An Overview of Antifa

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by Derrick Krane

AntiFa, a portmanteau of Anti-Fascist, is an indigenous terrorist organization.  They are described as loosely organized, without a central leadership. They have numerous independent cells throughout the United States, the UK, and Europe, with an apparent drop in/drop out membership. They are very angry people.

Their motto is Punch a Nazi. They sometimes seem unclear as to what they are so angry about, or their goals. They engage in cowardly attacks against conservatives when they have the advantage or surprise and numbers. The words I would use to describe them are confused, misguided, and deranged. Their behavior is that of terrorists. They seek to promote socio-political change which they don’t seem to fully understand, through unjustified violence toward people who are not even members of their proclaimed target group.

What is Fascism?

Fascism is a political ideology based on suppression of free speech and human rights. It is a Machiavellian system in which violent means of suppression of contrary points of view is justified as an end to produce an efficient and orderly society.

The best known example is the Nazi Party of the 1930’s under Adolph Hitler. There were also fascist movements in Italy under Mussolini, and in Spain under Francisco Franco.  All were disastrous endeavors.

Fascism embodied by the Nazis was responsible for about fifty to eighty million people, or about 3% of the World population in the early 1940’s. This includes the attempted extermination of the Jewish people, whom at least six million of which died in Nazi death camps. This does not include those who suffered life changing injuries such as loss of limbs or disfigurement, the death of loved ones, displacement from their homes, in addition to collapse of governments and economic systems, and general human suffering on a massive scale.

Should Nazism and Fascism be opposed? Yes, definitely. But Antifa members seem to associate anyone who is conservative, Republican, and/or a Trump supporter with fascism. There is tiresome tirade of the left that President Trump is a racist, homophobic misogynist. Therefore, anyone who voted for him and supports him must be as well. There must be Resistance the Left says. I am unclear what the left is resisting.

  • A chance for peace on the Korean peninsula following an unprecedented meeting between a US president and a North Korean dictator.
  • The ongoing deportation of criminal illegal aliens who victimize Americans and the securing of our borders.
  • The lowest unemployment rates in decades, including the lowest for black Americans and women.
  • The return of American jobs from overseas
  • A soaring stock market

Conservative Republicans

There are a few contrasts between Fascists and Republicans. Conservatives and Republicans are vilified by the leftist media, though we have done more for human rights, social justice, and peace and economic growth than they have ever accomplished.

Antifa Origins

The Antifa movement originated in Europe in the 1930’s and used violence to suppress Nazis.  Similar actions were carried out by:

  • Imi Lichtenfield, the founder of Krav Maga, and other Jewish athletes protected their neighborhood against Nazi thugs. The modern corruption and perversion of Antifa is light-years away from the goals of these men.
  • In the UK, the 1936 Cable Street battle was a street fight between Blackshirts, aka British Nazi’s, and a collection of Irish, Jews, Labor party members and (unfortunately) Communist party members.
  • In the United States, the Jewish mafia broke up Nazi demonstrators in Newark New Jersey.

These are examples of people actively fighting the spread of fascism. They were much clearer on their targets, e.g., Nazi’s.  The modern degeneration and corruption of this concept is seen today.

Antifa Intentions

They are ostensibly fighting against the spread of fascist ideology. Their de facto intent is on shutting down free speech through violence. Here is something for the left to consider: should you not get all the facts and make a just judgment as to whether or not someone’s belief system is hateful or oppressive, instead of operating on assumption and emotion?

They claim they want to protect their communities, and prevent the spread of fascism. They believe any means are justified, including violence. Videos of them display people who are so angry they cannot listen to reason, are not even sure what their intentions or goals are.

If people have an ideology which is toxic, wouldn’t you rather know about then drive them underground? And should you not get all the facts and make a just judgment as to whether or not someone’s belief system is hateful or oppressive, instead of operating on assumption and emotion?

They claim they want to protect their communities, and prevent the spread of fascism. They believe any means are justified, including violence. Videos of them display people who are so angry they cannot listen to reason, are not even sure what their intentions or goals are.

Identifying Antifa Members

  • They are both male and female (there are only two options for gender)
  • They tend to be under 30
  • They tend to be underweight, undernourished, and they back down and retreat when they are confronted directly.
  • They tend to wear all black, and hide their faces behind black bandanas or balaclavas
  • Their flag or insignia is a red pennant under a black flag, with a gray and border black border, and gray slash through the flag and pennant. The word antifaschische appears on the top of the black border.
  • They are often armed with combination locks or padlocks tied to bandanas to use as a flail, OC (Oleoresin Capsicum) spray, knives, bricks, slingshots, and crowbars.
  • They are anarchists and leftists, from the same mold as the Occupy Wall Street crowd.

Antifa Activity

They appear at conservative speakers events and:

Their members and supporters include the former adjunct professor of Economics Michael Issacson at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, who tweeted how he was honored to be teaching future dead cops.

What law enforcement is doing about Antifa

The short answer is not enough. The New Jersey Department of Homeland Security has identified Antifa as a terrorist organization. On several occasions, local PD have backed down from Antifa.

  • In Portland Oregon, Antifa shut down a republican event at the annual Rose festival by threatening violence toward Trump supporters. The Portland PD indicated they did not have enough manpower to assure security [horseshit , borrow cops from other jurisdictions if you need to] so the republicans were shut out of the event.
  • Antifa disrupted the appearance of Mila Yiannopoulus, a conservative speaker by rioting in Berkeley California. Local PD did not appear to take any action.


The Nazi regime was responsible for horrid beyond imagination suffering during the Second World War era. Fascism is a toxic political ideology which suppresses human rights. These ideologies should not be allowed to propagate. But do not include conservative republicans and trump supporters in the same category.

The ironic hypocrisy of the left is at work again. Liberals  (I am generally speaking here) are quick to say don’t stereotype, don’t judge the whole group by the actions of the most vocal and noticeable, don’t discriminate based on group identity, love don’t hate, and other platitudes. Yet they lump anyone on the right side of the political spectrum as fascists.

Antifa is a confused misguided and self-contradictory organization in that they are the very thing they are opposed to. They should not be underestimated. They are thugs who hurt people and damage property due to a twisted ideology.

Be aware of what is happening in your community and if these criminals are present in your area. Talk to local, state and federal law enforcement about what action they are taking, and write or call your representative. There is a petition to the White House with over 100, 000 signatures to designate Antifa as a terrorist organization.

Get the word out about Antifa and their intentions, through Blogs, Tweet and Facebook. Make people aware of whom they are. Do your homework and make accurate statements. Everything I have described here is from multiple sources I consulted, available by clicking on the hyperlinks. Don’t lower yourself to the same level as the unhinged Left by making blatantly false claims, or repeating inaccurate information. Do not allow yourself to be silenced by anyone, especially these scum.

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Derrick Krane is a conservative academic who has taught psychology and criminology for over 20 years at six different colleges. He is also a licensed clinician who provides psychotherapy to criminal offenders and victims of violent crimes and sexually based offense. He is the author of over 250 scholarly articles on various topics in criminology, psychology, neuroscience, addiction and politics. He resides in New England, and when he isn’t doing therapy, teaching or writing, he enjoys working out, taking photos, and reading classical literature. He is a patriotic, bacon eating, woman loving, (prefers tall brunettes with long hair, or short redheads with long hair, or short or tall blondes with long hair) Republican who is very pissed off about the directions our nation and Western Civilization are going. He hopes to increase awareness of the issues facing America, and help people develop strength and self-sufficiency.

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