On taking action

I have been chewing on this problem for some time. I’m not sure that I am ready to write this yet, but there seems to be a lot of questions and a demand for some information regarding “What should we do?” when do we revolt? Should we resist or hide. When does the balloon go up?Who will fire the second shot heard ’round the world?

It is all falling down around our ears, that is apparent. The economy is in imbalance, our natural rights have been almost entirely under cut by the government, the elected representatives are ignoring the peoples will. All of the fixes are leading to more skyrocketing debt and more social problems. The country is more polarized than a permanent magnet. Social civility is gone. Education is woefully lacking. Religion is under attack and the mainstream media is owned by special interest.

Indeed, what do we do? The two party system is no longer working, they all seem to be in bed with the bankers and PACs. Our votes count for nothing and we are rapidly becoming a nation of gimme entitlement beggars. The National government is in failure. How are we to cope with a federal government that seems not to care how we feel or what we have to say? That destroys our freedom for an imagined security? Meddles in every facet of our lives?

Our world is radically different than it was even twenty years ago and it will surely change even more and faster in the future due to diminishing resources and an exploding population.

I believe the time has come to distance ourselves from the quagmire of Washington. Ignore it and focus on our neighborhoods, towns, cities and states. We live in our neighborhoods not D.C. This should be our focus to take back our lives.

Do you know what is going on in your town? Do you know the backgrounds of the people in your local government that control your day to day safety, freedom and security? I don’t, but I intend to.

I intend to attend local government meetings, visit some trials, get to know the Sheriff. Get to understand psyche of my local community. If it all starts to unravel on a National level these are the people that are going to have an immediate effect on your life. Are they the kind of folks that you want in charge? If not pull back the curtain on them, work to force them out and install those who will follow the freedoms outlined in the constitution and bill of rights. Take back your city, educate your neighbors, and organize them to help themselves by helping each other.

At the very least this will give you a very nice base of like minded people to resist the oppression when it comes, from higher levels of government. It is much easier to control an individual than it is a city, county, or state. There is power in numbers. All useful change comes from the grass roots. Become a local community organizer to resist that “Organizer in Chiefs“ manipulation of our constitutional government. Enact local ordinances to forbid unconstitutional actions.

Help plan disaster relief actions locally, create food banks. Work with auxiliary fire and police. Create new groups to side step any need for federal intervention. Take care of your own. A collapse of government/economy would have less effect on your local community if you are prepared to deal without government help. A collapse would most likely eventually lead to isolated city states that trade, support and work with each other. Go there now. Get a jump on the inevitability of a federal collapse.

No man is an island. Community and minimal government will always be necessary. Anarchy is not an option. A cohesive community of even a few hundred stands a much better chance of survival in chaos than individual pockets of survivalists. Don’t work at this as a prepper but as a small town American. Look into American history of the periods of the depression and world war two when communities pulled together to get through those dark times.

If we come to the point of the door kickers arriving on our street, lets be sure that our local Sheriffs are standing with us, in resistance, instead of blindly against us.

Preppers as a whole are on the insular side, keeping their own counsel and withdrawing into their own small private world. Often with good reason, given the derision and vitriol spewed by many. Keep in mind that you are still Americans first. No one need know that you are a prepper while doing this work. Create false flagged preppers of your neighbors by just being an involved and positive citizen.

Even though I have been a prepper for decades and have put together a group of extremely prepared friends able to deal with a multitude of problems up to and including armed resistance. Having been and fought in the third world and knowing full well what horror such a scenario is, I have still felt alone and hamstrung in regards to not being able to effect the seemingly inevitable apocalypse coming our way.

These are just a few small thoughts on “What can we do” I will continue to puzzle over the solutions to these problems, I could probably write a small book trying to address the problems non-violently. I am prepared to die to remain free, but I would much prefer not to.


Long live the community, D.

