New Years Resolutions – January 2nd, 2015

I am looking to make some serious strides in preparedness in 2015. Ryan does a great job of posting up his list and then following up on it. I am going to give a shot myself.

Note: Everything listed below is in addition to current supplies, skills levels, etc.


Shooting – This category relates to anything gun related.


Additional Ammunition

  • .223/5.56 ammunition – 2000 rounds
  • 9mm ammunition – 750 rounds
  • 22LR – 5000 rounds
  • 22 Magnum – 1000 rounds
  • 12 gauge 00-buck – 150 rounds

Additional Firearms

  • AR pistol with Sig brace
  • bolt action rifle

Note: My priority is to increase support fr the firearms I already have rather than acquire new ones – unless they are compatible with ammunition and magazines in inventory. I won’t pass up a good deal if I find one. The AR pistol and bolt action rifle are low priority items.


Food – Food storage is ever a battle I wage with my wife convinced we have plenty and I believing we have not nearly enough.

Additional food:

  • 50 pounds of rice in mylar bags
  • 50 pounds of beans in mylar bags
  • 20 pounds spaghetti in mylar bags
  • 10 pounds potato flakes in mylar
  • 10 cans – spaghetti sauce
  • 50 cans – Whole Potatoes
  • 24 cans – Corn
  • 25 cans – Pineapple
  • 15 cans – Fruit Cocktail
  • 20 cans – Pear
  • 20 cans – Peaches
  • 30 cans – Beans, baked
  • 30 cans – Beef Stew
  • 10 canned Hams


Water – I have too much emphasis on filtration and not enough physical storage.


Health/Fitness –

  • Drop my weight down to 185 pounds(current 205)
  • Eat clean, mostly low carb 90% of the time
  • Improve cardio – enter a 5K


Communications – 

  • Get Ham license
  • Finish building expedient local Ham repeater
  • Purchase mobile Ham radio for use as Base and Vehicle comms

Finances – 

  • Increase Emergency Fund by $1000
  • Work on increasing income via secondary sources


Other – 

  • Set up off-site Operational Cache
  • Add to the “basics” supply  – more candles, hydrogen peroxide, rubbing alcohol, band-aids, duct tape, gun cleaning supplies, rope, etc.


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  1. All great goals, however I have a delema/question. look at your food storage goals and then look at your Healt and Fittnes goals, don’t these totally clash with each other? Or in a SHTF situation is it just calories and carbs?

    • Thanks TexasScout – Post-SHTF I am looking for maximum calories and carb intake will certainly be higher (and needed). I have yet to see a low carb food storage program.

  2. I see a new topic for MSO….Survival of Diabetics with limited insulin resources would entail the need to cutback to low carb food intake. Without insulin you die I have been told. Bet there are some diabetics out there who have already got this setup with their preps. I read where you can make your own insulin also. I too thought since we live on a Texzs lake, we wouldn’t need much water storage. Not anymore. What if the water is chemically contaminated? Reverse Osmosis or distallation may not make it drinkable.

    • Methane Creator – That is a tough one – diabetic survival. If Type-1 (insulin dependant) it is just a matter of time. Tough for me to say – my 15 year old is a type-1 diabetic. I have heard that a new type of insulin that does not require refrigeration is in development. That would be fantastic.

  3. Has anyone found Critical Defense ammo that is lighter than the usual weight? Having 1000s of rounds has become a logistical transportation nightmare. The weight for the ammo alone is quite a lot.I have pistols made from a tuff polymer that are much lighter. Are their rounds made the same way?

  4. Good Goals! The .22lr is going to be a tough one unless you are willing to pay 10 cents a round. I find those prices ludicrous and refuse to buy on general principle but if you need the ammo you’ve got to pay the price.

    I too plan to build an AR pistol. So does Alexander from T Blog so maybe it’s a bug going around.

    I like that your food goals are categorized. I have just pushed to ‘get more food’ without really having an organized plan. That’s fine in the beginning but I’m a bit past there. This year I want to really do an inventory then make logical purchases to close the identified gaps. Am probably way short on long term non bean protein, canned protein (chili, stew, tuna, chicken, baked beans), canned fruit, spices and condiments except ketchup.

    Have you looked into Couch to 5k? It is a good way to get into running regularly and train up to the 5k distance in a logical way.

    Good luck on your goals!

    • TOR – Thanks for the comments. I have seen the Couch to 5k previously. I am into rowing right now for some reason. Of course – it is used in Crossfit quite a bit and this last Crossfit OPen I got stuck on a rower in one of the WOD’s – it sucked. I am determined to get much better at rowing.

      I do think the AR pistol bug is contagious. Check out seniors (frequent commenters) pretty much did it for me.

      Same here on the inventory idea. I have a spreadsheet I plan to fill out once I have the time.

  5. I like those goals, I still have a few I want to obtain. I agree, you want to add new firearms that match what you have in your ammo stores. Also consider those calibers that are hot and what you think will be used in a shtf scenario which if it does, your be able to gain ammo that is compatible with what you have. That’s what I have pretty much done, except for my 300 blackout, but I wanted a lightweight 30 cal battle rifle that can go silent.

  6. Thanks Rourke, makes me think I need to be more specific with my goals, better lists, etc. Appreciate the good input your readers share here. Look forward to the daily posts.

  7. Sorry I’m late into this discussion, but my laptop got really infected.

    This is to METHANE CREATOR. I too am type one diabetes. I’m experimenting with calorie intake and sugar control. That is to say, I monitor my blood sugar at least 3 to 4 times a day. If the sugar is spiking up, I have to exercise…outside or inside on the exercise bike. Outside digging up stumps, splitting wood, brisk cross country walk, etc. EVERYTHING is geared to weight reduction and trying to get and stay fit. I can stash hypodermics for the long term…but where will the insulin come from? I’ll try to let everyone know how the experiment goes.

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