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Every Day Carry, revisited.


Might I have erred by considering the military looking bag carrying male a threat? At least one reader thinks so. We have created a dangerous modern society and I submit there are more assaults, robberies, burglaries, and homicides in areas of high population density, which might explain the many police cars in urban areas.


Reconsider the physically fit, bag carrying male, striding purposefully across the parking lot. What if my daughter and I just saw a police car screech to a stop, man jump out, retrieve a bag from the trunk, and then take off across the parking lot? Should this increase concern? It would have ramped me up to the highest alert. Could we have arrived just after the trunk slammed shut? Of course, there is no way to tell. Was his bag full of weapons? This we will never know but it seemed prudent to judge him by the standard that my bag contained weapons.


Did I interject myself in the bag carrier’s business? No. Did I brandish either of my two firearms? No. All we did were retreat and observe.


My friends, being a survivor of several bad situations taught much. Heads up and on a swivel (like the man in the parking lot) is not a bad way to pass through this life. Ever watch an experienced cop or detective walk into a restaurant? He looks at hands and pays close attention to anyone whose hands he cannot see. Then he looks at faces. Has he arrested anyone in the room before? Does he recognize anyone with an outstanding warrant? Although on low alert, he remains situationally aware.


I had hoped my previous letter would generate comment regarding contents of my bag. EDC bags are bigger than a pocket and smaller than a ruck and in building mine, I was concerned external appearances not scream military or exceedingly high value (although some camera cases are by themselves quite valuable even excluding pricy contents). I wanted it to conceal a large pistol with spare magazines, flashlight, knives, flexicuffs, cordage, a compass and the like. Anyone carrying guns and knives should anticipate trauma. It would be nice to pack a complete blow out kit but that increases bulk so I limited myself in this category to a tactical tourniquet and package of blood clot, trusting my wits and 911 for anything beyond.



Panhandle Rancher



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  1. We are living in a time when situational awareness can literally save your life. Last week, I took a friend to Social Services(read government building) and quickly noticed that not one of the three security guards had a firearm. I quietly worked through possible scenarios and what my actions should be. Most of the recent mass shooters were geeky looking nobodies, not miltary looking males. That military looking male with the potential active shooter bag may turn out to be your best friend if the SHTF.

  2. In todays society, I would have erred on the safe side as well. You have to be on your toes when you are out in public, or you are risking your life. As far as your bag, it sounds a little large to me, but you use what works best for you. I personally always carry my gun on my body and never in a bag. First, I live in Florida and for most of the time I am wearing cargo shorts and a tee shirt. On my belt is a leatherman and a S&W mod 60 in a Galco IWB holster. Left front pockets contain wallet, tactical light, paraoord and a match tube with maches, needles, fish hooks and line. Right front pockets contain tactical folder, speed loader, paracord lighter and a small keychain flashight. My cargo shorts are always ready, even when I am not wearing them. The only items not in them, when I take them off is my gun and flashlight. When I leave the property to go anywhere, I wear a small leather fanny pack containing CR123 batteries, 2 speed loaders, paracord, magnesium bar, small knife, small compass, magnifying glass, a few firstaid items, antibacterial wipes and a couple of black trash bags. This small bag is barely noticeable under my tee shirt. In the vehicle, I always have a get home bag consisting of a small inconspicuous black back pack containing the following items. First aid kit, canteen, metal cup, compass and local maps, magnesium bar, paracord, poncho, headlamp, fixed blade knife, extra ammo, chargers for my phone, rechargeable battery pack, and a small ziplock containing toilet paper, teabags, water purification tablets, antibacterial wipes and a couple of black trash bags.

  3. I have a new email address. It is xxxxxxxxxxxxx. I have tried to change it 3 times and each time to correction does not happen. Please advise me.

    • Ol’Farm Boy – I have tried to email you at the email address you provided in your comment but it keeps cming back as no such email address. EMail me at emergencycd(at) Thx.

  4. I concur with PR. I had a similar incident in my mid-20’s in Fremont Kalifornia when visiting a park with my then pregnant ex-wife. We were sitting on a bench an enjoying the view of the lake with boaters and ducks n geese milling about. When my Radar went full alert, A homeless looking guy was walking on the path in front of us two my left. His body language to me was wrong and I felt like he was eyeing us out the corner. he was to my wife’s back left because she turn to face me. I had momentarily tuned her out. the guy now turns toward us on at deliberate pace, he and I making contact and measuring each other like two gunslingers, I slowly moved my hand across my chest as if to retrieve a gun from my right shoulder under my field jacket. At that moment my wife realizes what I am doing and turns to look at him. I never took my eyes off his, He now read my body language and stopped dead about 10-15 yrds, put up both hands palms open to me, like ok man I get it, An promptly went back to the walking path with incident. My then young wife about vapor locked over it being emotional and 6 months pregnant. I let my guard down by getting distracted with caring for her, I left my P-35 in the car. All I had was my training and a folder. She asked me what I would have done had he tried to hurt us. I said flatly that I would simply killed him. I was mad at my self because I new better. Even us warriors can have a lapse, you hope it doesn’t happen. My spider sense talked to me. Situation Awareness is learned by paying attention and experience. LEO’s, Security Personnel, Combat Veterans and those who lived in rough neighbor hoods.

    I too carry a fanny pack in the small of my back with essentials. And like (JAS) my cargo pockets are good to go. Speaking of cargo pants, If your on a tight budget consider (LA Police Gear) operator pants at $26 dollars, their pretty much bomb proof for me and I wear (5-11) Tac-Lites.

  5. In our area.. recent police murders for routine stops.. home invasions and violent assaults all in “better ” areas .. You have to assume ll intent initially while you evaluate.
    On to the EDC.. Contents sound good .. I usually a folder hooked over a pocket .. and maybe in a boot .. I wear businessy tac boots 8″.. haven’t found a boot knife I like for myself yet ..
    In our area a fanny pack say .. “gun” to police and bad guys .. ignoring that most folks are oblivious.. Bad Guys and Police can both be of concern ..
    I am in a tech industry so laptop backpacks give be all the coverage I need. black on black .. I had a search .. open my bag looked in it and didn’t see anything but a bunch of black equipment .. some of it began with a “G” .. 🙂 Provides plenty of capacity … I also like the laptop folio … zipper down oon one end you can slide a hand right in un-noticed.. and whatever other goodies you want to carry.. for dressier occasions.. considering sizing down the G to a 42 or 43 .. ^+1.. if anyone can an opinion.

  6. Badger359, for sure if we live long enough there will come a time when all will be unprepared for some event or another. Surviving such will forever remind us of what can happen. It happened to you, its happened to me. Sometimes just looking like a hardcase will win the day and when it does, that is a good day for everyone. I learned long ago not to respond directly when the ladies ask, ‘what would you do if…?” because they never seem comfortable with planned violence, more so if nothing really happened to them – even if it is in their defense. I suppose that is just the way it is.

    Oh and I do carry direct on my person, usually a derringer and a small pistol like a Kimber Ultra CDP. The man’s purse is for the full sized combat pistol and a half dozen magazines, fixed blade, plus other goodies too bulky to carry easily on the person.

    Thanks for the feedback,

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