Panhandle Rancher on……Active Shooters, Civil Unrest … and Despair?


Recent homicide by shooting has once again caused a great sadness to come unto our society. Sadness unlike anything our father’s generation would expect or tolerate. That generation was predominately Judeo-Christian with well-defined values including a belief in sanctity of life. We are now at war most serious whether we believe or even understand it. This war has many fronts, some at physical locations, but the most insidious, nay the most dangerous, is the battle for the mind. Our morally relativistic society where anything goes has led us adrift, and at a time when our ‘way of life,’ may well be facing the greatest threats to existence.


Liberty and freedom require eternal vigilance. You have a democracy, quipped Franklin, if you can keep it. Those words are as true now as then. Each generation is tested anew as to whether it has the wisdom, the knowledge, the will, the strength, and the courage, needed for the maintenance and preservation of that great democratic experiment in individual liberty and freedom. Each generation must decide whether it is worthwhile to make the requisite sacrifices necessary in order to pass that experiment in self-government on to their sons and daughters. Events over the past two decades and our responses to those events cause concern that this great experiment in government may be drawing to a close.


All governments along with the bureaucrats and politicians that run those governments have certain commonalities, among which is the unending quest for increasing power. This is why the framers created our triune form of government replete with checks and balances. This I know, as governmental power increases, individual liberty and freedom diminishes. Government is the most deadly human created force on the planet, certainly the most likely to kill you and exterminate your family. We can look to our own Civil War, World Wars, and unending Middle Eastern war for proof.


For the first time in history this government has the ability to regulate our lives to the smallest particle of detail. We are limited as to how much cash we can withdraw from the bank lest we become the focus of regulators. Indeed, if we are stopped by law enforcement with more than a piddly sum of cash we are lumped in right along with the drug dealers and our hard earned cash promptly confiscated by greedy government. If I choose to walk the streets of our land with $100,000 in cash in my pockets, what concern is that to law enforcement?  We all know that there is no longer any presumption of innocence and that those monies would be promptly seized. Uncle Sugar has the so-called Patriot Act that does not encourage patriotism but in fact regulates behavior thus denying freedom to us patriots. Our most private conversations have been carefully monitored lest we utter a key word that just may put our names on a watch list and remove our ability to use public transport, worse our very freedom. We are subject to remediation, a vile process whereby we may held by incommunicado with writ of habeas corpus permanently in suspense. We are not only told how to educate our children, but they are constantly exposed to revisionist history. This is intolerable.


I have lived long enough to have seen our country not once but twice, exist as an undisputed superpower of the world. Professional politicians and bureaucrats pandering any promise to remain elected subsequently squandered that power, most recently under the guise of an end to Cold War, ‘Peace Benefit’.


I recently heard one Republican presidential hopeful described in a positive way as being an experienced politician – as if being re-elected too many times provided some sort of special insight into the art of governance. What being re-elected many many times does, is to concentrate power, which is a very bad thing for individual liberty. Professional politicians serving more than two terms are the bane of our national existence and should be promptly turned out at the polls. The multi-term professional politician will make any promise, tell any lie, and violate any sacred trust, in their quest for re-election. Their primary goal is not to represent your interests; instead their operative goal is to secure their livelihood by being be re-elected. Yet we fools continue to re-elect those same old tired pundits to the highest offices in the land. Never in my wildest imagination would I have believed Bill Clinton or Barak Obama would have been elected to second terms – and now we shall likely have Madame Clinton at the helm of government.


The Oklahoma City bombing, the 9/11 tragedies, airline bombings, and targeted shootings of selected groups ranging from school children to members of our armed forces, even more so when coupled with unbridled national debt, are indeed telling symptoms of a society facing imminent destruction.


So how did we come to this horrible situation? I think it was the result of two critical events. The first was a Supreme Court certiorari decision in Murray v Curlett. As you probably know, this decision reinterpreted the First Amendment in a way as to eliminate prayer in public school and of course a host of predictable similar regulatory actions by judicial activists followed.


