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My prayers go out to the people of France. I pray that they come together in solidarity to fight the evil which exists not only there but around the world. I hope the french government will step up to the plate and take the appropriate action to protect their citizens and to hold accountable those responsible.

I also hope the world learns from this tragedy.

France recently took in 30,000 refugees from Syria. The majority of these refuges are able-bodied men. Much of Europe and the United Stats have agreed to take in these refugees although many have warned that ISIS will plant cells using this refugee movement. Significant problems are being experienced throughout Europe as these refugees dissipate into towns and cities bringing violence with them.

Understand this: They are not arriving with intentions of assimilating respectfully into their new country.

Take a good, hard look at what is happening in Paris and the rest of Europe. Get ready folks because they are coming to the United States and those ISIS implants will join their brothers who are already here.

Stay frosty my friends.





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  1. The latest news that I heard is that one of the mass murderers came into Europe, through Greece, just this October. Clearly, if this is accurate, he came there with only one intention and he is not alone. The daesh scum openly stated that they were planning to send jihadists among the so called refugees and the elitists in power didn’t bother to take them seriously. The poluted islamist ideology represents a massive threat to anyone who disagrees with them……………………..our own governments more so.

  2. Compassionate thoughts and caring prayers are well and good, they are not enough. The world has been jolted back to reality once again. Maybe this time it will stick. Maybe this time the world or at least we, will get serious again. It’s time to stop using our spears as walking sticks & prods and use them for their intended purpose. We do whatever we have to, ruthlessly and with prejudice, and we keep doing it until the enemy is scared to even glance in our direction or whisper our nation’s name. We surrender no more soil than it takes to bury them. They have somewhere else to run to. We don’t.

    And if they truelly wish to die as martyrs…. Let’s grant them that wish……with enthusiasm…..

    • Well stated John!! Lock ‘n’ load! Check out the ‘Warriors Song’ on YouTube! I listen to it every day and the Warrior in me starts to fire up! I am a VietNam Veteran and have faced and defeated the enemy on the battlefield. I am ready to do it again!
      Bring it!!

  3. Well said Ray, Dr Sique and John G.John you are right on !!!! I am sensing that they will attempt to attack us during our Sacred Seasons
    of Thanksgiving,Christmas and Hanuhak.

    With people in Paris on lockdown -curfew I hope
    they had food etc in their homes.
    Be vigilant …. Arlene

  4. Politically correct, the curse of today’s world.
    Evil is evil, has been thoughout history.
    I fear, no I know, the worst is yet to come.
    Prepare America prepare.

  5. This is another reason to prepare, keep your battle kits near you. Like I’ve mention before when I was in Israel working with technicians, they had there kit below there work bench, there were citizen patrols and coordinators in high risk areas.

  6. They are already here. The bleeding hearts in Spartanburg and Greenville, SC were “absolutely astounded” when Pickens county of SC refused to have ANY refugees moved here. Of course, we in Pickens county are only 10 to 15 miles from Greenville depending on where you live. The liberal church leaders that attended the meeting were set back on their heels and all but called the people from Pickens “rednecks” and backward “hillbillies” for not “understanding” these poor people need refuge. What about my country? What about all the people here that are homeless, out of work, living without food and in general destitute? Who looks out for them. You can bet your bottom dollar the liberal churches won’t look out for them. Instead, they want to bring in Middle Eastern trash who don’t speak English, have no job skills, will have no where to live, no job, will require food stamps and welfare and THEN, THEN they will breed like rats to get “anchor babies”, be eligible for Medicaid and Social Security. All I see is a MAJOR drain on our already stretched thin resources, crime, a people who will spit on the “American way”, a people who will bring with them disease, radicalism, and demands that America change to allow them to be more comfortable.
    Between the spineless members of Congress, the so called president and the liberals running unchecked in our country I have only one thing to add…CCW.
    If you do not carry yet, you might give it a second thought. I envision needed to carry everytime you go to the grocery store or Walmart.

  7. I have little faith that the response to this will do anything but further erode our rights “in order to make us safer” and the tax payer will get saddled with the bills. I would argue our efforts have not made us safer nor have they reduced the number of threats we facing. I don’t have any answers but doing more of the same is insanity. Nothing we’ve done has made the region more stable or brought about anything but a bunch of failed States and civil wars. I don’t want to see any more kids get buried in our cemetery. A vet I know spent three years over there training Iraqis and said it was a complete waste of time. Another, a Marine I’ve known since he was a child has seen too many friends (brothers to him) killed and he is no longer that bright eyed kid I knew, he’s a man with his heart ripped to shreds.

