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Taking care of your home and vehicles becomes a more complex job when the power goes down, all of your relatives show up, the repair and oil change shops are closed….or any other incident that throws your usual lifestyle a curve.

Septic tanks: Rid-X Septic system treatment

If the inhabitants of your home suddenly goes from 2 to 10, your waste management is going to go into overload. Start now to get it healthy. If you can afford it, have it inspected by a pro and then go from there to get it up to snuff and keep it there. The last thing in the world you want to deal with is an overflowing septic system to foul your well, gardens and health. Regular use of RidX will keep the healthy bacteria working hard in your septic system.

Water system: Potassium Permanganate

If you have a well system, you probably also have a filter to treat your water to get rid of the rust, smell and organisms. Stock up on a year or twos chemicals to maintain your filter. If you do not know how to do this treatment yourself, learn how, it is easy. Follow the instructions on your filter or the chemical container.

Considering that you may be the only one in the neighborhood doing so, give some serious thought to additional filtering of your water supply. Many high capacity filters are available from simple gravity to UV. Study up and get one or two matched to your expected crisis water use capacity.

If you have an electric well pump, know how to switch it over from 240 volts to 120VAC and make plans to power it. (car>inverter)(Battery>inverter) (solar>inverter) or set up a slaved in manual pitcher pump. If you cannot get that water out of the ground it is not of much use to you.

Water storage:

If you are using 55 gallon drums or larger to store water, be sure to have the chemicals available to keep it from going bad on you and know how to properly treat your water. painting your storage tanks flat black and placing them in the sun will give you limited hot water. Something that you will quickly miss.


At some point in time and in certain areas, you are going to want the area weed free. Shop the garden supplies and flea markets for manual scythes and weeders. For the sake of security you are going to want to let the yard run riot, but also want some weed free work areas well out of sight.

Out houses: bleach, lye

If your situation precludes the use of your toilets, you may need to construct an out house. You can either dig a hole in the yard and cover it with the shed and seating you need (something I would not recommend if close to your water supply/table). Regularly cover the waste with a layer of dirt and/or lye to keep down the smell and insects.

Or you can cut 55 gallon drums in half to make two containers to place under the seat. Remove them when necessary, pour in some diesel fuel and burn the waste in the full can, while the empty second can resides in your out house. This is a much more sanitary method and is used by the US military.

Trash: burn pit

Without regular trash pick up you are going to be amazed at just how quickly and how much trash you accumulate. Dig a good sized burn pit, well away from your home and line it with bricks or stones. Keep a sand bucket and a water bucket handy to control the fire and do not leave it burn unattended. Fire can quickly leave you without supplies and homeless.

The amount of trash and waste will determine how often you burn. If you have a lot of waste, burn it so as not to attract vermin to your pit. You may wish to place a large drum of water near your pit to gain double use of hot water from your fire. Why waste using the trash as fuel.

Organic waste: Compost pit

Dig a compost pit to treat your organic waste (vegetable, fruits, grains,weeds, leaves, chicken excrement, fish) do not include meats and human excrement.

Bury your waste in the pit and cover with a layer of leaves and dirt to break down the organics into fertilizer. Turn the pile frequently. Fence it off or protect it in some way from your chickens and pests that would otherwise get into it. You can later use this waste to feed your garden.

Waste lubricants and fuels: Storage container

Over the long term you may accumulate oil from vehicle oil changes and/or contaminated fuel. Obtain at least a 55 gallon drum to collect this, placed well away from your home and any fires. You can use this waste as burn pit fire starter, non garden weed killer and second use lubricants for gross mechanical assemblies. It can also be used to keep down mosquito breeding during periods of flooding by pouring a layer over standing water.

In general, always be aware of the possibility of contaminating your water supply when handling and disposing of waste. Also keep an eye on your neighbors practices and instruct them in the error of their ways. Waste handling is a community problem.

Regards, D.

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