Our government is out of control……

Yeah – old news, right? All that is needed is to pay a little attention to the decisions of our own government makes supposedly made in our best interest.

I am a big backer of law enforcement – BUT am I the only one that is seeing a strange correlation between an ever increasing use of drone technology and Skynet? I want law enforcement to have the tools needed to fight crime – but it is looking to me like government is equipping LE of all levels with unrivaled amounts of armament. I just question why.


The lack of cooperation between Republicans and Democrats can be looked at by many as a positive thing. As we approach an economic reality that will result in massive inflation and potentially economic collapse – our only savior is for the debt which this country continues to build somehow be reduced. With the continuous game-playing in Washington, our “leaders” use false numbers and manipulative double talk to do nothing but counter the opposition and push their crooked agenda’s. Want proof?  Both sides “say” they want reduced unemployment, reduced debts, reduced deficits, and economic prosperity – but yet they do nothing. Shame on them. Shame on us for continuing to vote these false prophets into office. Unless there is some miracle we are heading towards economic Armageddon  Not if – but when.

More and more news is coming out that Obama Care is going to follow suite like the Post Office, Social Security, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, Medicare and Medicaid,  and AMTRACK. Did anyone really have any doubt? Real numbers and cost projections are showing Obama Care to cost billions of dollars more than advertised and actual quality of care is going to be diminished. It has started already.

We need government out of our lives. They need to let US decide what to do with OUR money. We do not need our government taking our money and bailing out big corporations, or send countless billions overseas to countries like Pakistan and Egypt. It’s a mess and I wish I could look positively about it – but I can’t.

Anyone feel the same way I do?

– Rourke







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31 thoughts on “Our government is out of control……”

  1. I agree completely that less government equals tolerable government. I think you need to ask the question of “Why?” Why is this happening? Why are politicians of all political stripes stepping up in support?? Why are Republican governors all over the country now getting in line with Obamacare?? We need to see past the surface issues and get to the heart of the matter…..control! That’s what Obamacare, The Sequester, The Fiscal Cliff and all the other contrived emergencies are about…..how to institute more control. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again…..WE the people hold the power and we have consented to be governed by these nimrods….WE the people need to withdraw that consent and the sooner the better.

  2. Agree completely.

    On another note, I know you make a little money from it, but how can you continue to do business with Amazon the way they are treating gun owners?

  3. This is thing that will drive us to civil war. Not that I want to fight a war on this soil, but maybe it’s the only way to make the change in the political class that’s needed. Correct me if I’m wrong but it would be similar to the French Revolution they removed not just the king but the political class, (along with there heads). Again I do NOT want to see this, I’ve had my fill of war, but this is the direction I see our country headed in.

  4. I wont speak for everyone, but from what Ive read in comments, and among my general circle of friends and contacts, Id say “Yeah”, we all pretty much agree with you. Personally, its my prediction this is going to be the year it all hits the fan, but time will tell.

  5. Our form of government requires an informed, involved and somewhat intelligent citizenry plus a watchdog media to function properly ….we don’t have either anymore.

  6. How does any ‘system’ of exchange, and by extension, social-economic system prevail that is based on debt? Just asking…… Good olde Dick Nixon pounded the last rusty nail in the coffin when he screwed the French…. and the rest of us in 71. What kind of ‘reset’ will it take to get us all out of this ‘greater fool’ monetary system we are choking on…. What sort of LE would I, could I have faith in… trust.. that is armed and armored as well as my local National Guard?…. and who would be the ‘who’ that LE would be worried about?

    Silly question alert…….. Is my Government worried about my personal convictions and values? Does my Government worry that I may… decide to just stop paying the bill?

    What ever comes out of this mess….. I hope my Grand Children can live with it…. live in it…. look back at we fools and say thank you… and not Damm them all.

  7. sure , we can keep voting for the fools that are in there now, and keep getting the same results- why will no one look at the 800 lb. gorilla in the room? We are at the end of the line for legislative action- when our own gubmint refuses to follow the rule of law, but shreds the Constitution at will, why keep up the charade? I have friends in LE and they are very afraid of what is coming down the pike- Our enemy is preparing like crazy- why are we not doing the same? I don’t want armed conflict, but what other options are we left with?