    We can’t afford to foot the bill by ourselves. The price is too high in blood and dollars. Our tactics make more terrorists than we kill. We aren’t fighting a nation, we are fighting an ideology that knows no borders and is willing to do anything, so far our actions have only fueled their ranks. They are already here, among us (Texas art exhibit attack do name just one). The threat the pose is real but far less than the risk we take surrendering our liberty for a false promise of security.

  8. I spent some time in Paris back in the mid 90s. My first view of France was a woman putting a painting in the back of a Citroen. Her micro dress barely covered when standing and bent over, well she was au natural. Ooo la la!

    My son who was in Jr. High at the time, visited me there and remarked how all of the lids on the trash cans were welded to the body. Fear of bombs, I explained. We were walking the streets one fine summer day and BANG! I dragged the lad behind a truck and peeped out in time to see underwear and clothing raining down not far away. An abandoned suitcase was reported to the gendarme and their solution was to pro-actively blow it to pieces. I suppose in a way, we are blessed with only Mexican invaders. The French have had Muslim invaders for centuries and their screwy policies (like ours) are bearing posioness fruit. I think Algiers is almost all Muslim.

    Only the Frogs would have a motorcycle patrol with vacuum cleaners to pick up dog poop on the streets and sidewalks. Yet, I must add one of the greatest kindnesses was done to me by a French taxi driver. He had dropped me off at Gare du Nord and I was awash in a sea of Halliburtons. He left his car, tracked me down in the station and returned my passport which had dropped in the street. This kind man refused a cash reward, remarking on the debt all French owed the Amis (friend in French, once applied to the US armed forces during WWII). A rara avis to be sure.

    Folks I think the problem is unique to Muslims. It is high time we withdraw their ability to immigrate to this country and to require every person entering a mosque in this country to register as an agent of a foreign power. The ostrich defense just doesn’t work. Of course like Trump’s remarks regarding the incurability of some sexual offenders (which I agree with), common sense all to often is not that common.


  9. All the “smarter-than-us” talking heads on the news keep asking IF this could happen here. The question is not IF but where and when. ‘They’ are already here, and more are coming with and without our gov’t’s help.
    PC, don’t say anything bad, don’t profile, non-assimilation, etc., is killing us. (literally)

    I hope this link works.

    It is happening here. Detroit suburb now has a muslim majority city council.
    Just as crime stopped by an armed citizen does not make the news, neither do many muslim ‘honor’ killings.

    A military LE/security chief I talked with yesterday attended a meeting two weeks ago on current terrorism assessments. He said, “Scared the s**t outta me.”

    Gird up people. Beans, bullets, band-aids, and the Bible. We will need all four.

    May God Bless us,

    • John 14:15 “If you love me, you will keep my commands.”
      Matthew 5:17 “Do not think that I came to abolish the law or the prophets,”
      America was founded in the 1600’s as a Christian nation under Bible Law. In 1776 the United States and it’s constitution were based on ‘Bible Law’ synonymous with ‘Christianity’. Over the centuries, our immigration, divorce, abortion, gay rights laws were based on Christianity. Until the social revolution of the 1960’s, the stereotype of an American was a WASP who lived (much more than less) according to the Law of God with faith in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. And our society reflected it!
      Not all that long ago, we were not so dissimilar from the Muslims. Well, ok, we did abandon crusades.
      In 2015, our religion is better described as churchianity where anything goes. Judge not … Love your brother … TURN THE OTHER CHEEK … and whatever you do, don’t offend anyone under any circumstance.

      Our God is more powerful than Ala, all we need to do is start obeying Him the way we did 100 years ago and He will come to our rescue – AGAIN.

  10. Prayer and Piss both start with a P. If anyone wants to pray, that’s fine, just be pissed while your are doing it. Prayers and thoughts don’t help the dead one iota. Prayer, if Christ elects to do so, will keep the enemy away from you, but if he/she/it/them/they show up for a fight, then get pissed: You can pray later. P.I.S.S.E.D: People Itch’n to Shoot Syrians/Somalians Every Day.

