North Korea launches ballistic missile from submarine

North Korea launched a ballistic missile from a submarine in a show of strength to the world. While most do not consider North Korea a threat to the United States they continue to make gains in technology and military might. This latest demonstration is concerning. Consider EMP. A North Korean sub parks itself off the coast of Washington and launches a missile above the United States.

It detonates.


“Impossible” you say?

Watch this video from an apparent missile launch back in 2010 off the coast of California. The US military stated that the contrail was NOT from any of their aircraft and they had no missile launches on that day. Many believe that the missile actually came from a Chinese sub as a warning to the Obama Administration due to political frustrations going on at the time. Those believing it was a Chinese sub stated that the US could not admit to the possibility as it would be too embarrassing. ┬áRegardless – someone launched a missile off the coast of the United States.

Back to North Korea: This latest development is just another reason to “stay frosty my friends” and keep prepping. I used to dismiss EMP as a serious potential threat. Not any more and I haven’t for quite some time. The world continues to become more and more dangerous.

Keep stocking up on food, water, medical supplies, firearms, etc. Due to the EMP threat create an “EMP kit”. This may be an ammo can(or twelve) filled with communication equipment and other electronic devices which you would want to protect just in case. Research the proper method to protect your supplies.

Check out this previous article here on MSO for some examples of EMP protected supplies.



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  1. Interesting. I’m concerned, being the news-hog I am, that I missed it at the time. It does constitute an intriguing possibility.

    Similar but different is my conspiracy theory for an intentional EMP event.
    Iran completes development of a nuclear warhead and mounts it on a N. Korea or Chinese built missile. All the different parts are shipped to Venezuela where they are assembled and mounted on a barge and floated across the Gulf of Mexico. Once near the shore of Texas, the missile is launched. Short flight, no inter-continental capabilities required, and harder for our defenses to knock down.
    The possibility of two missiles, one toward the northeast, one toward the northwest, would not be that much harder to pull off.

    I could go on, smaller multiple strikes, naming specific targets, and the ensuing Red Dawn style invasion during the initial chaos but you get my point.

    Beans, bullets, band-aids, and Bibles. IF something like this happens, we’ll need all four.

  2. As long as we are prepared and protect our electronics with Faraday cages. Is this a good thing maybe? Because if the “Govt” was hit with an EMP it would mean a lot of their military equipment would be down. A lot of military equipment, tanks, Apaches and such are not EMP protected. Which in return means they could never put their attention on Americans, so to speak. We as Americans could take care of the rest if anyone else attempted to invade. Just an off thought.

  3. Capt. Michaels, no there probably wouldn’t be any benefit if we suffered an EMP attack. 1st, the military has been hardening their equipment against the effects of EMP for 50 years now. 2nd, in the last (2008) study by the Congressional EMP Commission (yes, there is such a thing), within 12 months of a successful EMP attack up to 90% of the population could perish from starvation, disease and societal breakdown. Any none preppers better know where their closest FEMA facility is, and be one of the 1st in line after an attack. If your on the wrong side of the gate after it closes then you’ll likely be part of that 90%.

  4. There are so many conflicting opinions in your link to “this previous article” that a newby to EMP protective measures would have no idea what to do ro guard against EMP shtf scenarios. I have read all the “Comments” with the original post and now again today – and once again the conflicting points of view have left me uncertain as to proper measures to protect electronics? I have encountered the same problem with Google attempts. Can’t we get someone who is with EMP military/research background to explain proper procedures once and for all, Roarke.

    Ol’Farm Boy

  5. Everyone-very distressing re: N Korea.Desert Rat Pack- whoa what an incredible possibility.I will need to listen to Dr.Bradley a few times to get what hes saying. Arlene

  6. Thanks, Capt.Michaels. This explanation is simple to do. Man, the video gave many ways to get EMP protection, but each seemed to have problematic issues. ofboy

  7. People don’t want to admit it, but we are far more likely to be attacked now than we ever were during the cold war days. While there was a lot of tension between the US and the Soviet Union, both countries knew the outcome of any exchange. Nothing is off the table with this loose canon in charge of NK. He is a village idiot, that cares not was devastation his actions may cause and attempts to prove it every day. We can only hope that his military finally gets fed up with his actions and kills him.

  8. Apologize for the late follow up farm. Yes, I agree. It all depends on the amount of EMP that might hit and what you use. Rourke said it best I believe that it’s almost close to impossible give a fool-proof method. That is unless you build a Faraday and test it with a huge EMP. However, I think also, based on scientific fact, we can better prepared that the average person. I started looking into EMP affects before the psycho in NK started threatening us. I could believe my eyes when the scientist admit a solar flare almost hit the earth a few years back. It’s obvious why they did not and why the will not tell us if it’s close again. Pure chaos if it hits. So better to prepare for EMP now. “sigh”, more to do things on my list.

    Near Miss: The Solar Superstorm of July 2012

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