New Survival School opens in South Carolina

My fellow YouTube survival-buddy EastCoastPatriot has recently announced that he has started a Survival School.

The school is located in South Carolina on 600 acres of farm land and offers 2 survival courses. Here is a quick overview:

1. Wilderness Survival Course

With this course in mind, we want to teach a basic foundation of survival skills.

But we want to take it a step further and customize it with the contents you carry in your Bug Out Bag or backpack.  When you sign up for the course we will be teaching the following skills:

This weekend course will be taught on 600 acres of farm land off the beaten path with an abundance of ponds and creeks nestled in rural South Carolina.  Class sizes are small, no more than 12 people.

2. WROL/SHTF Course

You will be participating in a simulated real-life scenario in this Without Rule of Law Course. Your challenge begins when you role play as survivors of an EMP attack.

The scenario is an EMP has struck and you have fled an airport in a neighboring city.

You have bound together with a group of strangers and are traveling by foot on secondary roads trying to avoid chaos from surrounding cities.

All communication and transportation is lost.  There is no transportation running and the major roads are grid-locked.  You make it to an abandoned hunting lodge on a 600 acre farm that has limited supplies.

You will encounter marauders, thieves, and looters trying to take from you and test you. The situation is real life and stress induced. 

This will be a great dry run to identify strengths and weaknesses in your own training and prepping.  This course will be both mentally and physically challenging.

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4 thoughts on “New Survival School opens in South Carolina”

  1. I watched his video when he made the announcement about the school. I think it is great that he has this going. I hope you can attend and let us all know how things went. I am sure that with Eastcoastprepper behind it you will have a great time and some great food too. The guy is a great cook. I wish one would start up out here in the west so I could attend one. Hey Maybe I should see what I could do about getting one together? I just need to find someone with a bit of land as a side kick. Excellent post as always.

  2. I reside in Transylvania County and have a place about 9 miles south of the Blue RidgeParkway (at it’s southern-most point). It’s only 6 acres, but there is a good spring for water, good camping sites, and a lot of National Forest land all around. Devil’s Courthouse Creek is nearby, and my place isin the shadow of Pilot Mountain, should you wish to research the area. It is near Balsam Grove, which is near Rosman, which is near Brevard, which is west of Asheville. I’m open to ideas along this line. I was at sootch00’s conference on the 2nd.

    • Iwillbefrank –

      I am so jealous – sounds like a great location.

      Glad you were able to make it to Greenville on the 2nd. I had a great time.

      Any idea how much land is in the area?

      Thx – Rourke


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