  8. Well said as usual Rourke. “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely ” (unless you are Jesus or Gandhi or Motrher Theresa)
    Please everyone contact your Senators to vote FOR Paul Rands Raw milk bill #2180 (people should have the right to buy and ship raw milk)
    and #2234 to stop GMseeds from dominating the market)-if you agree with these as I do .)They represent our freedom to choose how we will.
    Its also best to use cash to buy everything so nothing is traced.
    At a recent “outdoor” show my husband saw ammo magazines that are normally $31. going for $200.
    Keep prepping. Arlene

  9. If our Gov wants to help the average citizen our representatives can STOP
    sending money to other countries-very especially Eygpt at the tune of $450
    million yet we are leaving Israel in a lurch. We need to srat screaming at our
    representatives until they hear us.Please e mail , call,fax and write ….

  10. Great article. One thing missing, some of us are educated to the way that the politician and how the political system works. What is needed is to educate the people, who don’t have a glue, and vote for a name that they have heard and not what they have done. We need to educate the people on what is going on or we will fail.

  11. Problem seems to be in the fact that our elected representatives think they are our leaders-Not!!!!Big difference between the two words.Representatives are supposed to do what we want,not what they think we want or ,what they want..Leaders become leaders by decisive action , brave ideas and selfless sacrifice -it is a position earned ,not elected to.-Grizz

  12. You’re spot on Rourke! Unfortunately, our vote means very little anymore. I vote for the self satisfaction, but I know there are “controllers” who make sure the “desired” candidate wins. As a people, we here in the US need to accelerate our prepping. We never see a true crash of the economy, but the amount of control the government is attempting to exert is going to increase. If you can’t afford food, the government wants you to depend on them for it. If you cannot afford health care, if you don’t have shelter, clothing, protection etc., etc., the government wants you dependent on them. The only way they can get to the point they are pushing for is to first disarm us. After that, the slavery will be quick and decisive. Resist and you will become a dead example. All of us need to look inside of ourselves and make our decision today. Will I prep and resist with the possibility of being shot down, or will I agree to slavery. Personally, I like the license tags in New Hampshire….”Live Free or Die”.

  13. The new healthcare plan will really screw us all. I speak of those of us who actually work. We will pay more taxes…we already are. We are all supposed to get permanent chips implanted in us for ‘identification purposes’ for the healthcare program. If you believe that is the reason for the implants, then you voted for the winner of the last election.
    I read about some guy who had a SWAT team kick down his door because of unpaid student loans; supposedly orchestrated by the Department of Education?
    I am worried that cops are getting ballsier about beating prisoners.
    I am worried that the Supreme Court no longer has any balls in this country.
    I am worried that the Feds are giving local law enforcement so much money, that now local law enforcement is no longer in control.
    I am worried that illegal immigrants are being allowed in to our country to keep the democrats in office.
    I am worried that before we realize it, the Feds will steal our 401k and other retirement monies.
    I am worried that the feds are allowing banks to have people put in jail because of non-payment of credit card debt. Wasn’t that one reason why this country was founded? To get away from debtors prisons?
    I am worried that the Feds will steal my wife’s retirement, and she’ll have to work until she drops dead.
    I am worried that the Federal Reserve is printing so much money, that soon it’ll be worthless. I’m no economist, but I understand that the more of something there is, the less valuable it becomes.
    I’m worried at the power that the unions have over regular folks. I’m amazed at the violence they can create cause.
    I am worried that various types of social unrest are in winter now. This will soon thaw out, and there will be tension again, and worse.
    I am worried that the root of this tension originates at the white house.
    I am worried at the distinct possibility probability that the last presidential election was rigged.
    I am worried that we could be victims of the NDAA.
    I am worried that the Feds will eventually pass enough tiny laws that will eradicate the 2nd amendment.
    I am worried that the current administration stomps on the Constitution, and admits that it gets in their way.
    I am worried that I will be forced to defend myself when the feds kick in my door to confiscate my guns.
    I am worried that all of the working folk’s income in this country for an entire year is not enough to cover the national debt; yet they continue to increase the debt. It seems like they want the country to collapse so they can establish a new socialist order.
    I am worried that our VP is probably the worst example of a person in the history of that office.
    I am worried about the intelligence of the constituents that voted Pelosi and Feinstein into office; over and over again.
    I am worried that Breitbart was assassinated by the feds.
    I am worried that the banks in this country really are the ones that run the country.
    I am worried that when the Feds get their drone factories really cranked up, every single law abiding citizen in the country will be under further scrutiny.
    Yes, Roarke. We’re on the same side.

