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With all the international news stealing most of the headlines you may have missed the comedy of errors that’s been going on the last few months at the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) in Atlanta Ga.


Note: My permanent base of survival operations is located approximately 85 miles down wind of the CDC… oops!


In March, one of the CDC’s labs “accidentally” contaminated a sample of animal flu with a highly lethal strain of the H5N1 virus before sending it to another lab in a less than  protective container. The lab that received the animal flu sample had no idea what they were really dealing with.


In June, approximately 60 scientists may have been exposed to live Anthrax bacteria because of sloppy lab practices.


July brought us the discovery of 60 year-old vials of smallpox -some still alive- in a storage room in Bethesda MD.


This, of course continues a somewhat spotty history of the CDC’s mishandling of  potentially dangerous pathogens.


These latest revelations brought this response from CDC Director Tom Frieden-

I will say that I’m just astonished that this could have happened here,”


Understandably, he stands by his labs, which are considered some of the best in the world, and he stands by his scientists. But he added that he is “upset,” “angry” and has lost sleep over the incidents, and he is “working around the clock” to make sure it never happens again.


I’m not sure how much comfort we can take in Mr. Frieden’s sleep deprivation.


John Gault …somewhere -GASP!- in Georgia…

Contributing Editor, ModernSurvivalOnline




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  1. Gault,

    There have been several incidents where things have been “uncontrolled” in one lab or another of late.

    But, very few serious diseases would directly make the 85 mile journey to you. Not directly, anyway.

    But, armed with the knowledge that there COULD be a problem in your area, keeping chlorine at the ready to disinfect your food prep areas before meals are made if there is some outbreak may not be a bad idea. We can’t stop everything, but we can at the least make an effort to minimize exposure if something airborne gets “in the wild”.

    Good luck to you. And, keep an ear to the ground and listen to rumors. Sometimes the rumors are true, sometimes they aren’t. It never hurts to listen and decide for yourself.

  2. Now the vaunted error prone cdc is bringing two Ebola Patients to Atlanta. It’s all over the news. This will not end well.

  3. When some lab tech, at the CDC, is accidentally exposed to weaponized rabies, the end will be upon us all. Think Walking Dead except the dead people will be replaced by crazed, snarling, disease ridding psychos attempting to tear you to pieces. If attacked, you will either die or become infected. Better off dead.

  4. Gault, think false flags…IDK that you need to worry about the CDC announcements…there is too much else going on…I echo what @Bohica1 says, as well as what may be coming over the borders…But prayers and best wishes to y’all regardless…

  5. Don’t worry so much about CDC losing viruses. Disease is walking across the border all day evry day due to the invitation extended to countless illegal aliens by pResident Barack Ebola.

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