Obamacare? A total waste of money!


by MSO News CorrespondentHunter



I stumbled across this and got to thinking. OK, the supposed experts that are in charge of this train wreck are saying that they are expecting anywhere from  2 to 3 million people to sign up or have signed up by the end of the year. A goal of 7 million people by March 31 of 2014  and at an estimated cost of 2.6 trillion over the next decade. Oh, and you will most likely be taxed to death on top of it if your employer provides you insurance that you cannot partake in or collect any of the “benefits”.


OK, so stick with me here, do a quick Google, there are around 313 million people in the United States. Even if our fearless leaders do get to 10 million people integrated into their system, how can they justify the system to cost 2.6 trillion dollars ($260,000 per person)? They created a website that did not work when all most people had  to do was do a little research (Google is Free by the way), and in doing so can be directed to any providers website.


This makes me mad as can be. Everyone knows how to use a computer and internet, but why can’t those same people research something that would or could possibly benefit them? Why does the government have to create an Easy Button? Has the American people forgotten that when he was touting this health care crap that it was supposed to be free? Forgotten that one have they? This is just one persons rant. Are people that lazy to say, “Well hey, you promised X and delivering Y at a HUGE  cost!” That will do untold damage that even the experts wont be able to expert there way out. It is a true shame.

I had taken a step back and  not really cared about any of  this but I got to thinking today at those figures released and I did not know that 2 + 2 = 2.6 trillion. I am ashamed!

From Rourke:

Hunter is obviously frustrated, like many of us. Our healthcare system certainly did and does need improvements but I truly believe that a high school economics class could develop a better system. A system using logic, sound business practices, and simple arithmetic that actually adds up. It is a complicated issues but what is not complicated is millions of Americans are actually loosing their healthcare, paying more than ever before for less benefits – and the governments involvement pretty much guarantees its failure.


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  1. I have said from the get go that the system needed to change, but the gooberment did not pay enough attention to other models that actually work, and pick and choose from them what we could incorporate into our system…this was pushed through too quickly without much forethought (unless you consider THEIR agenda…just saying)

  2. Someone above mentioned looking at other models and how they work. That makes me think of the founding fathers. They looked at all sorts of Government models and took the best of all to get Our form of government. That is why Ours is the best there is. Now for Obbummer care. They do not worry about how well it works. It has always been about transferring wealth in this country. 1 of the first steps to Tyranny.
    Face it the guy said right up front He wanted to fundamentally changed this country. he is, right before our eyes.
    If only the 80 % of America that is conservative would get out to vote this coming Nov. Vote out every single incumbent (as long as there is a conservative running against them) That should stall Obommer from doing to much more damage until he is gone. Put a good solid conservative business person in as president. Man or Woman, any race. We need someone that understands WHEN THE CHECKBOOK IS EMPTY STOP WRITING CHECKS.

  3. I agree 100% with Gary about voting out EVERY SINGLE ENCUMBENT and get some new blood into there. Can we vote out the Supreme Court as well? With recent news articles it would appear that our current administration is trying, with the help of the main stream media’s help, to get the Benghazi Bandit elected to be our next President. If we can make it that long without our economy melting down, wouldn’t that be the VERY LAST STAW before breaking the camels back?

  4. Gary, you have a great idea, now if the get off the sofa a go to the polling both to vote. Gene, I have to agree with you, a one payer system, the government. If memory serves me right, his wife gave a speech after the first election in which she stated, :Barack is ready to rule:. MY wife said se just misspoke, me I think she told the truth.

  5. Personally I think history will record “OBAMACARE” as a turning point in American governance. A point where Americans turned against a centralized power and toward individual freedom……. but we’ll see….

  6. It is true that 99% of the population or a high school economics class COULD come up with a better solution. So could the people who “invented” Obamacare. I think what everyone forgets is that it’s not that they CAN’T do better, they don’t WANT to do better. IT IS NOT THEIR END GAME. If they’re end game was to fix the economy, energy crisis, etc etc it would be done. There are millions of smart people out there. But like anywhere is someone has many abilities but no desire to use them they are useless. Same thing is happening here. The only way for it to end (in my opinion) is for the populace as a WHOLE quit tolerating all this FREE stuff.

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