  11. People in France have been conditioned to the herd. Likely the sheeple want more controls than ever.

    A friend in the Dallas metroplex relocated because all he could hear was a nearby Mosque calling their faithful to prayer.


    • I agree with you PR, I also believe most of Europe is like this because it’s been breed out of them as well as from control down. The US government has been turning people into sheepple here in our Country and Demonizing us old Patriot Americans. I am also looking at relocating, not only because of the radical Muslims and there trying to get local Texas politics to adopt Sharia, but also because of the coming across the border, Often times here in Texas it’s a Raping by Mexican illegals much like the Muslims in Europe.

  12. on carry ..
    Keep it on you.. cutting the grass or pullin tomatoes.. whatever.. I like to take it off indoors .. but I keep them around the house. Be vigilant. I read several prep write-ups about not needing a backup gun .. as a waste .. not sure I buy that .. I don’t currently carry an second carry gun on me.. thoughts ?

    I suspect over several generations in Europe and the great wars with multiple oppressors they have had independent thought bread or beaten out of them.. Those that had it were bred out or outright killed as dissidents. In my middle east and far east travels .. I saw the exact same behavior .. they were less noisy but just further down the path .. IMO.. this is what they and the UN are trying to do to us… and they are making progress. Russia just has their own brand of oppression and class-ism. More like America with a privileged elite and then everyone else.

    I am fairly certain until Christians develop some militancy of their own .. we will not gain ground. Understand I don’t mean craziness, but organization and a will to act .. Prayer WITH works.. look up what the word says about prayer without it..
    It is not possible to defend yourself from an attacker who does not care if they survive except in isolated instances. The IMAM’s keep those kids ignorant.. not able to read and write .. educated only in the most violent traits.. they never even know why they are dieing really .. just that is will be better where they are going .. and that is probably true wherever it is. They don’t question.. It would be like be questioning my Dad when I was 6 or something… it wasn’t thinkable then.. BECAUSE he was Dad.. not sympathy.. empathy .. when they become a threat, the choice is obvious. Doesn’t matter how they got there.

    The solution is to attack them.. at least two benefits .. You choose where (meaning not here), you choose when (when they are are all off and at a skeleton crew.. and I do not think we would need to be conventional or to take advice from NATO.. IF it was me. By waiting we ensure it will be here, and we do not control when, as in France.

    BTW I do feel bad for the families that were affected. They love their kids, brothers and husbands, daughters and mothers.. wives .. just like we do. It must be awful for them. I do not feel bad for France (if you define France as the folks that lead their nation). Their poor leadership did this and they are responsible for the outcome. I hope the citizens rise up as they should, but what can they do when they cannot and are not allowed defend themselves. They did in WWII, so maybe they will. In times past, our airplanes would have been there too.. those times are well past I am afraid and maybe in the future to though… we’ll see Pray for peace, prepare for violence..
    sorry for the ramble

  13. I heard on Russia Today, last night, that the perpetrators at the concert hall had immigrated to France between 6 and 18 months ago. Not necessarily ISIS. If Muslims intended to take over Europe, why would they commit atrocities that would certainly close borders and prohibit continued movement into those countries? There’s other politics going on there. There is an ultraconservative party that was running on the immigration issue and gaining popularity. In order to maintain control, current leaders needed an excuse to backtrack on their open borders policy. Here’s a pretty good video showing what’s going on in Germany, not wholly different than any other European country accepting “refugees”. The welcoming committees in the video remind me of the well meaning church volunteers in this country that are helping illegal immigrants get on public assistance programs and getting them registered to vote.

    Then to consider our own homeland security … Anyone ever hear about La Raza and Aztland? the peculiar similarities between those proposed borders, the Jade Helm 15 borders and the Agenda 21 borders? I don’t doubt that some Muslims in the US have nefarious intent, I believe importing “refugees” here is a guaranteed disaster. But why are we anxious over an ISIS threat when we have had a slow, systematic invasion going on unchecked for decades? In California they near majority status.
    And now our illegal alien criminals go unpunished. This video is right off mainstream tv

    This video gives you an idea of their plans.–Gen58Ibplxr3jE6gJBspV

    One thing that must be noted: In Europe with Muslims and in the US with Mexicans both invading groups openly taunt the host country with the fact that birth rates among whites is not even at replacement rate and they intend to out breed or interbreed whites out of existence.

