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New on the preparedness supplies scene, Dan’s Depot is generating some excitement. Combining excellent customer service, a massive and growing selection, and great prices – it does not take long looking around their website to see these folks have their act together.

Dan’s Depot is run by a team of professionals with experience in customer service, marketing – and survival and preparedness. Kinda makes sense, doesn’t it? Often running contests – Dan’s Depot right now is hosting a giveaway of one of their survival kits that they put together themselves. To enter – just click the banner below:


From freeze dried food to knives to backpacks to paracord – they have it all.

Enough of me drooling over all the stuff they have, go check ’em out!



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  1. I know “social media” is the big thing right now, but discriminating against people that don’t use it is unfair. I choose not to put my life on public display for all the web to see. For this contest, that limits me to one entry, while twitter/Facebook fans get unlimited entries.

    I guess it’s the price we must pay for OPSEC.

    I know you won’t approve this reply, you rarely post negative replies, but t thought you should know how I feel.

    Thanks for all the good work you have done,


  2. I have enjoyed the YouTube videos put out by Dan’s Depot. They are located in my hometown and I love supporting my homey’s.

    I entered the contest with email. Like many preppers, I don’t participate in Facebook becuase of their politics and privacy (or lack thereof) policies. I don’t participate in Twitter because of their security (or lack thereof) – remeber the latest AP account hacking? I would have pinned on my Pinterest account but was only given the option to logon using Facebook or Twitter instead of my normal logon. This is a good company, don’t judge them by the company they choose to keep.

  3. Oh, I have no doubt that they are a fine company!(great selection of gear, prices were not the best on some things but that’s web shopping) They are just one of many internet companies that just revolve around the “buzz” of social media. I also have no doubt that it increases sales. I just think it’s unfair to us that don’t participate.

  4. Hey guys,

    We do lots of different contests/giveaways via social media, our forums, email, etc… We try to switch things up now and then. Most people use facebook so we definitely do more on there but make sure to subscribe to our newsletter to catch future giveaways.

    Thanks again for the mention Rourke!

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