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20 thoughts on “On taking action”

  1. D., you are dead on right, though I don’t agree with the “ignore” part with regards to DC, it’s just semantics, this is brilliant….

  2. I salute your idea to get to know your community and get involved locally. I have been mulling this over as well. We live in a smaller rural community, so it wouldn’t be hard to do. BUT we are also very close to a major city, which could quickly be overwhelmed. While we intend to try to bug in, we do have our bug out plans and if it REALLY hits the fan, that’s what we’re going to have to do. So that makes me question the value of getting involved locally, knowing that even if prepared, our proximity to this major city puts out the sense that that would only work short term. While the dealings I have had with the local police force have all been positive, they are bored small town cops who I think would be more focused on themselves/their families. The local farmers, on the other hand, would likely fight as hard as they could. Thank you for your post.

  3. A very practical and wise man, based on personal experience, no doubt. I salute you, sir!

    May I also add, the most important preps of all are being read up (The Word of Holy G-d/The B.I.B.L.E. — Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth), prayed up (staying on your knees through it all; meditating on His Word and clinging to what you know to be true, because He can not lie, not on circumstances of this temporary life), and mentally and physically prepared to follow through on whatever directions the Lord Holy G-d gives you, to the best of your abilities. NOW YOU ARE READY.

  4. As I read this I agreed that the power we have allowed our government to assume for itself, without check or balance, is very frightening. Especially when you consider the warnings we received from our founding fathers about this very threat. On many of the survival boards there are so many discussions about bugging out to a remote location to avoid the ‘golden hoard’, and I wonder how much this will protect anyone if Martial Law is imposed. If the idea is to group the citizens (read sheep) together to make them easier to serve (read control), wouldn’t people in the hinter boonies be subjects of interest and rounded up as soon as major population centers were secured (read contained)? I mean property deeds are public record, which would be easily accessible to officials, and any permits for buildings would be on record. So if your looking for people who are a threat to your political interests, they can still be found. With the imaging and surveillance resources the military and law enforcement now have at their disposal, where could anyone be truly safe if the government were to become tyrannical. So wouldn’t the best option be for us to use the power we still have to elect a constitutionally minded government who would uphold the oath’s they took to protect and defend the constitution instead of find new ways to subvert or circumvent it?

    Or has that time come and gone while we slept?

  5. Greetings, Brad! You raise some important questions. It is my personal opinion that the answers to your questions are not “either/or”; they are “both”. Yes, we have passed a line, IMHO. Is this the point of no return? As you say, only if we do not completely change the current government puppets. But with whom shall we replace them? Where are the men and women who have the fortitude to stand up against this tyranny NOW? There are a few, but the libtards are working hard at destroying them, and those who claim to support them are silent – protecting their own, no doubt.

    I get emails all the time from people shouting, “vote them all out!”, but, then who shall we vote in? New players – same game?

    Finding a righteous man or woman is not so easy these days.

    It is as much a spiritual battle as anything. We have booted Holy G-d out of the public arena, and He is giving us what we said we wanted.

    We have allowed a handful of lost souls to take the reigns of our nation.

    We can not fix this in our own power. But if we repent of what we have made of things and turn back to the Lord, He will, in His divine and perfect wisdom, provide the answer. Are there enough of us left to be found righteous as a nation again?

    Will we return our support to Israel, the Apple of His Eye? It was after our current “leader” made it clear he is more in favor of Muslims than he is of Jews that Holy G-d removed His protection from our nation: Genesis 12:3

    Are each of us ready to stay in prayer for our nation, our government? It is a COMMANDMENT to all Believers.

    So, you see, each of has work to do, every day. If we shirk our responsibilities, we will pay the ultimate price. We are seeing that now.

    Prayer DOES change things; Holy G-d DOES hear the heart cries of His people. But He is also a just G-d, a righteous G-d, and He does not change. His Word stands forever. We reap what we sow.

    Is there hope? Absolutely! His name is Y’eshua/Jesus the Christ of Nazareth.

