New SHTF movie…..Goodbye World


Loyal reader MW sent me some information about an interesting new movie coming out – Goodbye World.


Here is a synopsis from

A computer virus has crippled the US government. Marshal Law is now in full effect. Panic is spreading like wildfire. But if you’re a friend of Entourage’s Adrian Grenier, there’s no need to worry ’cause he has the perfect place to hang out while the world goes kaput.

“Goodbye World” stars Grenier as a former tech guru who sold all his wealth to build a large off-the-grid castle, just in the slim chance that the country is hit with a catastrophic event. So, when it actually happens, he becomes the I-told-you-so host to all of his big-city friends (Gaby Hoffmann, Ben McKenzie, Kerry Bishe, Kid Cudi and Mark Webber). However, when a couple of suspicious-looking military grunts suddenly appear at the front door, his little yuppie dinner party turns into a paranoid pack of extremists.


Looks pretty interesting. Computer virus causing a massive SHTF situation seems to be getting more and more likely as time goes on.

 – – Rourke



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  1. Well Patrick no child will be left behind. They will all be brought to the FEMA camps for their security…for their safety. Not to mention for the securing of our great mother earth’s care…all according to United Nations Agenda 21, right?

  2. at least it was not Martian Law.
    That’s what I fear; that super sugar quisp guy in charge, or the Great Kazoo.
    That would put us effectively back in the stone-age.

  3. Interesting. Brief analysis from limited preview:
    1.)Group is to big
    2.)Group needed to be MAG
    3.)Group skills for each person not laid out
    4.)Location not hidden well enough. Out of sight, out of mind.
    5.)To much info given to locals?
    6.)Talking about defenses after threat…to late.
    7.)Not prepared at all. Just making an isolated pseudo escape from reality, hope for the best not realistic expectation of survival. Which according to the previews is what they are finding out.

    Seems like an interesting movie I will watch regardless.

  4. Grammar nazi troll? So it’s ok for people who make their living writing not to know how to spell? That is what’s wrong with this country; the people who make the mistakes aren’t wrong – it’s the people who try to correct them so they don’t make fools of themselves in the future who are wrong. So somehow being wrong is right, and being right is wrong. 2+2=5, Winston. Grow up.

  5. call me a troll too, then-I saw the misspelling right away-an English Minor notices that sort of stuff. . . there is no reason not to be able to spell correctly-it helps your credibility if you can at least are able to spell/add/speak correctly.

  6. Who’s spelling is everyone flaming? Is it Rourke or the person that gave the heads up on the movie, or maybe it was a copy and paste from and they are at fault… Giving a heads up on a word spelled wrong is one thing, being rude is another. If you can’t say something nice, then don’t say anything at all.

    • Thanks Tim –

      I did copy and paste it from the website and obviously didn’t see the spelling error.

      If people are going to get that upset over a spelling mistake then they can go somewhere else where someone has a professional editing staff to proofread everything. Give me a break – it’s unbelievable how perfect everyone is except for me. It is not the correction that is the problem but how it is done.

      Thanks again Tim and others who come to my defense.

      BTW – no one makes a living from this website – I can guarantee you that.


  7. Guess Mr. Solar Powered Castle never gave a thought to the fact that not everyone would be his friend after the grid fell. Should have invested in some firearms and training while he still had time. Those who did have shown up to take all that he has and he hasn’t really prepared to take care of his family. All that he really made was a hippie commune, not a fortress.

  8. I have a T-shirt that reads, Educate a Jack-Ass and you get a smart-Ass. I grew up in the back seat of a traveling sign painters car, and never got one of them liberal educations. 4th grade , and now i am 59 yo. We have all lost when we resort to infighting , Find it on every site i visit. It was a great country while it lasted!!!

  9. @JohnP True, how sadly true you are. It hurts my heart when I see the little ones, because they will be the first to go. My little one’s already talk about prepping and the whole system, “pick your reason here” for it crashing. For example:
    This really happened here in the US and as the title shows. Did you know about this?

    Chilling: Why An Underreported, ‘Significant Incident of Domestic Terrorism’ Might Not Be a Failed Attack at All.

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