…..On learning new tricks


I have been to many many schools, training seminars, and hands on courses during my lifetime. I believe all of this and my endless self study and reading has made me more than a modern Renaissance man. I usually have the answer when no one else does or at least the skill in critical thinking to work it out if for some reason I don’t know it.


This doesn’t mean that I can’t be a know it all at times and stubborn to see another point of view. I try to usually look at both sides of a issue, finding usefulness in my enemy’s thought processes, but I am rarely swayed to his conclusions.


To preface the following, a little history: I have had the opportunity to employ a number of different small arms systems with both the US Marine Corp and other groups in combat as well as in civilian contract work here and abroad. I also spent some years as a competitive 3 gun shooter. All in all, simply because I am still here to talk about it, I believe that I can honestly say that I have, in the past, been an ‘Operator’


Imagine my surprise when after viewing about 6 hours of training DVDs I come to the rather stunning conclusion that I and my friends are woefully lacking in our team shooting skills, and if we bump into some of today’s Hi-speed bad actors, we stand a good chance of having our asses waxed.


My AR platform dates from the 70’s so as the years have passed by I have updated it to keep with the times. Not so much my combat training. Some years back we spent some time investigating and developing weapons dis-arm and also retention training, and protocols for the small group that works with me. I also dragged out some of the basics of fire-team drills for some of the new and untrained in our group. We all got a surprise when I instituted some training days here at the farm.


In an attempt to ramp up everyone’s skill sets, I started to look around for some updated training materials. After all there have been a few more recent wars since mine in RVN and things have changed….wow have they!


My DVD marathon was the Magpul Dynamics series “The Art of the Tactical carbine” and “The Art of the Dynamic Shotgun”. These are just two of six multi-DVD training packets they have available. I was impressed! Very Impressed. I immediately worked this info into our next training day. 


Magpuls’ title list at this time includes:

The Art of the Tactical Carbine Vol. One

The Art of the Tactical Carbine Vol. Two

The Art of the Dynamic Shotgun

The Art of the Precision Rifle

The Art of the Dynamic Pistol

Aerial Platform Operations


These DVD courses are available for from $30-$60 from Magpul and many other sources at a discount. Well worth the money for the information imparted.


This training cadre is top notch. Their drills are thought out to the Nth detail and each step along the way adds and builds and is woven together to become a very sensible, efficient, and lethal program to build cohesive, smart, safe, and accurate shooting teams that mutually support and defend one another with an economy of movement, all the while throwing out and endless wall of suppressing lead. Shown are both novice and professional students engaged at the Magpul Dynamics ranges.


These are some incredible useful and dangerous DVDs. I say dangerous, because unless you have a very good basics background in safe weapons handling AND movement you should probably not attempt some of this with out trained supervision. (In fact there are a number of disclaimers at the front of each package that state exactly this) These are not for amateurs. Having been a certified range officer I can almost guarantee that if the unskilled try to undertake some of this training alone…some one will be accidentally shot!


All of that said….get these training DVDs and study them. Incorporating this training into your skill sets will dramatically increase your chances as a pair, team or group… of surviving and winning a violent armed confrontation.


Seeing is believing and some of the theory and protocols demonstrated in these videos have convinced me to alter some of my long held beliefs regarding gun-slinging. Times have changed and the tools needed to deal with those changing times need to change also. Here are some new tools for your gun fighting tool bag.


They also offer live fire classes tailored from the novice to professional and will also arrange to come to your facility.


Old dogs can learn new tricks and Magpul Dynamics can help. I am not an employee, shill or gain any monetary consideration from Magpul Dynamics. I am simply just blown away by their very professional offerings.

Regards, D.


To host Magpul Dynamics at your facility, go to:  http://www.magpuldynamics.com/host-magpul-dynamics.html



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  1. I’m a past USPSA shooter/range officer and past local match shooter/director and I watched the Magpul DVDs in the last year. Great videos! Loved the Tactical Carbine, wow. Definitely agree safety first. Readers, please do not just buy the video and start running around with a firearm. Live by safety first and work your way up through first hand training and attending local shooting matches. Few will get to the level shown on the DVDs but there are many practical take aways to learn and keep in mind.

    Always be learning, and not just about firearms. We are now gardening, have a bee hive, working on an aquaponics system, plus many other projects (Permaculture, coturnix quail; maybe rabbits and Ancona ducks). Its a lot more interesting than TV.

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