Panhandle Rancher speaks…….Secession


Secession, a word filled with angst, harbinger of civil war, destroyed cities, and refugee populations fleeing war’s destruction. Notwithstanding, the Texas Republican Primary ballot this year might just offer Texans the chance to voice their opinion on severing ties to the United States of America.

Many non-Texans forget that Texas was once a sovereign nation for nine years, a nation born of strife just like the USA. Texas won sovereignty from Mexico the hard way, through rebellion and war. The cry ‘Remember the Alamo’ echoes with Mexican pleas for mercy, ‘Me no Alamo, me no Goliad’ claiming non-participation in the mass Mexican atrocities committed in both battles. Almost everyone remembers Congressman Davy Crockett’s famous statement, ‘You can go to hell but I’m going to Texas.’ He did just that and expended his notable life at the Alamo along with so many other brave men ultimately buying time for Sam Houston to raise an army. I’ve known some Yankees living in El Paso who thought they were in hell.

Texas-Secede (1)

Texas v White, a Supreme Court decision, held that a state cannot secede from the Union by action of that state. Justice Scalia opined that, “if there was any Constitutional Issue settled by the [US] Civil War, it is that there is no right to secede. Nevertheless, the 20th century saw several organized efforts to free Texas from the binds of union.

Texans claim unique right of future severance. In 2002, then Texas governor Rick Perry carried the cry for Lone Star independence and again at a Tea Party conference in 2009.  He commented, “We’ve got a great union. There’s absolutely no reason to dissolve it. But if Washington continues to thumb their nose at the American people, you know, who knows what might come out of that?”.

Most people, especially Texans, believe that Texas joined the Union with a proviso that it could at some point in the future choose to leave that union. In fact, Texans joined the Union in 1845 on the condition that it can split itself into as many as five separate states whenever it wanted to, contingent only on the approval of its own state legislature (see previous link).

So what has so many Texans up at arms?

As a native Texan albeit expatriate, I know the ‘the stars are big and bright in the heart of Texas’ and that the ‘eyes of Texas are upon me.’ Traveling abroad, I saw firsthand how the world loves Texans. British big game hunters moan and sigh that, all of the fine old British double rifles are now in Texas.  We may travel on a US Passport but as Texans, we walk the world’s stage bigger than life. The movie Giant and other equally famous along with the TV show ‘Dallas’ is watched around the world and not even the evil machinations of JR diminished the image of Texans being rich, brash, and powerful. Most Texans ‘know’ they live in the best state of the Union.

‘Thems fightn words,’ often follows the cry to secession. So one might inquire, what makes Texans believe they could successfully ‘go it on their own?’ For one thing, they fought an international war for that right and did so as an independant nation for nine years. Patriots of the young Lone Star Republic completely and thoroughly defeated the much older and more established nation of Mexico. To this day, Texans derogatively describe the imagery on the Mexican flag as a ‘buzzard eating a worm.’ Most Texans are fed up with the peaceful invasion of illegal Mexicans and their quiet muttering of ‘Reconquista’ (Mexico taking back the territory of Texas by conquest), do nothing to make Texans feel better about their teeming hordes. These new citizens, legal or not, all too often keep to their national origin never learning (or at least not speaking) English. As refugees, they make the worst of citizens seeking freedom but without making the requisite sacrifices so necessary to good citizenship.

Would the US engage in another civil war if Texans decided to secede? Certainly, some say. To which I respond, brash they might be but stupid most Texans aren’t. Should they choose to secede, Texans could quickly be faced with a two front war and absent other factors, even the brave members of the Texas National Guard might soon be overwhelmed. Perhaps.

Now consider what might happen if an army of a newly constituted Republic of Texas took over the Pantex Plant near Amarillo, Texas. By doing so, the new Republic would find itself in possession of about half of the Union’s nuclear tactical and strategic arsenal.

These are finished weapons; not fissile materials, but real warm to the touch nuclear bombs that would likely include the venerable W82s (two kiloton yield, 34 inches in length weighing just less than 100 pounds, and intended to be fired from 155mm howitzers) and of course other, more potent weapons. I mention the W82 because the weapon engineers at Lawrence Livermore specifically designed that weapon as a countermeasure to invasion.

