Off Grid Survival Weekend coming up…..

The group I am in is planning a “survival weekend” soon. I am really looking forward to this. Basically we are getting together on a Friday night after work and heading to a piece of land that has a run down barn on it. The barn will serve as a shelter and base of operations. There is no electricity although I am bringing a few small solar solutions to charge cell phones, batteries, etc. 

From Friday night through Sunday we will be doing a combination of firearms training (a group member is an instructor) as well trying out various equipment items to see how they work (cooking, communication, optics, light, clothing, etc.). Of particular concern to me is the heat and sun. We do not need this “practice” weekend turn into a serious SHTF for someone due to heat stroke or severe sunburn. Preventive measures which may not be ultra-realistic to some will be taken (cooler full of ice cold water).

We are also planning to maintain security during the night (wish I had good night vision) and having group members work a shift monitoring the area. I consider this essential as that is exactly what would occur in a real situation. Communication monitoring is another essential duty someone would be assigned however not sure that for this particular weekend it is necessary to practice this.

We already have a pretty good agenda set up but if anyone has any suggestions to specific drills/skills/activities that you think should be included please feel free to leave a comment. We are going to be located on the range which we have trained, there is no power and other than our vehicles the only shelter is the run down barn I mentioned.

Will post an update after the event.


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23 thoughts on “Off Grid Survival Weekend coming up…..”

  1. Be sure to set up an emergency medical plan that everyone knows before you begin anything. Consider running a day and night patrol with a LP and create and study threat sounds. A case of bottled water frozen will keep cold and furnish cold water for 2-3 days if you keep the cooler lid shut. Salt tablets. Need I add hydrate!!!

  2. Great idea pulling security! This is a good habit to get into. I floated the idea while we were camping and my wife got mad “This isn’t the Army”! Anyway, we did 50% security all night. One guy was up (in the foxhole, one guy slept for 2 hours. I am not suggesting that you go that far, but, if you have a fire going, you could keep at least on person awake at all times. Depending on the size of your group, everyone should still get ample rest. I was big on hydration in the field! As both a Supply Sergeant and a First Sergeant, I delivered thousands of gallons of water to my thirsty troops.

  3. Awesome Idea…good call on pulling security. You may want to try a skill set training exercise used by the military where you have different skill sets stations such as fire making, weapon disassembly and reassembly, First aid, communications, decontamination.
    Assign the experts in your group to a particular Task or skill, to a station to Instruct and observe the individuals skill set you may want to set up a scoring system for some friendly competition. (Make the prize something like not having to pull guard duty, or a pass on some menial chore) This will build camaraderie and get everyone in your group on the same page as far as skill sets. It also will show who in your group is cut out to be a leader. (Depending on how in-depth you want to get).
    This is great if you have a large group. However, with a smaller group you can dedicate a set time to group learn a skill, practice these skills throughout the weekend.
    Have fun enjoy the exercise…

  4. I am going on a very similar, simulated 72 hr training event on an upcoming weekend also. I also wish I had NV as we are training on a border crossing location and night security Will be Real not simulated. Should help to drive home some of the possible threats. One of the first blocks of instruction will be on field sanitation and hygiene, a group can generate a lot of waste in 3 days.
    Hydrate in the days leading up to your weekend.
    Hope your event goes well.

  5. Rourke- sounds exc.Might want to bring a basic portable potty ( seat on a plastic bucket)
    for little girls ) Everyones comments are excellent.Wish we lived closer-would like to
    exp . this.Pre check that old barn for poisonous snakes and spiders.
    Looking forward to hearing about your adventure !!! Arlene

  6. Rourke, what about emplacement of early warning devices for intruders. Even a stretched string with cans filled with pebbles will work. There are a lot more upper end devices on YouTube that can be constructed with shotgun shells and Rat Traps. Even if a Armadillo, deer, or raccoon set them off, it will hopefully awake everyone and bring in some realism to the training. I wouldn’t emplace any bunji pits or rope snares to jerk people up into the sky though. Any chance of getting some non-involved folks to come in and test your guards/perimeter? See how the rest of the folks react and have a debrief afterwards to discuss the good/bad of each scenario.

  7. Man wished I was doing that, my preps have gotten to pro status since I started prepping four years ago… But as my preps grow, and need to fulfill what I consider must haves for the future I work 6 to 7 days a week to not only plan for the worst, live for the day, yet plan for the possibility of retiring, which I hope will be the end outcome, inconstant antsy find myself torn between these three decisions… I’m not really sure what exactly made me start prepping, it was like I woke up one day with a indescribable feeling that something bad was about to happen, not the (it’s going to be a bad day) or I screwed up, it’s time to be accountable feeling either, it’s a constant it’s over kinda thing, and as I prep, and become more and more aware of world events, and this unknown calling… It’s seems very overwhelming at times to say the very least, so in short, as I’m very open to close friends/family about my beliefs and calling to prepping, I’ve yet to find the time to network or to practice the tons of skills and I’ve read about or the tens of thousands in survival gear/firearms/ect I’ve accumulated. I’ve got years of freeze dried food/ mres, canning gear/ect and have yet to even eat a freeze dried meal! Lol, so in short I’m jealous! Lol. But grew up on a farm, where hunting was a way of life, and even training Tennessee walkers in my teens… But very much look forward to enjoying what you are about to do my friend! 🙂 so let me for now, live vicariously through you my friend, as I do with many of my preps, I learn from the experienced, lead on brother!

  8. In one weekend you may be able to exp. a few needed skills but I believe its better to have a few done well than to try too many and not be as thorough.If theres anyone in the
    New York/Vermont areas that would be willing to participate in a weekend -we could set one up on our farm. Rourke please share my e mail on this issue -thanks!!! Cant wait to hear how it went !!! Arlene

  9. Full AAR when done please for those of us that cannot attend but would love to learn some of what you folks pull out of this exercise.

  10. This sounds like a great weekend and would love to participate, but you are too far from Alaska for me to join you.
    Enjoy the comradery.

  11. Sounds like a good plan. I wouldn’t push too hard to have constant classes/ training/ etc. Especially if you are somewhat new to doing this together there will be plenty of ‘training opportunities’ figuring out how to cook, eat and do dishes together, keep little ones entertained, etc all.

    Pulling security is a good idea. It also factors into how many people you really need (hint more than you think) and how much providing even a low level of security like say 2 adults takes from the overall ability to get stuff done. Depending on how long/ often shifts are you might find a lot of folks needing a nap around mid day. Also figuring cooking, etc matters. In the end the amount of people occupied by security and maintaining basic camp tasks (food, water, etc) is such that other work like building more shelters, defense stuff has fewer people to attack it than your raw numbers would show.

    I’m looking forward to hearing more about this.

  12. If children are included in this be especially careful that they stay hydrated. Make sure everyone drinks before they become thirsty.

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