    I am NOT trying to preach at anyone; I’m trying to tell you the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. “Let him who has ears to hear.. hear what the spirit says”…

  6. D- exc .post-thanks. Yes we do know our Sheriff .He has had the courage along with other NYS Sheriffs to stand up for our gun rights-we just all re elected him. I will take the time to get to know my community better-good advice D.
    PLEASE everyone we must also keep in perspective that the society that our media shows is very DISTORTED. There are many GOOD, faith filled young and all aged people who do the right thing daily. They aren’t highlighted in the news often enough.This forum community is very inspirational. !!! Arlene

  7. This won’t change they way congress works, consider for a moment the income the unscrupulous ones in now receive with their ridiculous pay, exorbitant salary,
    PAC monies,royal treatment perks, now where could they possibly go and receive similar, it will take men of faith, character, scruples, to change this, very few that are there now could qualify!

  8. D,

    You have written an excellent article, I have read it three times and have just a couple of comments as they apply to me.

    From the Joint Chiefs to the local Sheriff/Local Government, they are all politicians and they will tell you anything you want to hear. I am sure there are exceptions but they are ego driven and I for one do not expect them to do anything for me in a crisis. They may very well turn out to be feared.

    The preppers/survivalists community is very small considering there are 320 million people in the US. I live in a small community located about 75 miles from two major cities. My neighbors, many of whom are farmers and dairy/cattle people, are TOTALLY CLUELESS and those that see some specter on the horizon suffer from Normalcy Bias. The farmers that have chickens or cattle will need to barter when the SHTF because that’s all they have. No TP, no first aid, no food stored, just chickens. I guess they could be in worse shape.

    I do not loose sleep over the prospects of an EMP/CME, pandemic or a meteor strike. I expect a slow but endless collapse of our financial system. I suspect things will get bad, but over weeks and months. What I think may be the best case scenario and not that realistic, however, I am prepared and continue to prepare for whatever happens.

    Thank you for your contribution. No matter what one’s prospective is we can all learn something.

  9. A side note: I mention “Sherriff” rather than local or state police as this is traditionally an elected “constitutional” office rather than a political appointed one. Thus it answers to the people rather than the local political hacks. they are also usually the “top cops” in the county and usually more approachable than the local police. I’m sure you can see the advantage in seeking them out as allies.

    Another note: At least here in my state, the State Troopers are traditionally former marines and more likely to be “oath keepers”. Learn the history and make up of your local LE, some are more amenable to your ideas than others.
    Regards, D.

  10. I live in a small town which has been swallowed up by one of the largest cities in the US. My husband is a city councilman in our small town. There are about 7700 adults in our town. Two thousand of them are registered voters but only about 700 voted in the last 2 presidental elections. What does it say about our society? At the monthly city council meetings there are about 5 people who sit in the audience each time and then a handful more who come every couple of months. What does that say?

    People are willing to let others control their life. Sheeple!!!

  11. For some reason, this article caused me to think of a great Bible teacher I had the privilege of meeting in the late ’70’s. His name was Bill Basansky. He passed away Sept. 2013.

    Bill, as a young boy, fled the Ukraine in front of Hitler’s armies. Unfortunately, they were captured and interred in one of the infamous Nazi camps. After the war and going thru the “displaced person camps”, he and his remaining family immigrated (legally) to the US. In later years, he had become a Bible teacher. I can remember one night at a full house gathering at Grace Gospel Church in Summerton, SC Bill told us what he saw happening to the United States. He told us as early as the 1970’s that our freedom was being chipped away by our own government. He predicted that our children would live enslaved as his family had in the Ukraine which had been part of the Soviet Union if we did nothing. He told us that our government was a Godless group which heaped upon themselves lavish lifestyles and undeserved praise.

