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Great Information and Customer Interaction Propels past 50,000 Facebook fans

April 20, 2012 – reports that its Facebook fan page now has more than 50,000 fans, thanks in large part to the valuable information available, both from the company itself and the information exchange between visitors.


Company President Tom Sciacca noted that information sharing is an essential part of the community’s popularity.


“Our customers really value the two-way conversation and it’s a big part of who we are,” he said. “We not only talk about the latest and greatest in survival gear, we share our knowledge and even post quizzes about edible plants and other topics. Our fans chime in with their own thoughts and really appreciate the information, especially since we get to try out most of the outdoor and urban survival gear on the market.”’s web site, he explained, is also a helpful resource for customers looking for additional information on using wilderness survival supplies, such as paracord, MRE (meals ready to eat), first aid kits and colloidal silver. Many of these wilderness survival supplies are equally useful as urban survival supplies, in the event of a natural disaster or man-made emergency situation.


“We provide a lot of information, both on our web site and on Facebook, enabling visitors to make the best purchasing decisions on which items suit their needs,” Sciacca said. “When we help them make good choices and pick the right products for their purposes, they are happier customers.”


He noted that trivia on how to tie knots with rope has encouraged great discussion and helped inform readers on better ways to secure items than the commonly used double-knot.


“Those little bits of knowledge can sometimes make the difference between a successful camping trip and one that’s a lot less fun,” he explained. “Or, in the event of a storm, being stranded in your own home can require creative uses of the supplies you have on hand.”


The company now receives as much interest from customers seeking urban survival kits as wilderness survival gear. The difference is that urban survival kits are specifically designed to help a family evacuate quickly or sustain them for long periods in one place, without electricity or water. Many contain MRE (meals ready to eat), first aid kits and water purification. Water purification is especially helpful when municipal filtration systems are affected by power outages, and stores get overrun with customers seeking bottled water. Meals Ready to Eat (MRE) are non-perishable and can be prepared much more easily than typical household food, making them much more convenient in an emergency.


Sciacca, a former Marine and veteran of the 1991 Gulf War, launched in 2002, and quickly earned a reputation as an online authority on camping and wilderness survival gear, creating a loyal following of customers.


Contact: Tom Sciacca 

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