I have written previously about the insidious effect on our society of the Murray decision so I won’t encumber my readers unnecessarily. It is easy to blame the Court for this decision, and on the surface that decision is indeed well reasoned. Secular government has no business telling me how to worship. We can look to the Irish problem of recent, to the provenance of the Church of England, and even to the confused politics of the Middle East to see what happens when government and church intermingle closely. I find little wrong with the doctrine of separation of church and state. What has happened however is that our society has interpreted anything Christian as being wrong, to be put down and suppressed, while other religions such as Islam and lifestyles immiscible to the Christian walk are promoted. Only the most revisionist will deny the role of Christian faith in the founding and early life of our nation. Christian belief is central to our national formative documents. Yet it seems as if we are possessed of a lemming like drive to turn our back on all that this country was founded upon and stood for, in favor of religions and policies of hate, and in my view of the Christian perspective, evil. This I know, there is nothing more vicious and spiteful than the liberal denied his way.


I believe the second critical event leading to our national downfall was the ascendancy of the National Education Association cult of liberal so called ‘professional educators.’ I don’t know about you, but I would much rather be taught than educated. Being ‘educated’ sounds too much like something the North Koreans did when they ‘brainwashed’ US prisoners of war. Sometimes appearances are deceiving – but not always.


So what does the National Educational Association have to with this sad state of affairs? Ok, I admit it, I was once a teacher in public school. I taught science on an emergency permit in a small ranching school district for two years while studying for a Master of Science in a substantive field and preparing a thesis and its defense. At the time I had an Bachelor of Science with majors in Chemistry and Biology and a 30+ hour minor in mathematics along with many many hours in electrical engineering.  It was at this time of my life, I was exposed to the NEA and encouraged forcefully to join. Had the encouragement not been so vigorous, I just might have. While teaching on that emergency permit, I had to complete something like nine hours of college credit toward a major in education annually.


I actually looked forward to my first college class in this major. It did not take me long however to utterly despise the college of education coursework as a Waste of Time. The first thing I noticed was an absolute lack of academic rigor in the class work, at least when compared to say the study of electrical engineering, chemistry, mathematics, or even biology. I sat through several classes in what was called the ‘soft sciences,’ psychology, sociology, and the like and too many touchy feely worthless classes in early learning experiences, mechanics of teaching, and the like. What rot! It occurred to me that my new peer group was quite intent on earning a major in such folderol and in the process, learning only the minimum in the substantive areas they would actually be teaching. Of course there might have been a few dedicated souls intent upon becoming world class teachers, but if so, they were in the distinct minority. As I learned more about my new peer group, it seemed that many had first tried the school of nursing hoping to become highly paid registered nurses but fell afoul of substantive classes like microbiology and chemistry 101. Those folks cast about in the university, seeking easier majors they might successfully complete. Many tried secondary education and running into problems with the soft sciences turned toward elementary education. Me, I was glad to have been taught in high school by master career teachers of that greatest generation.


You might infer where I am headed by including the National Education Association right up there with the Murry decision as precedent to the downfall of our society. The political action arm of the National Rifle Association could learn from the NEA. A more activist group of ‘educators’ you will never find. It immediately sought to exclude any non-education college major otherwise qualified to teach in the relevant subject matter including PhDs, from being able to teach in public school. By virtue of substantive non-education major post graduate degrees, I am qualified to teach in the highest institutions of the land – but not high school history, government, chemistry, or anything else for that matter in public school. And so our children are now ‘educated’ by professional ‘know-nothings,” unsurprisingly sharing a number of common characteristics with their political brethren.


Have a look at the NEA web page,


See where the NEA wants its members involved in the political process? The NEA has an absolute stranglehold on public education and need I remark that it is most liberal in its philosophical bent? Thanks to the NEA and so called, ‘professional educators,’ we have been dumbing down our high school graduates for decades making them increasingly unsuitable for productive and functional life in a democracy. Is it any wonder so many become consumers rather than producers? Engineering, chemistry, mathematics, physics – those subjects are hard to master which is why we have more public school teachers than physicists, engineers, and chemists. The NEA and its powerful lobby set the standards for public school teachers in this land, both prospective and practicing and by so doing, define the academic standards of our public school educated children.


