belief concerning the ability to safely consume vet antibiotics – certainly provides a best-case option for obtaining FDA approved “meant for human consumption” antibiotics.

There are other services and sources for human-use antibiotics – however is one which I am most familiar.

More to come in Part 3.




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5 thoughts on “PART 2: Sourcing antibiotics for storing in case the SHTF”

  1. Rourke-

    I was already familiar with Dr. Bob’s site, but for the prices he charges, you can get upwards of 10x the amounts from the vet antibiotics listed in your initial article.
    His prices only include 1 course for each of the meds on listed in his 3 package options, so his service is not really suited for stocking up.
    It is telling that he does not criticize the use of vet antibiotics (at least he is honest).
    For the prepper on a budget, there is no comparison: all the way.
    Sure, there is value in dosing and appropriate use that Dr. Bob will provide for teh high price he charges, but you can get all that same advice for $10 in the book “Where there is no doctor.”

  2. To any one that is hesitant to take pet antibiotics my wife worked for a vet for 8 years when we were first married.We took them the kids took them was all we could afford.The only side effect have been as im older i growl a lot at stupid people.MY kids like overpriced cars with shiney rims. I am ordering amoxi and cefelxin after christmas

  3. “I have been unable to find what I would be considered absolute factual information that leads me to believe that antibiotics meant for animal/fish use are EXACTLY the same as those prescribed for humans.”

    If you believe the FDA as a factual source of information, see Section 206.10 of the CFR:
    Sec. 206.10 Code imprint required.

    “(a) Unless exempted under 206.7, no drug product in solid oral dosage form may be introduced or delivered for introduction into interstate commerce unless it is clearly marked or imprinted with a code imprint that, in conjunction with the product’s size, shape, and color, permits the unique identification of the drug product and the manufacturer or distributor of the product. ”

    Then go to and see the imprints for the drugs.

    Then, noting the imprints on the antibiotics above, go to and find out what they are.

    If still not convinced, find the manufacturer of that antibiotic from the info and research/write/call them to inquire about their “fish” drugs, and you’ll find they don’t manufacture “fish” or “veterinary” drugs – just human drugs.


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