On the seventh day of Christmas…..

Twelve Days of Christmas

On the seventh day of Christmas

my true love sent to me……


Seven Cases of Toilet Paper

Six Sawyer Water Filters

Five Power Banks

Four Pocket Stoves,

Three Wooly Blankets,

Two Mechanix gloves,

and totally awesome Chogan T-Hawk in a Paratus 3 Day Pack.





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1 Comment

  1. Poor Santa!

    A paternal uncle married an, uh, large bottomed woman (I suspect she became that way later in life). The sons, daughters, and families were all gathered at grandpa’s place. The aunt was standing in a doorway talking to about a dozen in one of the rooms. My dad slipped up behind her with a folding carpenter’s rule and extended it to measure. Of course all in the room roared with laughter and my dad sneaked away leaving a big-butted and confused sister-in-law. Oh did mom give him grief when she learned.

    Don’t we live in the most marvelous society where money is actually expended to buy food and drinks with less calories? Never before in the history of man has a people been so blessed. Yet we are in dire risk of loosing all that so many have sacrificed, even died for, in order to create and preserve that home of the brave and land of the free.

    We should all thank our triune God for being born to see this time and place. We should thank all veterans of foreign wars for their sacrifice. We should carefully research the issues and cast our votes in the coming national election with utmost care and deliberation. Seldom in the course of the history of this nation has so depended upon an educated electorate voting most diligently. Indeed, I would put this election right up there with those that elected George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, F.D. Roosevelt, and Ronald Reagan. Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country?


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