My children were educated in the public schools and although one now holds a doctorate in medicine, she is considered unqualified to teach health in public school. Having experience with colleges of education and their notably weak product, my children were also homeschooled while attending public school. One thing public school still does well, is to socialize kiddos and I wanted mine to understand their peers.


In my generation, every unlocked pickup truck in the high school parking lot had at least one rifle in the rack by the back glass. We are judged by our government to be so irresponsible a people these days, that in most places it is a felony for even the holder of a concealed pistol permit to carry a firearm on an academic campus. That my friends is the operative word, IRRESPONSIBLE.


The Murry decision will stand. Judicial activism promulgated the law of the land in this matter. I think the best we can hope for is that government will be neutral toward religion. The liberal NEA will not brook any interference in educational matters. Of that I am certain and so we are left with a truly sad state of affairs with little real hope. Our nation is increasingly polarized with adherents to one view or another. So, we shall endure and expect bombings, active shooters, and religious persecution. We as a people and indeed our society are at a crossroads. How many of the recent notorious villains of tragedy were practicing Christians? How about Muslims?


Seems to me I might just want to pay especial attention to anyone who practices a religion of hate and intolerance to the point of preaching death for non-believers. Who could have imagined mosques in this great nation yet I have a friend in Dallas who chose to relocate from his neighborhood rather than hear the calls to worship when a mosque moved nearby. Communities in the Detroit area are calling for Sharia Law. This is little wonder because during the 2013-2014 academic year, this country granted an unprecedented number of student visas to Muslim nationals. 7,288 student visas were issued to Kuwaitis (where the Chattanooga shooter was born). 7,921 visas were issued to students from Nigeria, that nation most synonymous with Internet fraud. 7,920 visas were issued to Indonesian students, and as many as 53,919 student visas were issued to Saudi Arabians, which country pays well for colleges in the US to assist their young men and women study here. Anyone remember Osama bin Laden? Stand I alone in exasperation?


Without pronounced change it is hard to predict future diminishment of turmoil. Bombings, shootings, and indeed wars, shall only increase. Professional politicians and bureaucrats will increasingly seek to concentrate power at the expense of individual freedom and liberty. We are indeed faced with unpalatable choices. We can acquiesce and join the anything goes, great unwashed herd of sheeple. We can drop out and hide from society hoping to somehow remain un-noticed. Or we can acquit ourselves like proper men and women and say ‘enough,’ that I shall not stand for any such abhorrent practice in my presence.


I think the time is shortly coming when Christians will be once again put to the test, perhaps even to the sword. It will then be apparent who are Christian by acclaim and who are indeed, Christian by practice. A little sleep, a little slumber…, and all is for naught (Proverbs 6:10-11). I fear it will be this generation that will pay a heavy price for that sleep and slumber and I think that price will be most dear.



Panhandle Rancher



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  1. Either way it’s over and it ain’t com’n back. We can analyze, politicize, or fantasize how the problems got here until hell freezes over, but we must realize that the day we started paying people not to work, the foundation irrevocably crumbled. The crumbled foundation now has a 100,000,000 people that are too damned sorry to get off their asses and work, and the parasitic drag upon the taxpayer has killed us. And as far as I’m concerned I would rather be in a Siberian slave labor camp than continue to see my paycheck slaughtered so deadbeats can live the good live. Adios America, and good riddance. Period.

  2. Agreed, with a minor nitpick. Franklin said Republic, not Democracy. Important because the founders favored a Constitutional Republic and the rule of law when the colonies seceded from England. They knew the perils of democracy with its inevitable degeneration into mob rule and dictatorship. These days, oligarchs like democracy because they count the votes and can arrange things so the outcome is the same regardless of which side wins. I only mention this because Christians and other men of good will may soon discover personal secession from involvement with an irredeemably corrupted government is the only way to escape the coming tribulations.