Depending upon timing and dismantled weapon materials, Texas could even become in possession of more nuclear weapons than held by the remainder of US forces. If one such weapon is too many for a rogue nation to possess, what about possession of half of the nation’s tactical and strategic stockpile? Should Texans somehow spirit away the weapons at Pantex, would the US really rush to war? Would Mexico seriously consider the Reconquista?

Nuclear weapons notwithstanding, Texas is home to Lockheed Martin, manufacturer of the F16 Fighting Falcon, the F35, and F22 Raptor, as well as Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control. It is home to Bell Helicopter Textron that makes the V22 and H1. BAE Systems manufactures the family of medium tactical vehicles at Sealy, Texas. The list of Texas’ warfighting manfacturing assets is lengthy.

Unlike many nanny states, Texas exports intellectual capitol, energy, and food. Texas A&M is one of the nation’s senior military colleges. UT Austin is another premier academic institution attracting many Nobel Prize winners. Texas has seaports, oil and natural gas production, petrochemical refineries, and great general infrastructure including its own power grid. It even has its own gold reserves of at least one billion US dollars, which is likely more than actually held in Fort Knox. Texas is home to six of the top 50 companies on the Fortune 500 list with just over one tenth of that august list, ranking third in order of such companies after California and New York.  In 2012, Texas grossed more than 265 billion dollars in exports making it the world’s 12 largest economy (exceeding Australia).

Most important, Texas is populated with independent people who reject the concept of a nanny state. The Texas Legislature even requires each county to have a balanced budget. Now where would our nation be if this was requirement both state and nationwide?

I sincerely hope Texas remains with the Union. I do. If it doesn’t, then I am faced with difficult choices. One son lives in Texas, my physician daughter is headed back there as soon as possible. I am a native son. All of the sudden I am possessed with new insight as to how vexed those born in the south were just before the Civil War.

I have new understanding of some of the forces acting on Robert E. Lee and those many that ignored their oaths of office and sworn fealty to the Constitution. On the other hand, the possibilities suggested by a Republic of Texas are exciting. The thought of new challenges, new responsibilities, and sincere hope of getting things government right for change; creating a framework for independence free of federal meddling, these things make sleep difficult.

For once a politician may have said something right, “if Washington continues to thumb their nose at the American people, you know, who knows what might come out of that?”


Panhandle Rancher

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15 thoughts on “Panhandle Rancher speaks…….Secession”

  1. Good article PR and equally balanced IMO. Thank you. This…is exactly why we moved here. I had been waiting on the right job and the right time to move to Texas for 9 years ago. Those were long years for me, because I know when it hits the fan. Texas will be the most secure. Especially, if it ever came back to wining America back. Texas has the world’s 3rd largest army. A combination of Federal bases and National Guard. If it came to “that” I’m sure the feds could say, “hey, those are our bases”. Um..okay, come and take them back.

    Also, a little known, but hugely important fact. The backbone…of the entire United States of America internet crosses in San Antonio. So if there were let’s say, a Federal embargo’s for I don’t know 9 million. Texas could say, okay, we are cutting off your internet and we will lease it to you for , 9 million. Or they could just say, we’re cutting it off period! The number of years that it would take to build a new back bone for America around Texas…pfffft. And no, Satellite and wireless carriers could not carry the load difference. Remember 9/11 and comms for New York City. Those planes didn’t hit the comm towers. No one could call anyone and could barely get a text out. The wireless towers couldn’t and still couldn’t carry over that heavy of a volume. That was for one city. Try a whole country.

    It should also be noted the access to the Gulf Coast and rivers into the interior of Texas. Texas is not completely land locked.
    Oh, oh…and this

    “It began gradually hoarding gold futures in 2009 as a safeguard against currency weakness from the financial crisis.”

    They passed that law in the last session this year. I love case of a financial crisis. Schweet! Clearly, someone is awake and preparing in our State Gov’t.

  2. The original Texas that entered the U.S. was broken up!! The land outside of our current boarder was divided up between New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Colorado. Could we legally secede? I think the short answer is “No”. We would need instant international recognition for succession to even have a chance. While Russia and a few others who hate the U.S. might recognize Texas most would shun us. I think if the U.S. economy took a major dump to the point it affect the ability of the federal government to exert their power and influence, than anything would be possible at that point including the success succession by Texas or any other state for that fact.

  3. Fixed some typos!

    I think if the U.S. economy took a major dump to the point it affected the ability of the federal government to exert their power and influence, than anything would be possible at that point including the successful succession by Texas or any other state for that fact.