    “Diversity is our Strength” – could be Orwell from 1984.

    “A double-minded man is unstable in all his ways.” James 1:8

    Seriously, how are you going to shoot your way out of this??

    • sooooo.. on that .. I don’t think you have to shoot your way out. You just have to make the cost of a hard target greater than the return of attacking a soft target. It will certainly take a functional legislative and legal system. to borrow a quote sort of “It is clear the Republic no longer functions”.. Remember “All enemies foreign AND domestic” Thousands of rounds down range has a place, but mostly we’ll be defending against opportunistic thugs and parasites. They do NOT like Hard targets.. they’ll move on if you actively discourage them.
      The domestic ones just need to be replaced.. as a campaign.. flush and scour in favor of people actually interested in healing and preserving America. It will be painful no matter the direction or flavor it takes. In one sense we have to play as one team .. even the patriots suck at that… lacking agreement and organization. If history proves out.. the harder it gets, the more we will surface and agree to pull in the same direction. Same goes for lack of leadership. No one knew Churchill nor Lincoln etc until they stood up.

      IMO it’s job to do two things.. care for our families including extended, and give aid as far as we can manage in either time, treasure or talent. so answer this “What do you want, and what are you willing to give up to get it”. I haven’t reached it yet, and I can’t say I know when I will have had enough. I guess I will know when I get there.

    • “If Muslims intended to take over Europe, why would they commit atrocities that would certainly close borders and prohibit continued movement into those countries?” So far, the atrocities committed by the Moslems has NOT changed the foolish immigration policies of Western leaders. EVERY nation that admitted tens of thousands of Islamic immigrants has experienced dramatic increases in HEINOUS crimes like child rape, honor killings, female genital mutilation and animal torture and abuse. Their governments see this horror, yet they continue to invite more of them in. The people that speak out about this CANCER are labeled racists and abused by both their governments and the Liberal media. From inception, Islam spread by the tip of the sword. They have added a new tactic in the past 4 decades, immigration. The Moslem males have multiple wives and each has between 5 and 9 children. In a few generations, they’ll have the numbers to VOTE for Sharia Law. The Islamic goal has always been world domination and forced conversion. Over the past 14 centuries, they have only been thwarted by force of arms. The Moslems came close to conquering Europe several times. Now, they have the support of Socialist leaders INVITING them in. What we just witnessed in Paris is only the beginning! I suspect a backdoor deal between Globalists seeking to set up one world government (under the United Nations) and Islamic leaders. The Moslems will provide the chaos and violence for the Globalist to sell their scam, in exchange for one authorized religion – Islam. I also believe that OPEC has been blackmailing Europe to take Islamic immigrants. The mass migration started after the Oil Embargo in the early 1970’s.

  14. All of you have hit the nail on the head, liberalism has finally turned to insanity or our leader has a prayer rug hidden in the oval office.

  15. I heard from a friend living in Paris today. He told me that weapon permits are possible and the ‘authorities’ are deluged with folks wanting the means to defend themselves. Some actually learn but soon they relax vigilance.


  16. PH, yes, it is sad how soon we forget that there is always evil out there because we go through a time of peace and tranquility, having to re-learn from past mistakes does not make sense.

  17. Pam,

    I try hard to be a good Christian. I do. As I matured in age, experience, and in the faith, my views of Christianity have changed, perhaps from seeing too much truly evil people and things that they do. I think too many Christians focus on the ‘turn the other cheek’ view of the faith to the exclusion of the Christ who platted a whip and ran the money changers from the temple. He even asked his followers how many swords had they. At another place Christ remarks that all should have a sword. Of course a follower used a sword to sever the High Priest’s servant’s ear. Girly men do not strap on swords.

    Have trained with swords, it is inconceivable that the follower (perhaps St. Peter) was merely trying to remove an ear. I strongly suspect that the believer was trying to split the person vertically in twain. So many little things have changed over time with our religion. Even the ten commandment ,’Thou shalt not murder,’ has become ‘Thou shalt not kill.’ Big difference between murder and killing. Yet most Christians are taught the latter as letter of law. David, a man of war, was remarked to be a man after God’s own heart. There is nothing wrong with turning the other cheek, there is certainly a time and a place for that, likewise however, I suspect there is also a time and a place to draw the sword.

    After 9/11, Paris, and now the California tragedy, that time is now.


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