  3. Actually what Ben Franklin said was, “You have a Republic, if you can keep it.” We didn’t keep it. We converted to a democracy and since all democracies fail when the people realize they can vote themselves largess from the public treasury…well, that’s the path we’re on. Aside from that you are right on.

  4. As you may know, the most radical of “fundamentalist” also tends to be poorly educated and unthinking in their actions. They do what they’re told. Which is how the NEA is teaching our children to respond, too.

    That, in my opinion, seems to be the common thread, over and above the drugging of students that refuse to not bow to the dispensing of BS and question the “knowledge ” being fed to them.

  5. PH, well thought out and stated. Many years ago I read an article by a young women who went into the education system and was made to join the NEA and found it be to the left. After realizing something was not right she talked to her mother who was also a teacher and told her she felt the NEA was a communist leaning organization, to which her mother answered, of course and she should embrace it, the young women quit teaching. This was when I lived in NH in the 80’s. The so called education system today in a most cases I believe is a place of indoctrination, not of learning.

  6. PH,
    as usual, you are right on target. OK, republic vs democracy, other comments have addressed.

    Personally, between the poor education system we have, the functional illiterates we have in Congress, the sleeper cell in the White House and the Shadow Government that pulls the strings, ia have to agree Kevin. I think the SHTF before the dunce in the White House leaves office. Our nation has slipped on a slippery slope and the downward glide is increasing. I saw recently that Christianity will be the most hated religion in this country within a decade. I don’t give it a decade.

  7. Hey, thanks everyone. I quoted off of the top of my head. Next time I shall look up but at the time was sure I had it correct.


  8. Right on, I couldn’t have said it better. My grand kids cannot even read cursive. Ah for the good ole days.There has to be a change in our schools and our ” boughted ” politicians.

  9. great article .. I will nitpick further..
    Converting to Democracy didn’t create a down fall unless I misread the commentator intent. No Republic has survived democratic or not. They have produced an aristocratic elite.. as they did in Rome .. totally divorced from those they were to represent.. Ultimately manipulating the government to their own ends at first by cleverly crafted legislation… later with no pretense, because nothing could be done about it or so they believed. While Rome did not really burn while Nero fiddled .. The republic fell from within.. while being pressured from without. Sound familiar ? Just thinking out loud

  10. It’s good to hear someone talk about the NEA and its power. That’s why I didn’t become a teacher, I could not stomach the NEA. I come from a long line of teachers who were very upset when I decided to home school my four children. The NEA has destroyed public education in this country.

  11. Excellent article. We as Christians must on some level know that this downfall is/was expected to occur, it’s part of His plan as abhorrent and debilitating as it can be to our physical, emotional and spiritual stability. The battle in attempt to purge us been going on for decades but to other writers points, we’ve only recently seen changes that have launched us into hyper drive. If we are not putting effort into maintaining strong family foundations of belief and most importantly actions supporting our beliefs, there is no way our desires will influence society for the greater good.

    We know the Lord’s expected outcome, the question is whether we are ready to execute His plan and be a driver of change, or sit on the sidelines, mouths closed, arms folded letting the corrupt and misguided individuals in power drag everyone around us down.

    Many thanks to you Rourke and all contributors here that keep the spirit of preparedness alive!

  12. We are no longer a united nation, a house divided is doomed! It is not revolution on our doorsteps; it is a very unfortunate and deadly civil war. Two entirely different peoples live in America-one a filthy communist slave leach. The other the bulwark
    of what is left of the republic, a hardy and hard-working golden ruled and freedom loving people. Support your local police-that is why the left attack them. This is what occurred in Russia 1917! Our civil infrastructure and stability as a once free state
    depend on this…..take your problems before your local county commissioner’s
    and demand a grand jury investigation? Thank you JR-respect given!!!
    Live Free

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