    Well, here we are in 2013. Is it too late to do anything? Our voting is no more than a spit in the wind for the good it does. The elections seem to be preordained and manipulated. Yet still we cannot allow that to discourage us. Somehow we must get involved and strip control of our lives and country away from Washington and return it to the States. How is something I simply do not know.

    Live free or die.


  12. Well I already know the “local” Government and I’m in trouble. They fall lock stock and barrel with the Obomacons. They will take all preps for the greater “GOOD” of the community.

    If the time comes we will know it. It to unclear to say at this point who will stand and who won’t.

    To servantheart, I bet the Founding Fathers had those around them that said the same thing. But they went ahead anyway. Yes there are two wars going on that are one. The invisible and visible. We must concern ourselves with both. Many things will be up to God. I pray he stands by our side. If not, better to die on my feet that live on my knees.

    Deus Vult!

  13. I could not agree with you more, Grey Wolf, and I in no way intended to imply we should not be fully prepared for a physical war.

    The Word of Holy G-d is replete with examples in which He commanded His children to go to war; He was always very clear in exactly how to do it, as well; usually, that meant take no prisoners, leave nothing alive. (Read the whole stories before jumping to conclusions; it’s in the Bible, for those not familiar with the referenced texts; just read the Bible.)

    Ecclesiastes 3: to EVERYTHING…there is a season..and a time for every purpose under heaven…a time for peace…a time for war…

    BTW, Pete Seeger wrote the song in the 1950’s, and I still love it! “The Byrds” performed it as, “Turn! Turn! Turn!”. A little musical history in with our Biblical history!

  14. D, a great article. I volunteered at our local branch of the state forestry which works with the fish and game dept., this led to a part time position at a game check station during hunting season. This led to meeting F&G law enforcement but, local Deputies as well and they by and large share the same concerns as we do. I’ve started to become more active in local politics as our county council seems o act the same as DC, our local sheriff did sign a letter stating they would not confiscate firearms in an emergency situation, we’ll see on that one. Joining a local C.E.R.T to help out in emergencies is another way to meet local officials and see if they are for the people or more government control.

  15. JohnP:
    Thanks for the reinforcement of my ideas. I’m glad to see that it is working out well for you. Never thought of F&G great idea especially for rural neighborhoods.

    LC: It says that you only need to beat the bushes for less than 700 like minded to change things.

    Bunker: One street at a time. I give my excess eggs to some of my neighbors and they have helped me return.

    Grammy: Win the local Barneys over by offering to look in on their families when they have an extended call out.

    Servant: I actually met and interviewed Roger (Jim)-The Byrds- McGuine decades ago when I had a brief stint as a R n R writer in Indianapolis. Quite an interesting character!

    Brad: I agree the technology is daunting, but on the other hand the overwhelming numbers do not lie. There simply are not the numbers of LE/Military to sit on the doorstep of everyone possibly considered a threat. Best they can hope to do is install an informer network as in the former USSR.

    Thanks all for your comments and Regards, D.

  16. Indy, huh? A most interesting city. Get to do the 500? Been there lots of times. Not far from my hometown. Hint: It’s the home of the Bobby Knight chair – the one with the handle on it!

  17. Servant:
    My ex still lives in Brown county near the state park entrance outside of Bloomington….hope she stays there …far from me. D.

  18. Brown County was the last place we lived before heading South; we owned 6 acres in the woods with a wonderful 3-story A-frame; we both worked in Columbus, about a 30 minute drive east, as you know. On the rare occasion when weather would actually shut everything down, even though it was a long drive out to nowhere with unpaved roads, our friends would head for our place and “bug in” for the weekend. We had 5 bedrooms and two living areas, but even the sofas and floors were often full of people who came and stayed for the weekend! The only “glitch” was in having only two bathrooms! And then we would all run in to the Ashram Bakery in Nashville (which is long gone) for loggers hash, even though “the roads were closed”. And we drove a TR-7 back then!!! 😉 Those were the “pre-kids” days, of course. Good times!


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