  4. Well there is a thought as well. Secession need not be viewed as permanent or durable.. and Legal .. who cares .. Laws are just words.. and many of the stupid words. What are they going to do .. put the state in jail ? Nope. Or barricade it .. go for iot .. that is what secession does anyway.
    My point I guess is that you can cut off the tax revenue and gain SOOOO much attention nationally and internationally you could literally hold Texas hostage in a sense until things are fixed.. Moreover most if not all of the southern and western states would follow if needed ..
    That is huge leverage. You can likely then add everything west of the great lakes and PA and OH.. In a short time you would have DC and a few really small liberal states in the Northeast all by themselves. If you could control the infighting for who is running what, and weakening the Union it would work. Congress and the Prezhole would be powerless, because the military will likely not follow unjust orders.. or nuke their own country. Those guys and gals are loyal to the US not the prez and congress. Now.. Then you can force whatever you want… and ultimately have the same real-estate you had to make it simple .. dissolve congress or at least term limits and replace all the career politicians.. rekindle liberty .. and I don’t think it would be catastrophicly violent. IMO.

    So whatcha think ?

    • Come on Kevin. We still got plenty of jobs! Houston area has the most to offer of course. In Houston it’s flat, not much other than city, suburbs, and restaurants. However, good enough pay to live in a nice house, in a safe area like Katy and then travel where ever want to, because now you only have to save a up a few paychecks to go somewhere because your getting paid good. Not rich, but good. 😉
      You post a job on there for Houston area. Boom! you will get FLOODED with calls from recruiters. Before we moved here I used a friends address and well “embellished” that I was living in 2 places and traveled back in forth. Just to bypass the whole “you don’t live in Texas” in case someone asked. Either way, I came for the interviews,and I told them you don’t have to pay for my moving costs. I’m coming here whether or not you give me a job. Just give me a job, I will do the rest. It was getting to the point I didn’t care if I had to take a job at Walmart in the morning and a job in the night, but I would be damned if I was not going to Texas. Excuse my french.

      Oh, oh, their Finally opening a Krispy Kreme doughnuts in Houston. yay! ..only waiting on a Krystals. In fact. We still have a Godfathers Pizza here. Remember those?

      Job sites.

      Rourke, I know your not, but if you come here, consider me one of your friends and contacts. I would do anything I can to help you.
      You have an open invitation to our group. :o)

  5. goinggray58,

    “put the state in jail ? Nope”

    Maybe not, but they sure can hang you though for treason under the Constitution. They can even take all the asset of those convicted of insurrection and treason under the Constitution.

    Anyone that thinks federal troops in Texas are just going to stand up and switch sides or refuse orders are a little on the crazy side. Our own history has shown us many time where the U.S. military has had no problem moving on its own citizens. All congress has to do is invoked the insurrection clause of the Constitution and then send in the military. This would give the military Constitutional legitimacy of action and still allow them to follow their Constitutional oath.

    It is a fun exercise but it is not the real world!!

    • Jon
      They won’t hang the state any more than they can jail it.. No doable .. The volume of resistance would be staggeringly impossible.
      The real key would be sensationalizing the build up to develop a sympathetic response.. saying things like “Looking at what they are threatening against us for talking about it.” and “If they want to do that to us for not agreeing, what do you think they will do to you?” etc etc .. The attention would be Huge.. as would the sympathy… Build it, and use the “Media Machine” against them just like they us it FOR themselves. The Federal Gov has NO strength that we don’t give them. I don’t think the risk is that large, and the worst that could happen is you give up and continue to threaten and keep the issue alive. Days, weeks, months.. so what .. nothing is working now and we continue to slide..

    • I think the difference here Jon is the specific nature of what would be happening and why. Those troops swore and oath the the Constitution and believe by far the majority of them would understand the reasoning and actually have support of Texas and their actions.

  6. Half of America loathes what the other half is doing to this country and wants no part of it. We see two utterly incompatible views of the world. For all intensive purposes we are two countries that don’t like each other very much. This can’t possibly last. Texas may be best positioned to survive and thrive, but what about the rest of us?

  7. No doubt us Texans are an increasingly unique breed. More than most realize, hang on the next elections. Please O Lord, let us choose, wisely.

    Thank you all for your sagacious comments.



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