  14. A large number of people no longer trust our gov’t employees.

    They seem to assume that because they were elected to represent the citizens, they can dictate to them. But, that isn’t true.

    This is not the country I grew up in. The ‘representatives’ in gov’t have learned to give money to specific groups to get their vote. This cannot end well.

    Good post.

    I see you have struck a nerve.

  15. Americans were lulled into a state of sleep while the architects of their downfall worked tirelessly to plan their fate. Everything about what is going on at the present screams police state, but most have failed to notice how we got here and thus will not react when needed–whatever that reaction might be. They have no idea what a false or red flag psyop is. Even the least educated who are curious can put together an understanding of these things.
    Now, we must watch where we protest (if we can), what we e-mail, say over the phone, or post on CIA tools like Facebook. No one wants to talk truth because most enjoy their current state of mind–blank. Most of us are likely trapped in a perpetual state of ignorance (ever see the movie, “Matrix”?). Truth is not fun. It is not calming. It is to awaken the unconscious mind to a state of preparedness for the inevitable.
    Tell your typical American that extensive research by 1000’s of experts reveals 9/11 saw the freefall of some of the world’s most well-built structures and they’ll begrudge you like you’ve insulted their spouse. Surely, a group of “terrorists” (most still alive today) pulled off this operation that strangely landed us in Iraq (?!). Tell them that the Oklahoma City b**bing saw the rush of another government patsy to an execution while the real perpetrators got away “scot-free” and they’ll look at you cock-eyed. Both events effectively compelled Americans to secede their liberties to a corrupt government for their “security”. Who benefited most? Find out and you’ll know the real perpetrators.
    Tell them that innocent women, children, and men were ruthlessly gunned down as they tried to run from the burning Waco compound and they’ll scratch their heads as if they’re government could never do such a thing. Remember Ruby Ridge? Most Americans could care less as the un-reliable media spun a another white man into some racist image; hence, they never sought the truth.
    The most astounding facts can easily be acquired simply by looking on For starters, look on YouTube where newsclips are strung together to form the fabric that reveals the lies of our government and their own media pets. But, while NASCAR, Fox News, and football rule–while facts are just too negative to digest–most of the potential defenders of freedom (conservative-based Americans, that is) simply turn their heads the other way.
    In conclusion, my point is not to agitate or disrespect, but to awaken every American brother and sister of every race, religion, and creed to the reality of your present state of affairs. We are on our last gasp. Time is short.
    You will see an economic crash–whether a sudden or slow death. You will see resulting martial law where NorthCom brings American soldiers (and possibly foreign troops) to a street corner near you. There might just be another shocking red flag to sedate your mind completely into the hands of your executioners.
    WAKE UP! Find out the facts while you still can…that way you’ll know you ended up in a ruined country before it happens. That way you’ll see that it was the banker-owned government that sold out every true-blooded American man, woman, and child. Be blessed. Get prepared. Share this truth. (Not every gospel is well-received. Yet those who heed the words of truth and seek out their OWN wisdom will benefit not only themselves, but their family members as well.)

  16. Reading all the comments and the original posting and yeah I am in the same state of mind. I see no way out of this mess. This situation is like a big wet blanket on the hopes of americans across this once great nation.

  17. Thanks all for the comments. Yeah – I seemed to have struck a nerve and it is obviously something that many of us are thinking about – and deeply concerned.

    Thanks all – keep ’em coming.


  18. re: our Gov- control issues- remember the power of the voter and consumer are enormous. One of the problems I believe is the ignorance and apathy of the average American.
    Please read Dr. Benjamin Carsons book America the Beautiful.He is hopeful
    about our current issues and has some fine suggestions.
    You are all motivators for me-it is hard to be positive-like the poem if says by Rudyard Kipling. ” If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs and blaming it on you….” Arlene

  19. John G, I agree.We need a true Statesman with integrity.Dr Carson is the
    hope for our country I also believe. I like reading your responses John.

  20. Arlene, my personal hope is that Dr Carson runs for President in 2016. Now I fully realize that he is untested and ignorant of the ways of Washington… perhaps a good thing. Irregardless, better a glimmer of hope than assured disaster.

  21. I feel the same, and a few of my friends and some family are starting to wake up. But there are so many under-informed people out here, and sadly, they don’t want to admit to anything that moves them out of their comfort zone of ignorance. My government in it’s present state scares me.

  22. Arlene, I agree with you, a Statesman who could not only bond the populace to a just goal, he could rally the populace to force it into reality. And Arlene, thank you.


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