Panhandle Rancher responds…….

Panhandle Rancher responds to comments regarding a Guest Post published here several days ago. The original article can be read HERE.

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Every Day Carry, revisited.


Might I have erred by considering the military looking bag carrying male a threat? At least one reader thinks so. We have created a dangerous modern society and I submit there are more assaults, robberies, burglaries, and homicides in areas of high population density, which might explain the many police cars in urban areas.


Reconsider the physically fit, bag carrying male, striding purposefully across the parking lot. What if my daughter and I just saw a police car screech to a stop, man jump out, retrieve a bag from the trunk, and then take off across the parking lot? Should this increase concern? It would have ramped me up to the highest alert. Could we have arrived just after the trunk slammed shut? Of course, there is no way to tell. Was his bag full of weapons? This we will never know but it seemed prudent to judge him by the standard that my bag contained weapons.


Did I interject myself in the bag carrier’s business? No. Did I brandish either of my two firearms? No. All we did were retreat and observe.


My friends, being a survivor of several bad situations taught much. Heads up and on a swivel (like the man in the parking lot) is not a bad way to pass through this life. Ever watch an experienced cop or detective walk into a restaurant? He looks at hands and pays close attention to anyone whose hands he cannot see. Then he looks at faces. Has he arrested anyone in the room before? Does he recognize anyone with an outstanding warrant? Although on low alert, he remains situationally aware.


I had hoped my previous letter would generate comment regarding contents of my bag. EDC bags are bigger than a pocket and smaller than a ruck and in building mine, I was concerned external appearances not scream military or exceedingly high value (although some camera cases are by themselves quite valuable even excluding pricy contents). I wanted it to conceal a large pistol with spare magazines, flashlight, knives, flexicuffs, cordage, a compass and the like. Anyone carrying guns and knives should anticipate trauma. It would be nice to pack a complete blow out kit but that increases bulk so I limited myself in this category to a tactical tourniquet and package of blood clot, trusting my wits and 911 for anything beyond.



Panhandle Rancher

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8 thoughts on “Panhandle Rancher responds…….”

  1. I work in an office setting and don’t want to stand out. I wear two leg wallets to carry many of the EDC items that I want on me but that I don’t need to access often.

    I use the Eagle Creek leg wallets. They are only designed for simple travel documents and such, so I have augmented then with some additional hook-and-loop elastic stitched in and with some hand-made pocket inserts inside to better organize and secure my items.

    Attached below my calves, they are not noticeable under my slacks and with the additional straps they are snug and secure despite the additional weight of my edc items. The only challenge is to avoid the tendency to over stuff them, as they will show if they get too bulky.

  2. I would like to look civilian all the time and blend in as a Gray Man but that has challenges too. The civilian bag, computer, camera or book bag are cheap or expensive. Buy the cheap bag and it falls apart after a month or two, buy the high dollar bag and everyone wants to steal it from you.

    I settled with a plain tan Kelty Strike 37. Its a little big for EDC, but I would rather have that then to exude high dollar equipment inside or military, weapons inside. The biggest reason I’m having trouble with EDC bags is with the advent of violent flash mobs and the knock out games I feel the need to have a heavier ammo load out. Because ammo is very heavy you put more pounds per square inch pressure on the material and it wears a hole in the bag or the stitching rips out. I want to blend in but its hard to carry a combat pistol load out and take a trip the Walmart, the movies or church. These once safe areas are now becoming the shooting galleries for crazy criminals.

  3. Fair enough. I take back my “paranoid” comment. I totally agree with being situationally aware and avoiding anything that doesn’t look/feel right.

  4. Rourke/PanHandle, I did not take the comment and opinion of the ‘military’ style ruck as ‘a threat’. I took it more as ‘the possibility’ of a threat. Something ‘out-of-place’ does not mean something is wrong. But noticing that ‘something’ raises your awareness. Seeing the ruck, along with the cop car, fit young male striding with a purpose, and other details only made you aware of the ‘possibility’ of something wrong. I carry daily. Not because I expect something to happen, but simply because I know something could.

  5. Although my opinion has not changed about my comment, I will further it by saying a couple of things. I live in upstate New York, where very few situations generally create this mindset. We live next to one of the largest military bases in the country, so mil spec gear is strapped to every other person you see. And finally, tactical training has taught me to maintain a calm and decisive mentality as to not create anxiety or overreaction. I will say that I generally, like all of your input and would hate for you to think that I don’t like you for some reason. I am a huge ROURKE fan. All this said, Every Day Carry should be a consideration for all prepared minded people for sure. And I would never fault you for being prepared in ANY way or looking out for your family.


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